Hey, we’re Boston, the nation’s most homeristic sports town. But even we can appreciate the drama that is unfolding nightly on the hardwood. For me, it’s more engaging than an episode of Lost, even though I don’t know what is happening with either. So, have we had enough of the Bulls? Are we ready to move on? Depends who you talk to.


On And Another Thing . . ., Bob Ryan thinks the Bulls are fun and loves fellow alum Joakim Noah, while Small White Ball finds Chicago brash and Noah visually enraging. Touching All The Bases says this series is an enjoyable ride they hope will never end, while Celtics Stuff Live is impatient and frustrated with the extended series. Empty The Bench says that, whether it’s a classic good game or an old-fashioned Eastern Conference bruiser you’re after, C’s-Bulls has it all. SportsCenter 5 Overtime (warning: not for the grammatically squeamish) suggests there has never been a first-round series as hotly contested.

Celtics Hub says Rajon Rondo’s Game Five-saving foul couldn’t have been flagrant because it was necessary. By The Horns has victim Brad Miller seeing double and having trouble spelling his name while at the line.

WGS’s Celtics Blog has KG and the Bulls’ Lindsey Hunter heating up the trash talk circuit. Hardwood Paroxysm says KG’s bench antics are making him a huge juicebag, and Thanks For Playing calls KG an obscene cheerleader.

CelticsBlog wants to know what the deal is on Eddie House. Celtics 17 calls Perk and Big Baby one of the most imposing frontcourts in basketball.

Red Sox

Last weekend was a big hit in Boston, but it didn’t play too well in The Empire. Lisa and I opened the series on Subway Squawkers with a Sox vs. Yanks whose-cuts-are-deeper? look back to 1978. Fire Brand of the American League takes exception with the Yankees getting first billing all weekend considering they are last in baseball . . . alphabetically, anyway. Confessions of a She-Fan was too fatigued to concern herself with the death spiral that was her weekend. Bronx Banter says it wasn’t a lost weekend: no one got hurt and it didn’t rain. There you go.

Like everyone in The Empire, LoHud Yankees Blog seemed to feel more pain from Jacoby Ellsbury’s steal than from the three-game sweep, and Boston Dirt Dogs salts that wound a bit more. Of course, now that Jacoby’s done it, copycat stories will follow. One If By Land regales us of Brian’s own account. If Theo ever needs a new lead-off hitter, he’ll know who to call.

From the highest of the high, Tuesday night was the lowest of the low for Hit & Run With Dan Roche, as the Sox gave away five runs with two bad plays – and Dan’s not even counting Lowell’s miscue in the first. WGS’s Red Sox Blog puts Javier Lopez on the top of their Shiite List, but Toeing the Rubber isn’t going to beat Javi up for booting this one away.

Jason Bay is everything Hacks With Haggs looks for in a prototypical Fenway slugger and he wants The Trio to open up the checkbook. Full Count says Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew are the poster children of the perils of free agency. They also report that Daisuke threw 45 pitches yesterday. Let me guess: the hitter worked him for a walk. Clearing The Bases wants us to remember Clay Buchholtz, who is doing just fine in Pawtucket.

Finally in baseball, an ugly image as The Bottom Line gets a chuckle over A-Rod’s roid-effect man boobs, the first of many chuckles Selena Roberts is sure to deliver.


The draft is in the books, so let the analysis begin. For The Patriot Act, the players Belichick passed up keep him shrouded in mystery. Eric Ortiz cautions other NFL GMs not to take any calls originating from New England if they wish to avoid a Draft Day fleecing. It Is What It Is has the Vikings thinking they pulled one over on Belichick.

Draftguys awarded Chessmaster Bill and the Pats their highest grade last weekend. Pats Pulpit gives the Pats an A for selecting UConn CB Darius Butler. New England Patriots Blog has Butler and his three first-day teammates making UConn the USC of the East. National Football Post loves ex-BC Eagle Ron Brace in the 3-4 defense. And Tom Curran has the latest underpaid ex-Pat corner going to Philly.

NE Patriots Draft has as comprehensive a list of undrafted free agent signings as you’ll find – unofficially, of course.


It would seem the typical last week in April with the B’s at home watching the playoffs. Only this April, no one has packed away their skates. After an eight-day layoff, everyone is itching for more hockey, including Stanley Cup of Chowder, who lays out the B’s keys in beating their second-round opponents from Carolina. Big Bad Blog points out that the B’s amassed a 4-0-0 record against a pre-hot streak Hurricanes squad. Cornelius Hardenbergh And The Hockey Blogging Adventure sees a lot of green in the Hurricanes’ chart since their last meeting with the B’s, but The Bear Cave says momentum will only go as far as TD Banknorth’s front door. Kathryn Tappen has Eric Staal, Cam Ward, and Carolina fans as three good reasons not to expect another sweep.

Of course, the Carolina fan’s gain has been the Hartford fan’s loss, but that may change as Boston Sports Blog reports. Hey, it might give the B’s a few more home games, as Tom Caron recalls the vintage Whalers-Bruins matches of old.

Here’s hoping you all have a great afternoon and the C’s an even better night. If anything pops up before next Thursday, give me a shout at bob02878@yahoo.com.

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  1. Bob, you clearly have an agenda against NESN.com. Tom Caron gets listed last? Did they turn you down for a job or something?


    1. They did, but I’m sending Rob Bradford a resume tonight, so we’re doing a little more WEEI this afternoon. Every time one door closes, another is kicked in. Go C’s!!!


  2. “They also report that Daisuke threw 45 pitches yesterday. Let me guess: the hitter worked him for a walk.”

    Good one, Bruce!


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