Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee
Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee

The angle of the head is a little off, but perhaps LJ just got a photo a few frames off from this one…or maybe he actually drew Ellsbury’s head. In any event, he made sure to include the fan with the outstretched arms in the background…


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    1. He hides behind the fact that his GIS result is the “inspiration” for his tracing, ugh, “free-handed drawing.”

  1. Yeah, he learned how to trace while ignoring the 50-cent words that Craig Mustard was using during their weekend show.

  2. I am no particular fan of LJ one way or the other, but I do know a cartoonists and several illustrators for books. This approach is not uncommon, although maybe a bit more blatant.

    Does LJ pass his work off as wholly original?

  3. Rather than just pile on, I would like to pose a slightly different question:

    Aren’t cartoons supposed to be either funny or ironic or something? Or fantastical like Calvin & Hobbs or absurdist non-sequitors like The Far Side? Or cute and sweet like Peanuts was?

    What’s the point of paying a guy to sit at a desk and trace pictures he found on Google?

  4. Artists typically require some type of subject from which to work…be it an actual model, a live setting or a photograph.

    Converting a photo into a cartoon is likely a lot more challenging than one might first presume.

    1. Right…if you convert a photo to a cartoon, it’s tough.

      I have no artistic ability and I can print a picture off of a GIS result and trace it.

  5. Converting a photo into a cartoon is likely a lot more challenging than one might first presume.

    Serious? The issue is that Fat F****** Larry Johnson cannot provide a single unique insight and is left to tracing other artists’ photographs.

    “ZZZZZZ” is the caption that should be provided for every LJ cartoon.

  6. I don’t get what the big deal is here. He takes a news image and adds a little spin to it (like the “zzzz”). I don’t find it particularly entertaining, but I’m certainly not offended by it, and I don’t thinks that LJ thinks he’s fooling anyone. Quite the opposite, it’s part of his style apparently. If you are trying to draw a parallel to a Ron Borges/Mike Barnicle plagiarism issue, I think that’s just plain incorrect and way off base.

  7. I love it when Bruce exposes the media frauds in Boston. Larry Johnson is the Milli Vanilli of cartoonists.

  8. Larry probably can get away with this as “fair use”, which is fine. But doesn’t it bother anyone at WEEI that he isn’t even trying?

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