The New England Patriots are jumping on the social media bandwagon and will use Twitter to announce their 2009 draft picks in real time.

Each of the Patriots’ picks during the NFL Draft this weekend will be announced at, the official Twitter feed of the New England Patriots.

Following the draft, the “RealPatriots” Twitter feed will be used to distribute official Patriots information, including player transactions, player appearances and other official announcements from the team’s public relations staff.

Patriots fans following the Twitter feed might even get the picks before they’re announcing publicly:

“We might even get a few draft picks out via Twitter before they are announced on TV, so any Patriots fans following the draft closely are encouraged to begin following RealPatriots on Twitter,” said Patriots Vice President of Media Relations Stacey James. “Of course this is the first time we are attempting this, so it should be interesting.”, the team’s official website, also has a Twitter feed available at, where fans can get additional analysis and updates from the Patriots Football Weekly staff along with links to updated content.

2 thoughts on “Patriots To “Tweet” Draft Picks

  1. I think this is great. I’m definitely going to follow the pats on twitter. I find it somewhat hilarious, but I’m going to have to get involved in it.


  2. I still don’t get this “tweeting, twittering” stuff….seems like much ado about nothing to me….are we that impatient?….I’ll find out who the Pats take when the dude steps to the podium and announces the pick, works for me.


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