If you’re dreading the national pregame shows, Celtics fans have a couple of local options to help get them ready for today’s Celtics/Bulls playoff opener.

The Celtic Pride Radio show, heard on 890 ESPN is expanding their coverage for the postseason.

Celtics fans can tune into 890 ESPN an hour before all Celtics Playoff Games.  Radio duo Patrick Gilroy and Jeff Hickman, now in their 6th year together will get Celtics fans prepared for the best the NBA has to offer.

Playoff coverage will feature special guests Dee Brown and Antoine Walker, who along with Gilroy and Hickman, will be giving away Converse sweatshirts and sneakers during every show.

Also prior to every Celtics playoff game, fans can check out Comcast SportsNet’s Game Day Central which will feature their team’s take on the upcoming game as well as exclusive interviews, recaps and previews.

The Celtics-Bulls Game 1 edition features video from Paul Pierce on playing in the Garden during the playoff’s; Greg Dickerson’s game day notes; Tommy’s Hein-sight, and a look behind enemy lines.

To get to Game Day Central click http://csnne.com/wickedgoodsports/celtics/game-day-central/.

For links and blog updates, you can always go to CelticsLinks.com and get the latest headlines and chatter.

You’ll want to go to BruinsLinks.com and RedSoxLinks.com as well as those two team are also in action today.


3 thoughts on “Celtic Pride, Game Day Central, Get You Ready for Celtics/Bulls

  1. Very upsetting to see the overtime loss to the Bulls as soon as I got to work. However, I don’t agree with you Patrick…the Sox came back from 0-3, the Pats won it 3 times, everyone’s back on top in Boston, just believe it!


  2. gee Patrick, you’re really going out on a limb there…..*sigh*…I get a kick out of all these people (media and fans alike) who are writing,posting,blogging, “The Celtics have NO SHOT without Garnett!!”……I mean isn’t that the “safe” call?…isn’t that the OBVIOUS prediction?…..even the most diehard Celts fan would agree it’s going to be very tough if not impossible to win it all without Garnett…..yet these people act like they are making BREAKING NEWS or something…..give it a rest already


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