A year ago Phil Kessel was benched in the first round series against Montreal. A lot has changed in a year, and that was symbolized pretty well by Kessel’s two goals in last night’s 4-2 opening game win by the Bruins.

Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins briefly getting off their game before getting the break they needed. Steve Conroy has the Bruins riding the horses that took them to the top of the Eastern Conference. Bud Barth has Zdeno Chara’s game winner a huge lift for the Bruins. Mike Loftus has the kids playing well for the Bruins in the opener. Carmine Frongillo also focuses on the Chara game-winner.

Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins tiptoed around disaster last night. Bill Burt has the frenetic fans helping the Bruins to victory, while nary a Montreal fan could be found – in sharp contrast to last year’s series. Stephen Harris has Zdeno Chara coming up big in the opener for the Bruins. Loftus has Montreal using a tough guy to try and frustrate Chara.

Dan Shaughnessy paints the Bruins as coming to our rescue when the other three local teams are in turmoil. Steve Buckley has Tim Thomas remaining focused. Lenny Megliola has a look at a wild start to what should be a terrific series. WEEI.com is jumping full-force on this “X number of Things We Learned Last Night” bandwagon, as Joe Haggerty trots out five items from the game.

Michael Whitmer has the Canadiens pleased with the possibilities that came from last night, if not the results. Mick Colageo has former Bruin Glen Metropolit feeling comfortable with the Canadiens. Mike Petraglia has the Canadiens playing mean last night.

Whitmer notes that it was just like old times for the fans. Harris says that  Cam Neely knows exactly what is going on out there on the ice between the two clubs. Colageo has Johnny ‘Pie’ McKenzie still irked by the 1971 playoff series between the clubs.

Shinzawa’s notebook has P.J. Axelsson making his presence felt before having to leave the game. Conroy’s notebook  has more on Axelsson. Barth’s notebook has the Canadiens taking cheap shots to try and frustrate the Bruins.


With Kevin Garnett seemingly out for the playoffs, Bob Ryan says that it is better this way for the fans. We know already that the Celtics are not going to repeat as NBA champions. Ron Borges says that the power of Ubuntu will be sorely tested this spring. Steve Bulpett has Doc Rivers trying to keep his team steady and confident despite the bad news. Tim Weisberg says that the loss of Garnett leaves the Celtics without their identity. Scott Souza says that “Anything’s Possible” turned in “Mission Impossible” yesterday. Jeremy Gottlieb weighs in with a five-pack on the BSMW Full Court Press.

Marc J. Spears says that Garnett needs to communicate the real condition of his knee better to the Celtics. Mark Murphy has Garnett taking a huge step back yesterday. Ben Larsen smells something of a smoke screen in all of this. Alan Siegel has Rivers insisting that the Celtics can beat anyone with what they have left. Robert Lee has the Celtics saying that they can still win without KG. Mike Fine says this was a kick in the teeth for the Celtics.

Stephen Smith in the Globe gets various medical opinions on the status of KG’s knee. Murphy has a mini-feature on Brian Scalabrine, who continues to try and return from his three concussions suffered in the middle of the season.

Frank Dell’Apa reports on a mild heart attack suffered by Danny Ainge. Now that it appears that Ainge is going to be OK, is it ok to joke and wonder if it was suffered while hearing Doc Rivers proclaim on Dennis and Callahan that KG was going to miss the playoffs? Murphy has more on Ainge who is said to be resting comfortably in the hospital this morning. Jim Fenton also reports on the story. Souza also says that Ainge should be OK.

Julian Benbow says that the Celtics are going to have to lean even more heavily on Leon Powe, Glenn Davis and Mikki Moore in the absence of KG. Bulpett has more on Big Baby and Powe eager to step up  their games in the postseason.  Mike Petraglia has Pierce saying that the team is still capable of winning the championship. Paul Flannery looks at what the Celtics have and what they can do without KG.

Bill Doyle has Mike Gorman mad that he’ll only be able to broadcast the opening round series before the networks take over.

Mark Daniels has a look back at the season series with the Bulls.

Benbow’s notebook has reaction from around the league to the announcement about KG. Murphy’s notebook has Rivers insisting that KG be on the bench during the playoffs.


I hate the word Panic. Especially when it is applied to Red Sox fans.

Michael Vega and Jonathan Comey write about the retirement of John Madden, with Comey noting that the NFL just won’t be the same.

Jerod Mayo broke away from the offseason work long enough to speak with the media, check PatriotsLinks.com for all the coverage.

Chris Warner runs down the Second Day Offensive Line prospects on Patriots Daily.

The Red Sox get back to work tonight, check in at RedSoxLinks.com for all the latest.


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  1. I think the Celtics will get as far as six games against Cleveland in the ECF. This outcome might surprise some people around here.

    Orlando is weaker than their record indicates. Losing Jameer Nelson was a big blow, Rashard Lewis’ production has dipped since then. They might have the worst starting backcourt in the NBA. Rafer Alston and Courtney Lee. They are a poor offensive rebounding team.


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