Daisuke Matsuzaka was handed a three run lead before he even took the mound last night, but he couldn’t hold the lead, giving up five runs in the bottom of the first. He left the game following the inning, and the Red Sox bullpen did a great job, not giving up a run until the 12th inning, when Javier Lopez gave up the deciding run in a 6-5 A’s victory.

Amalie Benjamin has Dice-K suffering from arm fatigue (Thanks, WBC!) last night. Michael Silverman has the international tournament catching up with Matsuzaka in the early part of the season. Joe McDonald has the West coast trip just getting worse for the Red Sox. Rob Bradford has the WBC catching up to Dice-K and the Sox.

Sean McAdam has the Red Sox bullpen doing all it can to keep the Sox in the game last night. Adam Kilgore examines the six game suspension handed to Josh Beckett for the incident on Sunday against the Angels. Silverman has Beckett appealing the 6-game suspension for the incident. Bradford has hitting coach Dave Magadan identifying part of what is wrong with the Red Sox offense.

McAdam says that surgery is a possibility for Jed Lowrie and his sore wrist.

Bob Hohler looks at Luis Tiant’s trip back to Cuba, which was made into a documentary movie.

Benjamin’s notebook has Jed Lowrie heading to see a specialist for his wrist. Silverman’s notebook has Jason Bay avoiding a bad injury to his wrist. McDonald’s notebook has the Red Sox handling Lowrie’s wrist with kid gloves. Bradford has Five Things to take from last night’s loss.


Frank Dell’Apa has Paul Pierce leading a comeback win over the Philadelphia 76ers last night. Mark Murphy has the Celtics planting a seed with their possible first round playoff opponent. Paul Flannery has a few things we learned last night, including that it is time to worry about Kevin Garnett.

Jeff Howe has Celtics legends saying that Paul Pierce is one of their own. Kevin McNamara has Bill Russell talking about the other side of Red Auerbach.

Dell’Apa’s notebook says that the plans for KG’s return changed when the Celtics clinched the 2nd seed. Murphy’s notebook says that Garnett’s return will be on his own timetable.


I had to chuckle yesterday afternoon when I heard Glenn Ordway insisting “Today is NOT the day when we find out the Patriots schedule, we already know who they’re playing, we just find out the dates and times today.”

Er, last time I checked, dates and times were what made up a schedule.

The Patriots schedule was indeed released yesterday, and it will be a challenging slate for Tom Brady’s comeback.

Over on Patriots Daily, we’ve got some quick thoughts on each game of the schedule. Christopher Price breaks down the highlights of the schedule. Hector Longo says that the Patriots will go a minimum of 14-2 with this schedule. Tim Weisberg also goes game-by-game through the schedule. Farinella has Roger Goodell going Hollywood with the schedule release.

Christopher L. Gasper says that if the Patriots can return to the playoffs with this schedule, they will have earned it. John Tomase says that the slate is littered with land mines. Shalise Manza Young says that the schedule and the hype around its release is really no big deal. Mark Farinella says that it will be a rough road to the postseason for the Patriots. Andy Vogt and Rich Garven have more on the schedule.

Also on Patriots Daily, Chris Warner looks at the second day wide receiver board. Young trots out the 10 worst draft picks of the Belichick era. Jeff Howe has part II of The best on Bill Belichick’s list.

Jim Donaldson loves Patriots Place.


Kevin Paul Dupont has an NHL Playoff Preview, with a look at each first round series. Bob Ryan has the Bruins gearing up for (hopefully) an extended playoff run. Steve Conroy looks at the youth of this Bruins team as they attempt to make a run at the title. Michael Felger is scared of the Canadiens. Joe Haggerty tries to reassure him. Bill Burt says that you’d be wrong to doubt Tim Thomas. He also has his NHL playoff picks. Mike Loftus has more on the Bruins No. 1 goalie.

Fluto Shinzawa has Patrice Bergeron feeling like he’s finally back at full strength. Mick Colageo says that Claude Julien and the Bruins already have their game face on. Mike Loftus says that right now, the Bruins and Canadiens are two teams heading in opposite directions. Stephen Harris notes that this series is a role reversal from last year. Joe Haggerty has a five point plan for taking down the Habs.

Shinzawa’s notebook looks at how far Phil Kessel has come in a year. Harris’ notebook has Bergeron’s foot feeling OK.


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  1. Yet another reason to listen to WEEI – the information the share with their audience is incredible. And for some to think Lew & Mike isn’t a better option…


  2. Felger is building his next ‘I-told-you-so’ Molotov Cocktail and he’s readying it for the Bruins. That he has not a shred of knowledge of or interest in the Bruins doesn’t much matter. You see, he’s a sports media HACK. Being a ‘convenient contrarian’ is what they do.


  3. Hector Longo says that the Patriots will go a minimum of 14-2 with this schedule????????????…..now I admit I don’t read this guy much, but I do know he has written MANY ridiculously negative articles about the Patriots in the past……now he’s done a complete about face?….well, I didn’t take him seriously before and I’m not going to now……..I loved this line in his column, ” but I’ll stake my reputation on this team going at least 14-2…….LMFAO….what “reputation” is that???….newsflash Hector, you’re not that well known to even have a “reputation”


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