NESN’s coverage of last night’s Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens game earned a 4.7 average household rating in the Boston DMA. The rating is the highest Bruins game rating of the season (beating the 4.5 that NESN earned on Super Bowl Sunday –a game at Montreal) and the highest regular season Bruins game rating on NESN in over 14 years (2/11/1995 vs. Washington also did a 4.7). 

Last night’s game was the highest rated regular season Bruins game rating on any network since 10/2/1997 when WSBK-TV televised the season opener against the LA Kings and also received a 4.7 household rating.

 NESN finishes off the regular season with two Bruins games this weekend (Saturday at Buffalo – 4pm, Sunday at NY Islanders – 5pm). Sunday’s game will be available on NESNplus and NESNplus HD channels.

Here are listings for NESNplus and NESNplusHD on the various carriers.


3 thoughts on “NESN Garners Best Bruins Rating of the Season

    1. I agree, but with either Montreal or New York it’s a quick flight between cities. One of the things I want to see them guard against is fatigue. There will be enough of that if the Bruins and Sharks reach the Finals. But no doubt a Bruins-Habs series would be a bonanza for NESN.


  1. Maybe so, but I’m sick and tired of the Bruins playing the Habs in the 1st round every year. I’m rooting for a Bruins -Rangers series.


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