Jessica Heslam in the Herald today has a piece on the Boston Globe staffers lashing out at the Union leaders for not keeping them informed.

In the article, Heslam references and links to the Globe’s “Book of Life” – a list of employees who have lifetime job guarantees and cannot be laid off without their permission.

The list contains a number of people who are actually no longer with the paper, but here is the list of sports staffers on the list:

Ron Borges
Mark Blaudschun
Nick Cafardo
Frank Dell’Apa
Kevin Paul Dupont
Nancy Marrapese-Burrell
Peter May
John Powers
Bob Ryan
Michael Vega

Borges and May are obviously gone already. It’s also notable that Dan Shaughnessy is not the list. Edit – If I recall correctly, Shaughnessy is “management” (Assistant Sports editor?) and thus perhaps not in a union and not part of the lifetime job guarantee…

11 thoughts on “Sports Staffers on Globe’s “Book of Life”

  1. Cafardo?!

    They gave that lazy, good-for-nothing hack a lifetime job?

    For that alone the Globe deserves to be shut down.

    Speaking of which, since Bob Ryan and Mike Reiss are the only people I can stand in the entire paper (not just the sports section), I would be overjoyed to see the Globe take the big dirt nap.


  2. wouldn’t matter…..the Boston sports media is a very incestuos group…..even if the Globe went under Carfardo,Shank, etc…etc…would just show up at the Herald or WEEI or NESN or COMCAST or local cable access


  3. I wasn’t sure whether hers was a partial list or a full one. In any event, these ‘Lifers’ must feel shamed beyond belief. ‘Womb-to-the-tomb’ employment–just like the government. Can you imagine these ‘Lifers’ facing friends and relatives now? No wonder the work is shoddy! Who would event care to ‘try’ in their job if there were no repercussions to bad performance? I agree that the list of quality people at The Globe is a very, very, VERY short one. In sports I’d agree with ‘Mechanic’ with his positive view of Ryan and Reiss. All other are hacks of the worst sort. The PR backlash for The Globe is massive, but they’ll probably suggest themselves ‘too big to fail.’


  4. Why do some of you people want to see Globe employees lose their jobs? I would not wish that on my worst enemy, especially if he had a family to support. This is a time when people should be helping people. So I don’t understand the hurtful rhetoric directed at Cafardo and Co. Please, people get people. Are your lives so pathetic that you wish others to experience your dreadful existences?



    1. Steve, I’d echo your sentiments except some of those writers like CHB publicly hope others lose their jobs all the time. Masferatu thinks it’s pretty funny to make fun of his customers. It wouldn’t bother me at all seeing writers like them get pink slips – they’re just nattering nabobs of negativity and this area would/will be better off without their drivel.

      The Globe has some great critics – Ty Burr, Matt Gilbert in the visual arts. This town would lose a lot if they left the area. Someone like Reiss/Gaspar will be around in some form because they have a passionate following. No worries about them.


      1. “No worries about them” makes it sound like working in the media is some magic place where you just float to the next job. No worries about them, unless you are them and have a mortgage, spouse, kids, etc.


        1. well gee Tom, it certaily seems that way…..Borges gets booted from the Globe for PLAGERISM and he did “magically” show up on the Herald payroll. no doubt in my mind. If the Globe were to close the “big names” won’t be out of work for long……let me be clear though, I am not “rooting” for the Globe to close. It involves alot more people than just the Globe sportswriters, who we love to hate.


    2. Steve – I certainly don’t want to see the delivery drivers and back room people lose their jobs, but people like Shaughnessy and Cafardo who have made a living being lazy need to go. It’s too bad that wherever they land they’ll be able to do the same thing somewhere else. And of course, there are people like Steve Silva who don’t contribute anything to the discourse that are still (for some reason) employed.


  5. Ryan – I don’t want anybody (drivers, back room people, writers, photographers) to lose their jobs. Just because you don’t like certain people at the Boston Globe doesn’t mean they should be shown the door. My gosh, this is an awful time to be out of work. People are losing houses and college tuition money, for crying out loud. Maybe you aren’t so unfortunate, but you sound like a selfish individual to wish ill will on others.


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