A crossover weekend ahead, as we turn the college basketball lights off and flip on the baseball overheads. We’ll have more on the NCAAs in a bit, but MLB’s Sunday start-up warrants a special baseball edition. BTW, it was particularly difficult rummaging around the backroads of the internet with all those April Fool’s posts out there yesterday. I fell for one or two myself, but in the end I think they’ve all been filtered out for your safe reading pleasure.

Red Sox / MLB

Today will do it for the Grapefruit League. Sure, spring training was long, but Tom Caron looks on the bright side. Tomorrow, the Sox will be in Citi Field to break in the Mets’ new digs, and Lansdowne & 126th Streets will be there to begin some new – and better – memories. Don Orsillo relates some old memories of Opening Days past.

The Sox are setting up their rotation, which Heidi Watney calls the deepest in baseball. Extra Bases has it a new year for Josh Beckett, who’ll open the season on Monday. The Bottom Line has the perpetual question mark that is Tim Wakefield still holding down the back of the rotation. Brownie Points looks at Brad Penny’s chances of making his first regular season start on Tuesday. Hit And Run says the Penny gamble is paying off as Clay Buchholz draws the short straw. Mike over on The Soxaholix thinks Buchholz took it in the scrotum. Full Count brings us Buchholz diagnosing the outing that sent him to Pawtucket.

Red Sox Monster has spring questions wearing down Big Papi. The calculator they use over on Surviving Grady displays 100 combined homers for Ortiz and Mike Lowell this season. Let’s just hope they’re not using it to do their taxes. Sox & Dawgs highlights Boston Magazine’s Dustin Pedroia feature, and wait ’til you read who Little Pony is calling a Big Dork. Better Red Than Dead welcomes Chris Carter to Boston.

The Joy of Sox dismantles the notion that Curt Schilling’s chances for the Hall are linked with Jack Morris’ fate, and The Mighty Quinn says Schill is more the mirror image of Sandy Koufax. Keep Your Sox On says that, after the Hall, it’ll be the Wall for #38.

Uni Watch has an ESPN Page 2 update on the Sox’s new threads, while Boston Dirt Dogs has more on the new Fenway Frank than you’ll be able to stomach.

Sox and Pinstripes says to get over it, there’s little difference between these two enemies in the development of their farm systems. Speaking of the enemy, Fire Brand of the American League runs down the pinstriped roster heading out of Florida. A Sox Fan in Hell braces for a Yankee rebound this season, but hedges his prognostication a bit. Subway Squawkers is thrilled the Yanks made the SI cover and so for that matter is all of Red Sox Nation. NESN Newswire thinks an April Fool’s joke snuck past the SI editors as they pick the Mets to win it all. Confessions of a She-Fan has some guidelines for the Nebraska judge sentencing Joba Chamberlain. After four postponements of his elusive hearing, Toeing The Rubber is unimpressed with Joba’s idea of manning up to his DUI charge.

The House That Dewey Built hocks the best LOOGY in all of baseball. Drunken Bleachers says all this computer experimentation with balls and strikes could remove a strategic component of a good pitcher’s arsenal.


Yes BC alums, I know it says ‘Boston’ on our masthead. But come on, this is only the seventh time in NCAA history that one school has entrants in both the men’s and women’s Final Four so we’re gonna show some lovin’ Huskies way. As Bobby Knight would say, sit back and enjoy it. And to help you, The Crowe’s Nest sets CBS’s coverage for the weekend.

In his UConn Men’s Basketball blog, Mike Anthony falls in love with Detroit, while John Altavilla’s UConn Women’s Basketball blog is bored by St. Louis, where the Lady Huskies will play. In Storrs Now has been One Shining Moment‘d to death since his arrival in Motown. Dave Borges’ UConn Men’s Basketball says Michigan State will not have the overwhelming home court advantage Huskies’ coach Jim Calhoun thinks. Nor will Calhoun have his own home court advantage as The Dagger has his Franciscan nuns staying back in Storrs this weekend.

Yet another UConn Women’s Basketball blog – this one by the Post’s Rich Elliott – has coach Geno Auriemma happy to be a part of this Final Four tandem for the second time in school history. Not for nothing, but isn’t Connecticut big enough to find some originality in blog naming conventions?

B’s / C’s

The Bear Cave has the B’s on the threshold of clinching the Eastern Conference tonight. Big Bad Blog has the B’s offense going nuclear even without Phil Kessel on the ice. Power Play‘s Ouija board has the B’s matched up against the Rangers in the first round, their first postseason pairing in 36 years. And Caveman Strong has found some play-by-play that puts his own homeristic proclivities to shame. FWIW, the B’s seemed particularly victimized by April Fool’s pranks this week. Hockey humor!

It’s been an injury-riddled campaign for the Celtics, but Loy’s Place feels good news coming in the parade of returning players. Thanks For Playing says the NBA’s Eastern Conference belongs to the C’s new Public Enemy #1. Celtics Stuff Live says Ray Allen provides one area of improvement over last year’s squad, but more are needed to successfully defend their title.

Bob Ryan’s Face

I really didn’t know where to put this, but I couldn’t pass it up so I’m giving it a category all to itself. In And Another Thing . . ., Bob Ryan reports that his face is in great shape. Congrats, Bob. I’ll sleep well tonight . . . I think.

That’s all for now, but if you have a favorite blog or a great face, let me know about it at bob02878@yahoo.com. Enjoy the Huskies and the Sox and we’ll see you back here next Thursday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Week Log: Play Ball!

  1. LMAO…..They posted a screenshot of Ryan on DEADSPIN…looks like he has Angelina Jolie or Lisa Rinna’s lips…..it’s the one time I’m sorry I didn’t watch “The Sports Reporters” or “Around The Horn”…..damn, I always miss the good stuff


  2. Heidi Whatney proclaiming the Red Sox with the deepest rotation in baseball is great insight. It’s like John Sterling saying the Yankees have the best rotation. Gosh, I miss Sean McDonough’s fair and unbiased view. Seriously, he told it like it was and got canned.


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