Steve Conroy has the Bruins muscling their way to a 3-1 win over the Lightning last night. Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins are shaping into a formidable postseason contender. Bud Barth has the Bruins getting a chance to exhale last night. Mike Loftus has the Bruins inching closer to the Eastern Conference title.  Nick Cammarota has the game at a glance.

Steve Buckley has Zdeno Chara’s name very large in Norris Trophy talk. Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins look like they’ve got their groove back. Loftus has Mike Sullivan unsure of what the future holds for him.

Conroy’s notebook has Patrice Bergeron nominated for the Masterton Trophy. Dupont’s notebook has more on Bergeron. Barth’s notebook applauds the acquisition of Mark Recchi. Loftus’ notebook has Bergeron happy for the nomination.


KG is shut down. Frank Dell’Apa and Marc J. Spears report on the Celtics choosing to hold Kevin Garnett out of games and practice until at least the final week of the regular season. Mark Murphy has Doc Rivers making the announcement with no promise that Garnett will be 100% for the playoffs. Paul Flannery says that the Celtics face plenty of questions without KG. Robert Lee has Garnett set to miss at least the next four games.

Alan Siegel says that Bostonians do hysteria well, and that the Garnett injury is a perfect example. Mike Fine has the Celtics reacting to the news that their teammate will be out for a while longer. Mike Petraglia says that KG is the center of everything for the Celtics. Ben Larsen has Danny Ainge saying on CSN that Garnett would play if the playoffs started today.

Murphy’s notebook has Leon Powe also shooting for a playoff return to the active roster.

Red Sox

Daniel Barbarisi has Mike Lowell putting to rest any concerns that he’ll be ready to start the season with the Red Sox.

After a lights-out spring to this point, Clay Buchholz was roughed up a little bit yesterday amid word that he is likely to open the season in the minors. Sean McAdam has Buchholz placed in a holding pattern by the Red Sox, while Adam Kilgore says for sure that Buchholz will be starting the season in the minors. Barbarisi has hitters finally catching up with Buchholz yesterday.

Amalie Benjamin has a look at outfield prospect Jason Place, who didn’t get his minor league career off to the start he wanted, but has come on strong since. John Tomase has the Red Sox expecting to see Tampa’s David Price sooner, rather than later even though he was sent to the minors yesterday. Barbarisi has Terry Francona saying that this has been his smoothest spring yet as Red Sox manager.

Nick Cafardo looks at the Tigers releasing Gary Sheffield. Jenn Abelson writes about a new recipe for the Fenway Frank.

Kilgore’s notebook has Nick Green and Chris Carter filling the final two spots on the opening day roster. Tomase’s notebook has Carter beating out Jeff Bailey in a spirited battle this spring. Barbarisi’s notebook has more on Carter making the team. Maureen Mullen also looks at Green and Carter winning the fight for the final roster spots.


Jim Donaldson has Bill Belichick’s coaching disciples falling flat.

Mike Reiss has the Patriots scheduled to meet with Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee. Karen Guregian has Bob Kraft once again talking about Jason Taylor.

Mark Farinella changes course and decides to write about the things he actually likes about sports.


3 thoughts on “Bruins Win, KG Out

  1. Is Cafardo the least informed writer in town or does he try to sneak bullshite by his readers or does he write favorably about his sources? In his Sunday columns this past month or so he repeatedly says that he bets Sheff is going to have a huge year. Now he gets cut and accounts by almost all other media sources say his bat speed had slowed and he has next to no teams interested. Now Cafardo has an article saying basically the exact opposite with quotes from nameless scouts and a Phillies rumor that has already been shot down by the team. This comes on the heels of him throwing out the fact that Teixeria and Ryan Howard have exactly the same # of HRs over the past 5 season. He neglects to add that Teixeria had approx 750+ more ABs during that time period since he was a full time player and Howard was not. Unreal.


    1. I thought Carfado did a decent job as the Globe’s Patriots beat writer in the early part of this decade, but his game has slipped considerably since then. And even back then, his “football notes” columns every Sunday would be half-filled with quotes from, and praise for, Tom Donahoe, one of Carfado’s prized “inside” sources who was busy wrecking the Buffalo Bills’ roster (as their GM) at the time.


      1. I don’t think Cafardo has ever had a good day on the job. The guy is dreadfully boring as a writer and has been wrong a lot lately. Two strikes; number three on the way?


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