The Celtics continued two trends last night…a tough loss coupled with more injuries. Leon Powe had to leave the game last night with a knee injury, while Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo each also appeared to get nicked up during the 127-121 Chicago victory. Paul Pierce scored 37 points, but was trumped by 38 points from John Salmons.

Marc J. Spears has Doc Rivers proud of the fight his banged-up club showed last night. Steve Bulpett says that there just wasn’t enough green gas in the Boston tank last night. Check more Celtics coverage and chatter at

Mike Fine says that this season is starting to look like 1987 for the Celtics. Dan Shaughnessy can’t wait to see Dwyane Wade tonight at the Garden. Bulpett looks at why the Celtics don’t usually play in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day. If you watched last night’s game you likely did a few double takes during the course of the night at the Bulls’ green uniforms.

Spears’ notebook says that the decision will be made on Friday whether Kevin Garnett will return to the lineup that night against the Spurs. Bulpett’s notebook has the Celtics exercising caution with Garnett.

Red Sox

Dan Barbarisi has a look at the cuts made by the Red Sox yesterday as they sent some of their brightest prospects down to the minor league camp. Michael Silverman has Lars Anderson being sent down to the minor league camp, but still showing plenty of promise and potential for the future. Joe Haggerty says that we could likely see Daniel Bard with the big club at some point this season. Maureen Mullen has more on the prospects sent down yesterday.

Mike Fine says that the team’s health is one of the biggest question marks facing the Red Sox this season. Steve Buckley is disappointed that the Julio Lugo/Jed Lowrie shortstop battle won’t extend to opening day. Amalie Benjamin has Jason Varitek putting in the work to improve his swing this season. Barbarisi has a ripped callus causing Josh Beckett pain yesterday. He also looks at a 450 foot home run by Jason Bay yesterday.

Sean McAdam has the US rallying for a 6-5 win over Puerto Rico to advance into the semis of the WBC. McAdam’s notebook has manager Davey Johnson comparing the win to game six of the 1986 World Series.

Silverman’s notebook has the Red Sox tapping out four home runs yesterday. Adam Kilgore’s notebook has a look at who might benefit from the roster spot opened up by Julio Lugo’s knee surgery.


Patriots Daily has part one of a three part series on the Patriots Draft Needs.

Christopher Price examines the list of veterans who have made a late career renaissance under Bill Belichick. He says Jason Taylor could be the next on that list. Bill Burt says that Taylor, not Julius Peppers is the more likely addition for the Patriots. John Tomase looks at what moving Peppers to linebacker could do for the Patriots.  Christopher L. Gasper says that the Patriots might find it hard to fit Peppers into their salary cap scheme.

Ron Borges says that Josh McDaniels has learned all the wrong things from Bill Belichick. Lenny Megliola says that all eyes will be on Tom Brady from now until September when he proves he is recovered.


Fluto Shinzawa has the action getting heated at Bruins practice. Stephen Harris has GM Peter Chiarelli saying that the club has gotten complacent and needs to focus better. Mike Loftus has the Bruins grateful for the extended break they’ve had, but also worried about losing their edge. Harris has coach Claude Julien calling out Marc Savard.


5 thoughts on “Celtics Break Down in Chicago

  1. Does Borges realize that the Browns went 11-5 with Testaverde at the helm during the 1994 season? Or that Bill Parcells certainly did believe that Testaverde was the “answer” for his Jets’ teams in the late-90s, a team whose Super Bowl hopes in Parcells’ final season (1999) were completely derailed by Testaverde’s achilles injury suffered in Week 1? I’m not saying that Vinny was a great QB, but he certainly was not the stiff that Borges is portraying him as in that article–just to make his nemesis, Belichick, look bad. I love the snarky “…and he was soon branded a genius” comment about Belichick too. It’s ironic that Borges attributes Belichick choosing Brady over Bledsoe, a Borges binky, as the reason why Belichick has been branded a genius, given that Borges was firmly in Bledsoe’s camp for YEARS after Belichick made that decision. He went out of his way for years to downplay Brady’s accomplishments, until after the third Super Bowl win, when even Borges realized he’d only look more foolish if he kept hammering away at the “they should have kept Bledsoe” argument.

    What a tool. How did he ever get another job in this town?


    1. He got another job because people read him and discuss him in forums like this. He’d likely go away if no one clicked on his articles.

      I refuse to read anything by him, CHB or Tomase – it’s my very small contribution in hoping they leave town. Sportswriters are like your teeth – if you ignore them they will go away.


      1. You’re right.

        These guys try to provoke us, and we take the bait more often than not.

        I haven’t read the CHB in a long, long time. I don’t need the aggravation.

        The Borges thing riles me only because he still hasn’t given up his anti-Belichick crusade, and the guy was forced to leave the Globe in humiliation less than 3 years ago, and now he’s back with a regular gig at Boston’s other daily paper?

        There is no justice.



  2. I’m with you, Lance. That’s all these clowns try to do, provoke,irritate and aggravate. They don’t even try to be subtle about it anymore. I’ve heard these guys on TV and radio basicly ADMIT that they try to bait the fans. When I was younger I would go back for more and more. I had that, “let’s see what that s.o.b. Borges wrote today!” attitude…….not anymore. As I’ve gotten older I just got tired of the bullshit. Don’t read Borges,Felger or Tomase anymore. They offer nothing but a load of crap.


  3. Every once in a while I’ll read Shaugnessy. Then I’ll immediately regret. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one of his columns.

    Bob Ryan has his problems, but compared to CHB, he’s Tolstoy.
    No word on BC basketball? Tsk tsk tsk. At least you avoided mentioning PC flaming out of the NIT. Maybe this site has some hope after all… (tee hee)


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