Ken from Fang’s Bites with an update for you.

In a developing story, David Scott comes out of book writing hibernation to look at the sudden shutdown of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting which boasts WEEI’s Pete Sheppard and the Howard Stern Show’s Artie Lange as alums. As you know from the commercials that run on WEEI, CSB had a branch in Needham.

Bob Wilson of WTNH-TV in New Haven says students were surprised to be locked out yesterday.

If anything new develops, I’ll post it here.

3 thoughts on “Connecticut School of Broadcasting Goes Down

  1. There shouldn’t be much of a surprise over the demise of CSB. I also wonder about our major colleges and universities (BU’s school of Journalism, for example). How is an incoming freshman supposed to reconcile the cost to go through these programs against the job prospects and pay scales once they graduate? It would be a fool’s gambit to go to a major college J-school. The payback would be impossibly long. And I sure hope the schools realize this, because the kids sure are.


  2. I’m a CSB graduate from last year and was talking to one of my instructors. He said they had a plan in place to reopen the schools next week – don’t know if thats true, but hope so. I was using their studios for a side project and was almost finished with it.


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