Good Morning, T.J. Donegan of here. Bruce is taking a well deserved break and I’ll be taking over guest duties for the day.

Pretty quiet day yesterday as the Patriots signed a new TE, the Bruins got beat at home by the Flyers, and word dropped that Scalabrine will be out until at least April with his various head traumas. Let’s do what spring training time is for and head to the links.


Fluto Shinzawa has your recap of yesterday’s rough loss for the Globe, and also had a Q&A online Tuesday with fans that talks a great deal about what the Bruins might have to do both before the trade deadline and in the offseason to better the club. Stephen Harris is worried about how flat the Bs looked last night, especially with less than 20 games left in the season. Metro has some quick unsigned thoughts from the game.

Other outlets mostly picked up Jimmy Golen’s AP version, which you can read here or any of the other local papers.

Kevin Paul Dupont talks about the lack of trade action around the league as the deadline looms.

Kevin Loftus talks about Michael Ryder, the Bs number two scorer, and how big a shift the last year has been for him. Kevin also discusses the Bruins’ need for something, anything (or anyone) to shakeup this club before this afternoon’s deadline. My bet: don’t count on it.

Carmine Frongillo of the Lowell Sun also talks about the Bruins and the impending trade deadline.


The Pats signed TE Chris Baker yesterday for a reported 5 years and $14 million (with less than 2 guaranteed, so in the NFL, that’s all that really matters). Chris Gasper has the 29-year-old getting a big boost in playing for an old rival. John Tomase recaps the new Patriot’s career in New York and also notes that Heath Evans might get the old heave-ho with Fred Taylor in town.

Jim Donaldson says that, despite what people may think, the price the Patriots got for Cassel was actually just about right. I agree, but then Belichick also basically threw in Mike Vrabel for free. Since when does Bill devalue lower round picks or veteran linebackers?

Shalise Manza Young brings it back round to Baker and talks about why the former Jet would want to put on the Patriots uniform. She says winning — but I say that money couldn’t hurt, either.

Mark Farinella says that Baker isn’t promising to be the new Ben Coates, but that he’s at least promising to block and catch, something the Patriots never seem to be able to get in the same tight end.

Wanted to share this as well: The goodbye column Gene Frenette of wrote for “Freddy T.” If he brings that attitude to this ballclub, he’s more than welcome.

Matt Cassel made a bit of a booboo in his first press conference, saying he’d have to go find Bernard Pollard and “thank him for the opportunity.” Classy, Matt. The USA Today Game On blog says he might regret that one. I’m sure he was just kidding.

Red Sox

Spring training is in full swing now, which means that all the best column ideas have already been used. (Or in some writers’ case, re-used.)

I’ll send you over to for coverage of the day to day events — Drew had his back injection and felt better and Brad Penny was scratched from a spring training start. Other than that, not much has happened so, if you’ll permit me, I figured I’d share some of the better spring columns I’ve read so far.

First up, Joe Posnaski’s awesome piece on Royals Scout Art Stewart taking another chance at love through baseball. Sappy, I know, but Joe’s one of the best — if not the best — baseball writers in the country and even he was proud of this one.

Lance Niekro is bringing out the knuckleball, which his father Joe (Phil’s brother) employed to such great effect in his 22 years in the league.

Ramona Shelburne took a ride with Tommy Lasorda to the Dodger’s new spring training site and wrote about the experience. You’ll have to forgive the formatting of this one as the Daily News doesn’t keep their stories up very long before they’re archived. You can read it here, but the formatting is awkward.

And a sad day, today, as the pioneer of T-Ball has died at the age of 93. Also, everyone’s favorite, Manny Ramirez, has apparently finally signed his contract with the Dodgers — the same terms, essentially, they offered him maybe a month ago. It’s like watching your crazy ex girlfriend running around with some new guy at a bar and then watching her get into a screaming match and storm out, drunk and crying. You laugh, but you’re just glad it isn’t you anymore.

My esteemed colleague Jake DiGregorio over at has a piece up on the whole Manny fiasco.


The Celtics take on the Nets tonight I’ll send you over to to get your pre-game news and updates today.

The big news last night was that sorely-missed Brian Scalabrine will be out until April because of multiple concussions in the last few months. Concussions are absolutely no joke — especially successive ones — and I hope he gets healed up and back to playing as soon as possible.

I’ll leave you on a higher note though with this phenomenal dance caught in the stands at the TD BN Garden. Not sure when it’s from, but it’ll brighten your day.

That’ll do it for me, have a good one.


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  1. Cassel didn’t make a boo-boo to regret – he made a joke when reporters pressed him for info. We all know humor isn’t something the media comprehends too well – just over-hyping or salivating at some misfortune.


  2. Manny rejected the initial offer because of the inordinate amount of deferred money, without interest.


  3. On Bill throwing in Vrabel for free – he kept Vrabel from showing up on the Jets or the Broncos roster – overall, a second round pick for someone that people were arguing to be cut in training camp isn’t bad.


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