Matt Cassel met with the Kansas City media for the first time yesterday.

Mike Reiss has Cassel saying that the trade didn’t catch him by surprise, as he expected to be traded once he was tagged. Karen Guregian has Cassel adjusting to the change. The Cassel trade made the Op/Ed section of the Globe today: Machiavelli of Foxborough.

Jim Donaldson says Tom Brady has lost his competitive edge since getting married and will never be the same. Lenny Megliola says that despite the losses of Vrabel and Cassel, this is still Brady’s team.

Matt Reiss has actually gotten some heat from nitwit commenters about his analysis of the Cassel trade. It’s worth pointing out that in the very first question in last week’s mailbag, Reiss predicted that Cassel would be traded to Kansas City for the #34 overall pick. The Vrabel addition was something no one saw coming.

Mark Farinella has the Patriots plugging some holes. Christopher Price reviews some of the biggest trades in franchise history. Reiss’ notebook has Russ Hochstein signing on for another year.

Red Sox

Sean McAdam has Jason Varitek intrigued and impressed with the stuff of Daniel Bard. Dan Shaughnessy has a look a Justin Masterson, who is pretty much a lock to make the opening day roster. Joe McDonald says that Masterson will be ready to start the season in the rotation if Brad Penny isn’t ready to go.

Brian MacPherson looks at the lack of openings on the Red Sox roster, making it a tough job market for the fringe players. McDonald looks at the scrap for final spot on the roster. Maureen Mullen has Mark Kotsay recovering from his back surgery. McDonald has Clay Buchholz getting his spring off to the right start.

Ron Borges has Bernie Williams using the WBC as an audition for a major league job. Rob Bradford has a piece on Mike Lowell’s dad, Carl, who would’ve loved to have had the chance to play in the WBC. McDonald writes about the Red Sox’ stars participating in the classic.

Shaughnessy’s notebook has Jacoby Ellsbury eager to put in the extra work this spring. McAdam’s notebook has more on Masterson. McDonald’s notebook has Jonathan Papelbon perfect in his first spring outing.


Frank Dell’Apa has Gabe Pruitt speaking about his arrest and taking the blame for his actions. Jim Fenton has Tony Allen dealing with the frustration of being hurt…again.

Steve Bulpett has Stephon Marbury welcoming the pain of his first full-length practice with the Celtics. Jessica Camerato has Marbury learning from Rajon Rondo. Robert Lee has Marbury ready and willing to put the team first.

Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers blaming himself for leaving Paul Pierce on the floor too long. Check for more news and opinions on the green.


Steve Conroy has the Bruins caught up in trade rumors. Kevin Paul Dupont has Matt Hunwick moving from defenseman to left wing. Mike Loftus has the Bruins hoping to return to their winning ways tonight. Mick Colageo says that the Bruins have a small window of opportunity and need to go for it at the trade deadline.

Joe Haggerty has a trade deadline edition of the mailbag. Joe Donahue examines the Tim Thomas quagmire.

8 thoughts on “Matt Cassel Moves On

  1. Jim Donaldson is officially part of the Sterns/Burton/Felcher/Borges team of d-baggery.


  2. I love how “fans” desperately wish the Patriots would use the Dan Snyder/Jerry Jones model of building a team. ‘Nuff said.


  3. I’d like to know where these people–fans and “journalists” alike–are coming up with this notion that just because Brady has a very famous girlfriend (perhaps wife at this point), he suddenly isn’t the same wildman/crazy competitor ON the field that he always was. This kind of crap sort of started with Bill Simmons’ idiotic suggestion that when he saw Brady shake hands with Pat O’Brien before the start of Super Bowl XLII, he knew that the Pats were in trouble because the QB was too into his celebrity to focus on the game (of course, the Giants’ pass rush and Brady’s bum ankle didn’t have anything to do with how that game turned out, right?).

    These people are all going to look very, very silly next December when #12 is heading to another Pro Bowl and the Pats are firmly back in the AFC Super Bowl mix–assuming that Belichick can fix the defense this offseason.


  4. Small thing, but the Belichick thing is not on the “op-ed” page. Its a Globe editorial. The op-ed is the Page opposite the editorial page.


  5. That Donaldson nonsense is old-fart sportswriting at its worst. It’s the same attitude behind the ancient canard about having sex before a game… not to mention the nutjob general in “Dr. Strangelove” ranting about precious bodily fluids.

    Funny thing is, Donaldson himself cites the biggest counter-example to his own argument: Tiger Woods, who lost absolutely none of his competitive edge after he married a beautiful Eurogirl. As with Tiger, if Brady had the competitive drive before, chances are he’s still got it now.


    1. Brady is one of the five most competitive/driven to win athletes we’ve ever had in Boston (Russell and Bird come immediately to mind as two others).

      It’s utter nonsense for anyone to suggest that his competitive fire has gone out just because he’s with a very famous supermodel who has a jetset lifestyle now. Remember….most of the paparazzi attention is focused on HER, not him. She’s infinitely more famous around the world than he is.

      My God, this guy was 1 fluke catch and/or one dropped interception away from leading his team to the first 19-0 season in NFL history just 13 months ago, and now suddenly he doesn’t care about winning? I seem to recall that this relationship with Gisele began after the 2006 regular season, which means that his MVP season of 2007 occurred while he was dating her!

      God, I can’t wait for training camp so that he can get back on the field and shut these idiots up!!!!


  6. Please stop linking Donaldson articles on this site. It’s what he wants and it gets him attention, negative or not. If I want to smash my face against a brick wall (i.e. read his columns) I’ll do it on my own accord. Just stop tainting this great site with his bile.


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