Playing their first full game without Kevin Garnett yesterday, the Celtics got an offensive bump from point guard Rajon Rondo, who lit up two-time league MVP Steve Nash for a career high 32 points to go along with 10 assists in a 128-108 Celtics win in Phoenix. Ray Allen added 31 points for the green, who stepped up their running game in KG’s absence.

Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics turning this one into a runaway in the final quarter. Steve Bulpett has Rondo celebrating his 23rd birthday in a unique way yesterday. Jessica Camerato has a revised version of the big three dominating the Suns.

Tim Weisberg wonders if Mikki Moore can help the Celtics. Check out blog links and out of town stories at

The Globe notebook has the Celtics offering a contract to center Mikki Moore, who was waived by the Kings  Feb. 19th. Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers still concerned about getting Ray Allen and Paul Pierce their rest in Garnett’s absence.


Fluto Shinzawa and Stephen Harris have the Bruins dropping another one, this time 4-3 to the Tampa Bay Lightning, in a game they should’ve won. Joe Haggerty has the Bruins showing progress in the loss.

Shinzawa’s notebook has the Bruins feeling the loss of Marco Sturm on the power play. Harris’ notebook has Phil Kessel finally breaking his scoring drought last night.


Christopher Price has Bill Belichick talking at the combine about the changing nature of the NFL. Christopher L. Gasper has Belichick talking about his former co-workers spread around the league. There was only one guy he didn’t mention. (hint, his last name is Mangini.) Karen Guregian has more from Belichick, who didn’t want to talk about Matt Cassel and Tom Brady.

One subject that Belichick discussed was how veteran coaches like Mike Martz and Jim Haslett haven’t been able to find jobs yet and that he felt that they should be in the league. Ron Borges says that if Belichick thinks so highly of them, why hasn’t he given them a job? Especially Martz as the Patriots have an opening at offensive coordinator. Borges accuses Belichick of being cheap and putting Bill O’Brien in the play-calling role simply because it would cost much less than if the team hired Martz.

John Tomase has Randy Moss speaking on a number of topics, including his hopes for a reunion with Tom Brady this season. Gasper says that the Patriots might be interested in an Outside linebacker in this year’s draft. Price has a look at BC defensive tackle B.J. Raji who is expected to go high in the draft. John Connolly looks at the health of Northeastern tight end Brian Mandeville, who was sent home from the combine with a heart valve ailment and urged to retire by doctors.  Guregian’s notebook ponders how much Fred Taylor might have left in the tank.

Red Sox

Nick Cafardo says that  Takashi Saito could turn out to be a great signing for the Red Sox. Maureen Mullen has Michael Bowden hoping to stand out this spring. Jon Couture reviews the Yankee Years. Dan Lamothe has the heat getting turned on David Ortiz on the steroid issue. Haggerty has Jon Lester hoping to play his whole career in Boston.

Amalie Benjamin has Kevin Youkilis still getting in some time at third. Tomase looks at how Youkilis has developed the ability to hit for power as his career has gone on. Alex Speier has Jason Varitek looking at the future of Red Sox catching.

Tomase’s notebook has Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla talking about Dustin Pedroia.


8 thoughts on “Rondo Leads Celtics Running Game in Phoenix

  1. Here’s the Borges we know and despise. Claims that BB/Pats are too cheap to hire guys like Haslett or Martz. Hmm. Maybe it’s because they don’t run a system that the Pats use? What a donkey.


  2. You beat me to the punch this morning, Sam. This latest Borges column truly represents the gutless wonder he is. Was Ronnie even at the combine, and if he was why didn’t he ask Belichick point blank if he would consider any of these guys for his staff?

    The other thing Borgie conveniently leaves out is that perhaps none of these head coaches want to be a coordinator and are waiting for the right head coaching job to open up.

    This type of column just proves he’s got an anti-Belichick bias. I guess when you’re a columnist you don’t have to write the facts or even have an opinion based on them. Nah, just speculate because you have a hair across your @ss when it comes to Bill. Class act you are, Ronnie.


  3. Is Borges suffering from a lack of attention lately? By the way, he knows that Kraft, and not Belichick, signs the paychecks, right?


  4. Now that I’m thinking of it, this would be a great way to run a solid system. Hire name ex-head coaches, regardless of system, make them position coaches and coordinators, and then after they leave in a year, just hire the latest firees, and do it all over again. That way you’ll always have the ‘best’ coaches, and you’ll never be a stingy hypocrite. Makes sense, as they say.


  5. Borges buried the lead! Since when does Belichick own the team! I would have thought Tomase would be all over this bombshell by now.


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