The post-All Star break portion of the schedule didn’t get off to such a great start last night, as the Celtics lost Kevin Garnett to a knee injury in the first half in the Utah, and ended up losing the game to the Jazz, 90-85.

The severity of the injury is not completely known yet, though from Frank Dell’Apa it appears KG could’ve returned, but the Celtics erred on the side of caution with him. Steve Bulpett calls it a knee strain. Paul Flannery says that the Celtics lost this one because they couldn’t figure out a way to score down the stretch.

With two trades in the last week, including Patrick O’Bryant yesterday, Bulpett has the Celtics clearing cap space and roster space.  Jim Fenton also looks at the trades and what might be next for the Celtics. Catch more game stories and analysis of yesterday’s move by browsing

Dell’Apa’s notebook has more on the trade of O’Bryant. Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers and Jerry Sloan in a mutual admiration society.

The Sox continue to train down in Florida, with full-squad workouts now going on. has all the latest headlines and news, including a few stories on AL MVP Dustin Pedroia and his desire to play all 162 games.

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said yesterday at there is a 60-75% chance he will make a trade before the NHL trade deadline. Check out the latest Bruins news on

The NFL Combine is ongoing and the Patriots are there checking potential draftees. Check for the latest, as well as news of the team bringing back Billy Yates, who they just cut a couple of days ago.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has a piece on Mike Milbury, who is gaining a reputation for himself with some of the the things that he says on the air. She even offers up a selection of Memorable Mike Milbury quotes.

Bill Doyle has a piece on NESN’s Cole Wright, who has had the tough job of stepping into Hazel Mae’s shoes on SportsDesk.


6 thoughts on “KG Injures Knee in Celtics Loss

  1. I know it’s not linked on today’s summary, but Bob Ryan’s column in today’s Globe about the Red Sox ownership’s financial evisceration of Fort Myers and Lee County is one of the best pieces of sports writing that you’ll ever read.

    In a day and age where a huge section of Boston’s sports media has devolved into nothing more than credibility-starved cheerleaders, Ryan’s observations are a welcome, refreshing and brutally accurate change.

    Bravo, Bob Ryan.


  2. “Credibility-starved cheerleaders?” Not sure which cave you’ve been living in but the Boston media has been scandal driven since Ted Williams played. Is CHB really a cheerleader?

    To our relief most of the professional sports teams in the town are the best run in their histories, acknowledging that isn’t cheerleading, it’s just fact.

    Bob Ryan lost his fastball a long time ago, never had a curve ball and isn’t a knuckler. He didn’t get comment from the Sox so it’s just another piece of one-sided blathering. His article doesn’t paint a good picture to be sure but he didn’t do his job.


    1. Bravo to Bob Ryan. It’s time that a writer other than the late, great Will McDonough attacked the ownership group for its mistakes and greed. Since they arrived, everything that has been written about Henry, Werner and Lucchino has been fluff pieces. McDonough was right years ago when he wrote about Lucchino et al. Thanks to them for paying the players to win 2 championships, but at least Ryan has the balls to say the Emperor has no clothes.


      1. Good point on Will McDonough. He always called the ownership of the local teams on the carpet when they made mistakes. Especially when John Harrington ran the Red Sox…..oh,wait.


        1. BINGO….and don’t forget how he had his lips permanently affixed to Jeremy Jacobs’ very cheap butt cheeks for all those years.

          For anyone to hold up Will “the shill” as a paragon of journalistic virtue is making a pretty big stretch. I mean, God rest his soul, but really, McDonough was a hack who took care of his friends in print and ripped his enemies relentlessly.


  3. I fully believe that when Don Cherry retires or god forbid passes on. I believe that Milbury will eventually be the host of Coaches Corner on CBC. It is the highest rated segment in all of television in Canada. They will need someone who is very much off the cuff like Cherry and Milbury fits that bill perfectly.


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