3 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-02-05

  1. Curran, Bryant and Byrne are egotistical d-bags who will never admit that they are ever wrong – see Brady’s knee, Boston’s racism and Belichick’s follies.


  2. I actually know Kerry Byrne pretty well….he’s not egotistical, trust me.

    He writes with a wise-ass style that also can be quite self-deprecating, and the entire concept of his football site is to provide statistical analysis to back up arguments, rather than “feelings” or the conventional wisdom that most football writers and talking heads use. He writes with bombast on the site to be provocative, and because he knows, for the most part, that his stats will outweigh other’s opinions more often than not.

    The open letter to Belichick is just the encapsulation of a theme he’s been harping on for more than a year, which is that the Pats DID in fact ignore their defense for almost two entire drafts and offseasons (2006-2007), with a few exceptions here and there (Merriweather and A. Thomas, specifically), in order to beef up the offense in a vain attempt to “keep up with the Joneses”–or Mannings as it were. It was a beefing up that probably wasn’t even all that necessary given that their offense in 2005 was very strong. And in the meantime, a once-great championship defense was allowed to decline to the point where it’s cost them two Super Bowl wins (they’re winning it all if they get past the Colts in ’06, we all know that) and a playoff spot over the past three seasons.

    Believe me, I’ve argued with him that were it not for injuries and the poorly timed flu bug in the 2006 post-season, the Pats’ defense probably hangs on against Indy, and were it not for losing Rosie Colvin for the year in ’07, they may have held on against the Giants too. But he counters with “injuries are part of the game” and that the 2003-2004 Patriots’ defenses dealt with multiple injuries too, but had the depth to overcome them; both of his arguments ring true.


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