Thanks to Dan Kennedy, I was pointed to this article in the BC independent student newspaper The Heights which took exception to a segment of the Dennis and Callahan program this week (actually hosted by Dennis and Mike Felger) which they describe as such:

The commentators made a number of derisive comments about students who they specifically named on air. They asserted that the students are in fact homosexual and that the friendships they share with other men are not as they say. At one point, the commentator referenced a particular student, and, upon reading his name, said, “If that’s not gay, I don’t know what is.”

The hosts also made disturbing remarks about the nature of masculinity and of male friendship. The examples they provided of acceptable male activities invariably involved sporting events, drinking, and strippers.

Adam Gaffin also has a brief entry on the subject, titled, I’d almost think Dennis and Callahan are closeted but …

5 thoughts on “Dennis and Felger Taking Heat for “Bromance” Talk

  1. Get over it. It was completely harmless and funny as hell.

    You are trying to feign some sort of victimhood just so you can become part of the conversation. Go away and nurse your psychological wounds.

    And by the way, if you enjoy spending more time with men in intimate situations than women, go out on dates with guys, and commit to another guy in an “exclusive” relationship, it is not a “Bromance”. You are gay. Don’t make it into something it isn’t. No big deal, just come to terms with it and stop calling it something it isn’t.

    And stop lying to yourself and trying to find things to be offended by.


  2. I really wonder about Felger, he talks a little too much about men and their physical attributes. Perhaps the trophy wife is a cover for his gayness.


  3. We all know that the only team Felger was ever on was the “knitting team”. The other night on Comcast I swore I heard him say he could “give a rat’s ass about women” . I wasn’t shocked and kind of always suspected it, but then I realized he was taking a stab at women’s sports. The quote was “I could give a rat’s ass about women’s sports,” in reference to the awesome accomplishments of the UCONN women’s team. (He’s just a little jealous because he was cut from the boys’ team at his high school and thus had to join the cheerleading squad.)It’s okay Felger, those who can do, and those who can’t become sports writers. Oh…except Jackie Mullen, watch out Felgie, she could kick your ass on the bball court!!!


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