On a busy sports Sunday, the Celtics played without Kevin Garnett, but still had enough to beat his former team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, 109-101 at the Garden. The ‘Wolves had come into this game red hot, but Paul Pierce submitted a vintage performance to lead the Celtics to the win.

Kevin Henkin on the BSMW Full Court Press has his rolling observations as the game played out.

Bill Doyle has Pierce’s 36 points enough to trump the 34 point performance from former teammate Al Jefferson. Scott Souza has a look at the win and glimpse we got of what might’ve been the Celtics future at the Garden, had the Garnett trade not happened. Paul Flannery has Pierce answering the call. Robert Lee has the shorthanded Celtics getting the job done. Frank Dell’Apa has Pierce returning to take-0ver-the-game mode.  Mark Murphy says that Garnett’s absence forced the Celtics to rethink their roles.

Tim Weisberg has a look at Patrick O’Bryant, noting that the big man may be running out of chances. He also looks at possible additions for the stretch run for the Celtics, including a name I hadn’t heard mentioned previously. Steve Bulpett has Paul Pierce find his old glory. Marc J. Spears has first round pick  J.R. Giddens getting a chance to at least dress for the game yesterday. Jessica Camerato has Kendrick Perkins saying that he’s ‘cool’ with the flagrant 2 that was called against him for a foul on Jason Maxiell in Detroit Friday night.

Lenny Megliola has Kevin McHale making himself at home on the ‘Wolves bench. Mike Fine had McHale and Jefferson getting through the growing pains. Jeff Howe notes that McHale always enjoys looking back at his glory days with the Celtics. Lee has former Providence star Ryan Gomes thriving in Minnesota. Julian Benbow has the Celtics coaches raving about the low post skills of Jefferson. Bulpett reveals that McHale went back to being a sort-of Celtic during the playoffs last season.

You can check all the other coverage over on CelticsLinks.com

Doyle’s notebook has more on the flu that kept Garnett out yesterday. Jim Fenton’s notebook has the Celtics extending their winning streak to 11 with the win. Lee’s notebook has more on the fine Perkins received for the foul in Detroit. Spears’ notebook has more on Garnett’s flu. Murphy’s notebook has more on the bedridden KG.


The Bruins continued their newfound mastery over the Montreal Canadiens with a 3-1 victory yesterday, check all the coverage at BruinsLinks.com

The Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history with a thrilling 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals last night. This was a highly entertaining game, and congratulations to the Steelers for the win.

My inbox was filled this morning with Steelers fans sending their hate. That just blows me away…here their team has just won a record sixth Super Bowl, in thrilling fashion, and instead of enjoying the win and savoring the glow that comes with a championship team, they feel compelled to to write long, nasty emails to a Patriots fan. There’s some sort of huge inferiority complex going on there…

Mark Farinella dreams about the Super Bowl week that could’ve been. Christopher Price cranks out 10 things we learned in last night’s game.

12 thoughts on “Celtics, Bruins, Steelers All Victorious on Sunday

  1. No hate, but a comment that your dislike of the Steelers, while understandable, went over the top more than once over the past year. To be honest, you invited a “nyah nyah” response with your posts last week.

    Keep up the good work


  2. A Super Bowl win that included another cheap shot by one of their players. This time it got flagged.


  3. Two comments for anyone who caught any of D&C this morning: first, what was Felger doing on with them? I don’t think he was a guest; were they trying a 3-man booth and if so, is this going to be a regular or even semi-regular thing? It would have the potential to be quite entertaining, especially factoring in Felger’s lefty leanings against the deep right slant of D&C.

    Also, I think Boomer Esiason might have blown D&C’s cover when he mentioned, on his final D&C segment of the football season, that he enjoyed getting up at 5:20 every Monday to talk with them. Huh? Boomer doesn’t live on the west coast, so it sounds like his weekly 8:00 segment with D&C is pre-recorded.


    1. Given the way the country is thinking about what has just happened with Republicans running things, ya think someone at eei could be bright enough to try to move to the middle?? No, no way, just a dumb coincidence.

      There’s not much cover to blow considering Boomer has a 6 to 10 gig on WFAN every morning. Not likely he’s going to take a 20 min block out of his show to talk to two dopes from Beantown.


    2. I think Boomer may have a string of stations he speaks to each morning…not just WEEI. The whole string of them requires that he get up real early. Just a guess.


    1. That, and they realize that their two titles this decade came during years when they were able to avoid the Brady-led Pats in the post-season. In addition, this year was the ultimate “serpentine” post-season act: They managed to avoid Indy, Tennessee, the Giants and Philly–the four teams that beat them during the regular season–on their way to this championship.

      I take nothing away from them. They had the best defense in the league and a passing attack that could make plays when they needed to, and they deserve to be the team left standing at the end of this very weird season.

      But let’s face it…their fans are both obnoxious a-holes AND they have an inferiority complex when it comes to the Pats (beating the Cassel Clan back in November isn’t quite the same as beating the Brady Bunch, right?)


  4. Sad to say, but I’m sure in recent years the there’s been a fair share of Pats/Sox/Celts fans whose first impulse is to send angry missives to rival fans/media types.


  5. Of course there’s an inferiority complex. The city of Pittsburgh is like two Worcesters smooshed together.


  6. Hate to sound like an Angry Old Pats Fan, HOWEVER all the media fawning over the Steelers organazation is a little annoying. Yes they’ve won 6 Super Bowls but 4 of them did happen like 30 YEARS AGO…they went 25 years between number 4 and number 5….The media is acting like they’ve won all 6 in the last 10 years or something…..I don’t know, maybe I am just an Angry Old Pats Fan…..buh-bye Football season……GO BRUINS!


  7. The Steelers are the sacred cow franchise of the NFL. Much like the Lakers of the NBA, anytime this team sniffs success, it’s met with a mob of adoring media the size of the crowds in Verizon Wireless commercials. Boston will be forever hated in sports. Let’s embrace being the villain and F the rest of the country.

    Bruce, I neither surprised nor offended that they gloated via email to you. What do you expect from a bunch of retards living in a city that’s essentially a giant factory? It’s the type of area Hollywood makes horror films in.


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