Our long national nightmare is over. But a whole new one might be beginning. Scott Boras mouthpiece Jon Heyman was the first to report that Jason Varitek and the Red Sox have agreed on a two year deal. Tony Massarotti has confirmed it, but calls it one year with an option.

So while this will finally end the speculation about whether Varitek will be back with the Red Sox, if he performs at a level below what he did last year, it could be a recurring nightmare for Red Sox fans.

It was amusing this afternoon to read the news online, while listening to Glenn Ordway on WEEI talking about what his “moles” were saying about the 8:30am deadline and then have someone whisper the news to Ordway, causing him to have to change course right in the middle of his “mole” discussion. A few awkward pauses while Ordway read for himself, and then a “just as we were saying” pronouncement.

And in other news: Manny finally gets a contract offer


8 thoughts on “New Deal For Varitek

  1. Almost as funny as hearing Ordway step in a pile of sh&t, is the Herald doesn’t even have it yet. Funny how the 17%ers got the info before the Herald. Funnier is that numeorus web sites had it before the 17%ers.


        1. When did I say I’d given up on him?

          I asked if we should trust him? He’s not a proven .300 hitter yet, afterall. He clearly needs more time to develop.

          Your response is a little over-the-top, no? Calling me an idiot and all


  2. I love that Varitek resigning has become the seventh seal of the apocalypse here. The flip side of doofuses like Ordway (nice catch in the whispering, Bruce) is the gathering throngs with torches ready to burn down Yawkey Way.

    But oh joy, we’ll be treated to another season of hip fan freakouts and meltdowns every time he grounds to second base with a 2 run lead.


  3. but guys!…but guys!…they way Varitek “calls a game!” without him all of the Red Sox pitchers would be pitching in the minors!


    1. I love that hysterical response. Calcified Captain has failed miserably at every known, verifiable stat for the last year and a half. So the mediots jump to Captain Soundbite’s defense with the “intangibles”. They bring up how the staff failed miserably when he was injured, but they neglect to mention that the Sox were forced to trade for Javy Lopez, who was on his last legs.


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