Christopher L. Gasper and Shira Springer report in this morning’s Boston Globe that Tom Brady is now dropping back and throwing passes, and his rehab has progressed to the point that he is expected to be ready for the season opener in September.

The Herald picks up on the Globe reports, but never gives credit to where the information came from. Do we really think they have their own sources on this story? The professional thing to do would be to at least acknowledge that the Globe was the source of those reports.

In a case of good/bad timing, Dan Shaughnessy says Brady has gone soft. Of course, this column is pure satire, he’s actually mocking many of the ridiculous things some people are saying about the Patriots QB these days, but Shaughnessy has written so many serious thing of this ilk before that some are likely to think he is being serious. On the other hand, I think Peter Gelzinis just might be serious.

Mike Reiss reports on the Patriots adding longtime Titans GM Floyd Reese as a senior football adviser to their personnel department. Nick Caserio will manage the daily operations of the department. Karen Guregian has more on what Reese will bring to the Patriots. Shalise Manza Young has more on the front office moves. Christopher Price has Reese planning on being here for a while.  Ben Swasey has the Patriots hoping to address the void left by Scott Pioli’s departure. Brian MacPherson says that this April’s draft could make or break the Patriots. Glen Farley says that contract negotiations is one area that Reese will assist in. Andy Vogt also reports on the hiring of Reese.

Ron Borges has Ted Johnson among those talking about concussions at a meeting in Tampa yesterday. Bob Hohler has a feature on the effects of head trauma on even high school football players. Price has Heath Evans breaking down the Super Bowl matchups. Borges also has former Patriot Sean Morey trying to put off getting a real job as long as he can.

Gasper’s notebook has Fernando Bryant and Victor Hobson getting to the Super Bowl after all this season, just not with the Patriots, as they had hoped when training camp began. Guregian’s notebook has Matt Leinart praising the job Matt Cassel did this season.


A certain NHL commentator stated recently that the Bruins wouldn’t win the East this season because they can’t beat the Washington Capitals. Well, that changed last night as Boston scored a 3-2 win over the Caps.

Fluto Shinzawa says this one wasn’t a gem, but it was a win. Mike Loftus says that this win was a measuring stick for the Bruins. Joe Haggerty says that healthy bodies added up to a Bruins win. Rich Garven has the Bruins putting on an enticing playoff preview at the Garden last night. Steve Conroy has the Bruins padding their Eastern lead with the win.

Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins getting reinforcements in the returns of Patrice Bergeron, Milan Lucic, and Andrew Ference. Mike Petraglia has the sounds of the game. Mick Colageo has Bergeron making his presence felt in his return. Stephen Harris has more on the return of Bergeron. Bill Burt has Mike O’Connell rooting for the Bruins even though he is a Kings scout. Dupont reports that the Bruins are working on an extension for Peter Chiarelli.

Shinzaw’s notebook hones in on the return of Bergeron. Loftus’ notebook focuses on the return of Ference, playing in his first game since a fractured tibia suffered on November 13th. Garven’s notebook has more on the reinforcements for the Bruins. Conroy’s notebook has rookie Byron Bitz showing some fight.


Marc J. Spears has the Celtics hoping to land four players on the All Star roster. Jim Fenton has the Celtics getting a boost from their bench as of late. Steve Bulpett and Spears’ notebook have Brian Scalabrine suffering a second concussion and likely to miss a few games. Patrick Gilroy has the Celtics hoping that more practices can serve them well in the second half.

Red Sox

Michael Silverman says that the Jason Varitek situation is still in limbo. Dan Lamothe has more on Varitek and the deadline. Darren Garnick says that Varitek is an example of the impact the economy is having on all of us.

Rob Bradford has Mike Lowell getting in his first swings since surgery. Dan Barbarisi and Dom Amore report on Jon Lester and Joba Chamberlain exchanging some friendly barbs at a speaking event.

Alex Speier looks at the retirement of Sean Casey.


13 thoughts on “Globe: Brady On Track For ’09 Opener

  1. It’s funny that you run a media website yet you’re so naive to think that one newspaper is going to give credit to another (in this case, the Brady thing and the Herald/Globe). In today’s media world, the publication that gives credit to another is the exception to the rule. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has made a living out of this in recent years. And the Globe does it all the time, too, esp. with regards to Red Sox stuff they are often outscooped on. One good thing about is that it always gives credit to the original source. That is refreshing


    1. So you’re saying it’s OK to do it?

      As for being naive…I never said I expected it, I said they should’ve done it. The Herald has shown that they’re not interested in being professional.


    2. Actually Steve most newspapers do that but, as we’ve seen, the sleaziness of the Herald knows no bounds. It’s good Bruce continues to point it out, just in case the Herald attempts to do any reputable spin on its articles. It’s too bad because Guregian would be so much better in a different environment.


    3. You’re asking for journalistic integrity from a paper that employs/has employed Tomase, Felger, Borges, Simmons & Barnicle?


      1. I’m with you a few of those people, but Karen Guregian has as much integrity as any reporter one could care to name.


  2. Barry Melrose is that ‘certain someone’ who says the B’s won’t (can’t?) win the Cup. He does have a point, because Washington (unless someone else beats them) stands in the way. Last night’s win against the Caps notwithstanding, it was a lucky win: a deflection game-winner and the B’s were badly outshot. Montreal also can be a thorn; we certainly can’t say we ‘own’ them by any means. I’m hopeful we can get by the Canadiens and the Caps, because it’s very unlikely that we avoid both of them to get to the Finals…where Detroit or San Jose await. I’m encouraged by what I see in the Bruins, but I also see where Melrose is coming from. he has no axe to grind against Boston; he’s just being pragmatic.


  3. Wash and Montreal have a huge problem. It’s called goaltending. If the B’s can’t beat the Caps or Montreal why is Wash .500 on the road and Montreal keeps getting beat by Tampa and Florida….As for last nite’s game..I think the shots were 36-28….that’s not “badly outshot”. The Caps were also on the PP all game. Personally, I am not that impressed with the Caps. They should be better than they are and they have never won a playoffs series so they are hardly a solid favorite


  4. Im just saying media as a whole does this all the time so we shouldnt be surprised. Why you call one place out for doing it, when others do it all the time is my question. This makes the the Herald unprofessional? Kinda drastic, dont you think? Is Mort unprofessional? Is Cafardo unprofessional? Is every journalist in a rush to update their blog and not give credit where credit is due unprofessional? I think not.

    And for what it’s worth, I dont think this is all right at all. In fact, I think it’s one of the major problems modern-day media has. I was just surprised to see you call out the Herald at the top of your story when this stuff happens all the time and is so often overlooked.


  5. Its amazing that a fifth rate hack like Peter Gelzinis can draw a paycheck for almost a quarter century. One of the many benefits of a Wingo Square meltdown would be to vaporize this piece of shiit once and for all.


  6. Ordway could be the dumbest human being alive. He starts shouting over the co-host to avoid answering a question.


    1. Orday’s favorite carpet-bombing tactic: “Hold on, hold on, hold on!” That’s how he tries to silence all dissent.


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