2 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for BSMW on 2009-01-26

  1. The Ordway stuff regarding the Dallas girls’ basketball game was some of the most contrived, formulaic radio I have ever heard. It was too simple to conclude that a team should be ashamed of itself for blowing out a team 100-0 and still pressing, and stealing the ball in the fourth quarter, so Glenn kept creating straw man arguments about people saying these kids on the losing team were handicapped (I didn’t hear anyone say that, they had moderate learning disabilities and I never heard otherwise) and all this other nonsense about the coach of the winning team saying they did their best to show good sportsmanship. It was the most transparent form of ‘you take that side and I’ll take this side’ radio.

    At one point Lou Merloni finally asked Glenn if the winning team should be embarrassed for running up the score, and Glenn finally had to take a side, so he got off his high horse and simply said “yes”(and God knows he hates to have to take a side when the fence is much more to his liking), which was all anyone was asking from the very beginning. But then he went right back off on arrogant high horse, saying ‘these are varsity sports’ and ‘one school is not that much bigger than the other’, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, but that contrarian nonsense is now so old and trite, that it’s like listening to Lynard Skynard crank out Freebird just one more time. Enough already!

    I love the new and the writers blogs etc., but these stale old hosts like Ordway and Arnold are just junk-ball pitchers now, resorting to what used to pass for a serviceable fastball. They get these great ratings books and think they are on top of the world, but in reality they are just riding the wave of young talent like Bradford, Holley and Felger.


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