I woke Sunday morning to four inches of powder on the driveway. Make it six more down at the trout pond, where I cleared a patch of ice big enough to teach my son to skate, then needed to sit and watch him learn from the younger guys who just came with a snowblower. On Monday, I stepped out of the house and into an unexpected seven-inch topper but despite it all, Nature’s snowing this week was not as deep as the one laid down by Jason Varitek.

Tek went Donovan McNabb on the Nation and, given his considerable baseball acumen, it’s not working on me. By playing the ignorance card rather than folding to a bluff gone bad, he has tossed his street cred into the pot as ante for a losing hand. The Sox half of YFSF shares my skepticism – particularly considering the messenger – but Clearing The Bases would disagree, pinning Varitek’s sudden confusion squarely on Superagent Scott Boras’ chest. SportsCenter5 Overtime says this whole orchestration is with Boras. Red Sox Reality Check has Boras’ advice to opt out of arbitration costing Varitek big. Boston Dirt Dogs has some good movie pitches for the whole mess. Hot Stove Daily says Varitek better take what the Sox are offering.

Empowered by John Henry’s visit to Atlanta, 38 Pitches dug up some tangible evidence that allegedly supports Varitek’s intangibles, namely, his ability to call a good game. I can only hope that Schilling’s radio debut today will be better than this actuarial debut of his on Monday.

We’ll revisit the Sox in a bit but first, the winter teams get the stage.


Stanley Cup of Chowder is a settling into their new digs over at SB Nation with a zebra’s perspective of Monday’s controversial goal by the Blues’ David Backes. That goal left Wicked Bruins Fan waxing Dickensian as he chases away his birthday Blues.

Kathryn Tappen says an extra log on the fire during the upcoming All-Star break may be just the remedy for various B’s aches and pains. Pucks With Haggs dissects the All-Star skills competition, which will keep Zdeno Chara and Marc Savard from their seats by the fire. And what a difference a year makes says Boston Sports Blog, which is hearing whispers of a cup on the anniversary of a debacle in Montreal last year. Naoko Funayama regales us with her weekend in the Nation’s Capital, as the B’s found themselves in the midst of presidential inauguration festivites.

In the ‘When I Was A Kid’ department, doesn’t it seem like there were more B’s / C’s doubleheaders at the old Garden? Well, we got one on Monday, and Mazz‘s chronicle provides us a good seguey from ice to hardwood.


Loy’s Place has a collection of comments from the Heat side of last night’s C’s victory in Miami. CelticsBlog says the C’s will try again in Orlando tonight after coming up short in two previous statement games. Lex Nihil Novi is laboring hard trying to turn his buddy’s metallic butt into a metaphor for tonight’s game in Orlando. Celtics 17 talks with Marc J. Spears, who will tell you the C’s secret weapon and which team poses the biggest threat to Number 18.

On Red’s Army, Rick Barry uses a basketball to demonstrate the techniques that have made him the progenitor of 13 sons. BTW, he’s got a few pointers for LeBron as well.

Red Sox

Forget the snow because spring is coming. Extra Bases pumps us up on Truck Day and other spring training matters, while Red Sox Monster is circling Truck Day on the calendar. Amy Derjue needs Truck Day to pull her out of the snowbanks and close out her fugly winter. OT reminds us that pitchers and catchers report in 21 days, and Chad Finn hopes the Captain will swallow some pride because he’s still a better option than a Spalding 15275.

Keeping with the Dickens theme, Touching All The Bases looks at the best and worst of times in Red Sox history. One of the worst may well be the new Jacoby Ellsbury ballad that is debuting on Big League Stew.

Toeing The Rubber goes Fall Out Boy with Rocco Baldelli thanking Tampa Bay for the memories. Stew also offers a take on Baldelli’s single-handed effort to keep print media afloat and, in the spirit of inauguration week, asks our Subway Squawkers from the Apple to send a Yankee or Met to Washington. Makes even an elephant like me grateful for the way things turned out.

The Bradford Files has Jonathan Papelbon attaining another leg of his journey toward contract immortality. Even though Papelbon has been temporarily appeased, The Bottom Line offered a good pre-contract analysis of the closer market that will surely come into play if the Sox add more onto this one-year deal.

Fenway West quashes any Big Papi comparisons to Mo Vaugn by dropping the S Bomb on Hit Dog. And yesterday, the WGS Red Sox Blog contended that, with John Smoltz’s arrival, Schilling’s ego will have to take a back seat.


The Tom Brady interview sent shock waves throughout the Hub media community yesterday, in part because it was an infomercial for Myo-Med, in larger part because they were dissed. The Producers Blog offers Chach’s explanation of how he and WEEI got scooped by a city – make that country – that doesn’t even have an NFL team.

Patriots Daily is getting ready for spring by critiquing earlier Pats’ drafts. Where’s Trags? reports on Wednesday’s big Patriots score for WBZ-TV and TV-38, complete with a 2009 program guide.

A little late with today’s klogs, but the job thing kept popping up. We’ll be back a little earlier next week. Until then, e-mail me at bob02878@yahoo.com.


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  1. So WBZ is taking over “Patriots All Access”? I assume that means Burton will host? I’m predicting the show comes to a screeching halt during the “Bellistrator” segment. “Etch a Sketch…TV…WOW.”


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