Second week brings first tweak. Bloglinks are being delivered a little earlier. Apparently, the Evening Drive slot is not the same in blogging as it is in radio. Go figure.

It was a pretty busy week in all four major Hub pro team camps, but we’ve got to lead off with the hottest of them all.


I’m doing something lately that I’ve never done before. On game nights, I open up a Yahoo! Sports window and follow the Bruins’ play-by-play. Every five minutes, someone gets a shot on goal and I know about it as soon as it hits the goalie’s glove . . . well, at least by the next refresh. Come mid-third period, I’m heading down to the basement – the kids have Family Guy reruns on in the living room – to catch the NESN broadcast. I’m not big on hockey, but the Bruins have sure been fun. Hockey Orphan has the pros & cons of rooting for the B’s.

If it wasn’t clear before, the B’s now own Montreal after hitting that low-water mark last April when they lost their 13th straight. Stanley Cup of Chowder has reaction to Tuesday’s win over the Habs – the fifth in their last six tries – including the Stuart vs. Chipchura main event. Speaking of which, I can’t get enough of this hit Tim Thomas laid on Andrei Kostitsyn. Allright, moving on, Mazz is steep in his praise of Thomas for getting things done against the Canadiens with the glove . . . and the forearm. Pucks With Haggs says the B’s willingness to stick up for each other will help them survive this rash of injuries. And Rink Rap wants more red on the ice too, but its not the red you think.

Inside The Den reports on some returning troops for tonight’s game on Long Island. In NESN Bruins Blogs Kathryn Tappen is bullish on B’s wingmen.

Red Sox & Baseball

And Another Thing recounts the 15-year HoF ordeal of Jim Rice, which turned decidedly favorable in 2000 when he won over Bob Ryan. Boston Sports Blog takes BBWAA voters out to the woodshed for their many ballot vagaries. Mazz tries to sneak a glimpse inside the real Rice after his election on Monday. Brownie Points wants to do a little housekeeping with the numbers on the rightfield facade once #14 joins them. But The House That Dewey Built regrets that Rice’s induction will lower the bar for future nominees. And the Pin from Sox and Pinstripes is offended that Rice got into the Hall before the immortal Tim Raines, while his Sox partner is excited old 6-4-3 finally made it in at all. Sox & Dawgs gives us another look at Rice and Rickey Henderson working Letterman’s Top 10.

ShysterBall cautions us that John Smoltz is a one-and-done waiting to happen. That would be one game. Despite signing another ex-Brave, A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory still covets Tom Glavine. Dirt Dogs suggests Smoltz is in need of a little variety in the wardrobe department. One garment our animated buddy Doug from The Soxaholix does like is Smoltz’s cap. El Guapo’s Ghost sees an opportunity to get a Texas catcher in a Sox cap, courtesy of Michael Young’s recent malcontent. The Bottom Line considers other options for the Sox behind the plate. Fire Brand of the American League is all about keeping that young pitching for next year.

The Sox Fan half of YFSF is flexing his architectual muscle with a look at designs for the Sox’s new Sarasota training facility. Got beef? Kevin Youkilis does. Surviving Grady has more on the Greek God’s lunch. Projo Sox Blog has Mo Vaugn investing in the Lawrence community through his real estate development company.

38 Pitches, a/k/a Tampa Bay North, says the Rays’ Gabe Kapler signing will keep the A.L. East a three-team race. Over on Subway Squawkers, Met fan Jon is grateful for the Scott Boras door prize that is Alex Cora.


Are the C’s really turning things around? The three-game winning streak of late is refreshing but certainly inconclusive. CelticsBlog says that, with a few more scheduling free throws and layups, this team may yet catch the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Hey, you’ve gotta love this town’s hoop resilience.

In The Paint has all the game notes from last night’s 32-point walloping of the Nets. Paul Flannery wants to appoint a new backcourt king in the East. Well, Red’s Army says Rajon Rondo has a leg up on the crown, bettering Devin Harris last night.

Empty The Bench reminisces of those days before the C’s acquired Garnett and Allen – you know, back when the team was fun to watch. No I’m not making this up. Jessica Camerato has J.R. Giddens biding his time.

Patriots & Football

Where’s Trags? looks at Scott Pioli’s new digs and his first major decision concerning the fate of coach Herm Edwards. Mike Florio says Pioli can’t waste a Mulligan on Edwards. And, on ProFootballTalk, Florio suggests Pioli’s replacement, Nick Cesario, could end up in Cleveland. Notes From Lombardi heard the same thing back on Monday. Adam Shefter works the cap numbers fueling speculation that T.O. may be cut shortly by the Cowboys.

Also check out a Patriots Daily feature: Analyzing The Foxboro Carousel with our own Bruce Allen. Scott Benson and Greg Doyle also chime in.

We’ll close with a little fun. Try Standing Room Only‘s Boston salary quiz before you head home. Drive carefully and remember: keep clicking and we’ll keep klogging.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning when I fill in for Bruce. In the meantime, send any e-mails my way at


7 thoughts on “Week Log: Fire on Ice

  1. I know it’s You Tube – the absolute nadir of the internet as far as intelligence goes – but is there a whinier set of fans than Montreal fans? Cripes, you lose to the Bruins and the only thing you can offer is “Thomas suks(sic)” ?

    Wow! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to sympathize with Maple Leaf fans.


  2. Hi Mandb.
    As guys go, Youk is okay-looking. Felger might do him, but he’s not my type. But Billy Beane sure likes him. That’s where the Greek reference comes in. Beane reportedly referred to him as the Greek God of Walks in Moneyball.


    1. Hahahaha…I’ll bet Felger read this. Felger and all the other ‘mirror-loving’ sports media hacks can never stay away from on-line discussions involving them.


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