David Frank of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s news blog alerted me to a story this afternoon about a Cambridge man facing charges for making a series of obscene calls to WEEI last year, mostly in reference to the Dennis and Callahan radio show.

Jessica Heslam also has a report on the story, in which the suspect, David S. Banner, 57, made four threatening calls to the station allegedly wishing for Julie Kahn, Jason Wolfe and John Dennis to “die.”

An example from Heslam’s article:

“You and your Klu Klux Klan partner should talk sports you (expletive, expletive). And the next thing too Dennis, when you talk about somebody’s look, look in the (expletive) mirror you donut-eating mother (expletive, expletive) sucker. You and your (expletive, expletive) daughter, die you son of a (expletive).”

Boston.com also has a report.


23 thoughts on “Man Arrested For Making Threatening Calls to WEEI

  1. I can’t disassociate myself from this maniac quick enough: some people really need to find the off button on their radio.

    Others just need help.


  2. Wasn’t David Banner the name of The Hulk? I know he’s gone by Bruce as well, but Bill Bixby went by David. Either way, I guess D and C didn’t get him REALLY angry…


  3. interesting that they brought charges against the guy…..I figured this kind of stuff happened all the time. EEI covers such a big area you know they are going to attract alot of wack jobs… Maybe because he was making phone calls?.. You can’t tell me they don’t get alot of emails saying similar stuff…..(not from me…no really, NOT FROM ME!!)…..


  4. Free publicity for WEEI.

    The way I read the story is that the guy was hoping they’d all die. I don’t think he threatened to kill them.

    If a person tells me to “drop dead,” should I call the police?

    That being said, the guy is surely a nutjob.


  5. There ought to be a course at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting that focuses on this. Radio hosts–especially sports-related ones–are largely hated around these parts. My ‘Off’ button is called the iPod; ESPN podcasts of Mike & Mike and NFL Today deliver intelligent content sans commercials.


    1. They are hated so much that EEI’s ratings among Men 25-54 could choke a horse and are usually higher than the next two or three stations combined. (And don’t tell me they don’t have other choices, beyond the other stations, what about your blessed ipod?) For every angry poster there are 50 people who are entertained (my proportion may be off, but you get the point).


      1. For every 50 people entertained there are 50,000 that don’t give a crap about two wannabe shock jock has been djs that have shined on a pack of brain dead suits into thinking that they are worth more than a free car wash once a week complimented with donuts and coffee.

        Nothing says desperate like a defense from the cooked ratings book. Callahan and Dennis can have “Here lies a scumbag, the rotting, fetid bottom of the barrel of humanity. He was #1 with his target demo.”

        AM radio is deader than a doorknob, it’s only still there because every car still comes with a reciever and in case the grid goes down and people need to tune in.

        Good for Callahan and Dennis for making a hill of beans parading around their personalities like the open, festering, pussing, pealed back scab wounds that they are. Surely Gerry’s father would have done the same with his racist pontifications if there had been a market beyond the barrooms of Lowell.


  6. Though this caller might be a bit over the top, I do get the inference about the “Ku Klux Klan partner”. Among the many valuable things I have learned listening to D&C is that all Moslems
    are evil and that only black people can be racists.


  7. There’s nothing funny when an angry white guy brings Dennis’ family into his death wish.

    They did the right thing by arresting this nutcase.


  8. The funny thing is that this nut job seems all upset because D&C “don’t talk sports”….LMAO…hell, they offend me more when THEY DO TALK SPORTS….EXAMPLE: last year instead of focusing on the great season the Patriots were having, they spent most of the year crying about the Pats, “running up the score”…..I think they should talk more politics


    1. Exactly. I can’t wait for Callahan’s latest diatribe about how no one goes to the Beanpot when it sells out every year. Logic is not his friend.


  9. My first and only thought on this subject was I’m honestly surprised a story like this doesn’t appear in the papers once a month when it comes to D&C. I imagine they must offend quite a few people.


  10. They will all come out of the woodwork now . Hopefully D & C will be held captive in a cellar Dungeon and be forced to put the F***** lotion the basket !!!


  11. I still don’t get how DnC continue to kill Manny, 7 months after he left for “quitting on the team”, but when they wanted a new contract a few years ago they sat out for about a month. And they sat out in September, which you could say is the biggest month for sports talk.


  12. Callahan and Dennis have sat on their asses for however many years challenging callers and preening in the mirror while flexing their muscles as if they were two tough guys. They get a prank phone call and they run to the cops like the two whinging queens we’ve always know they were.

    Even more pathetic is that they probably did it to scrape up a few more pathetic listeners for the next ratings book.

    Imagine being married to, or god forbid the offspring of, these two hypocritical losers? How many free rounds of golf and Dunkin Donut lattes can satiate you so that you momentarily forget the wretched stench emanating from your clothes and coded in your DNA tells the world John Dennis and Gerry Callahan are related to you.

    Sure you get to tell your friends that your dad is a millionaire and you always get what you want for Christmas but that’s gotta wear off around the time you go to college.

    Then for the rest of your life you walk around content with the fact that your dad made his living slaving over a hot microphone everyday telling the world what a miserable s.o.b. he was attracting at the other end of the radio a cocktail of sadists, masochists, and sociopaths none of whom are smart enough to change the station never mind buy a mp3 player.

    This guy should set up a legal defense fund. I’ll throw in 20 bucks.


  13. Sam – I agree and I’ll contribute. Fact is most fairly intelligent people don’t listen to Rod and Todd Flanders anymore so they just got a dose of their actual listening audience.

    Like T.O. the airwaves will be a bit better when their act is over – but as one who stopped paying attention long ago, most of us won’t notice. Yawn.


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