Just some quick hits from this morning:

It’s report card day, and as you can imagine, there weren’t many bad grades to be seen on the Patriots side on Sunday. Here are the reports:

Michael Felger – The only “F” is for Favre.

Ron Borges – Randy Moss the only Patriots player relegated to the back of the class.

Eric McHugh – Straight “A’s”

Ian Clark – Defensive backs have the only “B” grade.

We still have to root for the Jets Sunday? Might as well keep up with the sniping and fun at TheJetsBlog and JetsLinks.com.

The Small White Ball blog has put together a pretty comprehensive list of the top 20 stories in Boston sports during 2008. Here are the lists:

Top Boston Sports Stories of 2008: #11-20

Top Boston Sports Stories of 2008: #1-10

A couple of shameless self-promotion items here, first is my monthly column in Patriots Football Weekly, (subscription required) where I talk with former Browns and Raiders excutive Mike Lombardi, who is now writing about football for The National Football Post.

Second, this week in the Boston Metro, I look back at those great Celtics team of the 80’s and choose my 5 Favorite Benchwarmers from that period. David Thirdkill anyone?

John Tomase does it again…in today’s article For Patriots, it’s up to Brett Favre again he includes this:

The 2002 team’s fatal flaw was an inability to stop the run following the loss of nose tackle Ted Washington in free agency.

Washington of course didn’t join the team until 2003 following a trade from the Bears, and was a big part of that season’s Super Bowl win.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Quicklinks

  1. how in the hell does Tomase keep his job?…is it because the newspaper industry is in such dire straights they don’t think they can replace him?….they could pick up a kid from any high school newspaper, they would do a better job….(and once again the editors at the Herald are on the ball)


  2. I agree with AOB,
    How does he still have a job??? And how is he still writing articles about the Patriots? He should be banned from Foxboro for life from all media outlets. The guy is a disgrace. He’s still making factorial mistakes AFTER the spygate debacle last year?! You’d think he’d be extra diligent about checking facts/grammar, etc after that whole mess. I hate seeing his smug face on Comcast Sports Tonight.


  3. Bruce:

    I’m terribly disappointed that you left Eric Fernsten off your benchwarmers list. How can you not love a 6’10 Jewish center???

    Also, he came to talk to my youth hoops league in 82 or so, and was a nice guy.


  4. I sent Tomase an email and I do admit it was sort of nasty. I might have even called him a few unsavory names. Anyway, here is the responce he sent me>>>>>>

    What I meant to say was that the inability to stop the run resulted in
    Washington’s acquisition. A regrettable, embarrassing mistake that we’re
    getting corrected as we speak.


    Considering what I wrote his responce was very cordial. Still no excuse though, with his rep he should double and triple check his facts.


  5. They finally corrected it…..now it reads>>>>>>

    “The 2002 team’s fatal flaw was an inability to stop the run, which resulted in the acquisition of Ted Washington following the season.”

    LMFAO!….yeah, I’m sure that’s what he meant to write all along…….(after he got flooded with emails and comments telling him he screwed up…AGAIN)….This just proves that in Tomase’s lust to give the Patriots a “shot” he talks (writes) out his ASS without checking anything.


      1. Conner Henry was a big-time favorite of mine too. I remember one game in 1986; the Celts were down by 3 with only seconds left on the clock. I wanted Henry to take the last shot. But Bird forced a last second brick and my image of Henry remained untarnished.


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