Things weren’t looking so good for the Patriots yesterday, their playoff hopes tottered as they trailed the lowly Seattle Seahawks for most of the afternoon. Old friend Deion Branch had burned them for a pair of touchdowns, having one of his most productive games since being traded from New England. Injuries continued to mount up, as Vince Wilfork and Tedy Bruschi left the game, unable to return.

Somehow, the Patriots found a way to claw back and take the lead with just under 3 minutes to go. Then, right after the two minute warning, Brandon Meriweather came on a safety blitz and separated Seattle QB Seneca Wallace from the football, and Richard Seymour recovered, to save the game, and possibly the season for New England.

Chris Warner recaps the action at Patriots Daily, while Chris Price lists out the 10 Things We Learned Yesterday.

Mark Farinella says that this is how it must’ve been in the final days of the dinosaurs.  I think Mark’s trying to be a little too clever. Christopher L. Gasper has this as one of those games that define a team. Karen Guregian has the Patriots not quite ready to give up the chase just yet. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Mike Reiss has old battleaxes Junior Seau and Rosevelt Colvin playing a much bigger role than expected yesterday. Michael Felger examines the keys to a gutsy win for the Patriots. John Tomase has the Patriots doing their part for the economy by creating plenty of jobs on defense. Rich Garven has the Patriots somehow staying in the hunt.

Dan Shaughnessy prefers this year’s exciting AFC East to last year’s series of boring blowouts. Bill Burt says that like Santa, Bill Belichick does his best work in December. Ron Borges has the Patriots teaching the Seahawks a lesson in perseverance. Garven has Brandon Meriweather coming up with the big play on defense to seal the game for the Patriots.

Gregory Lee Jr. has Wes Welker coming up with another big game. Sean McAdam says there was no keeping Welker down yesterday. Farinella has more on Welker’s big afternoon against the Seahawks. Jim Donaldson also writes about Welker.

Hector Longo says that the Patriots could run the table and still finish out of the playoffs.

Stephen A. Norris has a look at the big day from Branch against his former teammates.  Donaldson has Branch trying to warn his teammates yesterday. Also from that Donaldson column is this mess:

Branch was a holdout from training camp in New England in 2005, wanting the Patriots to tear up the final year of his original contract and give him a new deal. They didn’t. He wound up playing and leading the team in receptions, with 78, for 998 yards and 5 TDs.

But when he became a free agent in 2006, he signed with the Seahawks, who gave him a five-year contract worth $39 million.

This is just embarassing for someone who is supposed to be plugged into the Patriots. Does he not remember the trade to Seattle for the first round pick (which turned out to be Brandon Meriweather, who clinched the win for the Patriots with his sack of Wallace yesterday) after the “tampering” situation with the Jets? It was a pretty big deal at the time.

Longo also has his Two-Minute Drill recapping the day that was. Mike Petraglia gives his take. Tomase has the Best & Worst from yesterday. The Projo has more postgame analysis.

Gasper’s notebook has Stephen Gostkowski’s foot coming up big yesterday, but his hands needing some improvement. Farinella’s notebook has Lofa Tatupu talking about his former USC teammate, Matt Cassel. Guregian’s notebook says that it was just like old times for Seau and Colvin. Young’s notebook has more on the return of the veteran duo.


The Celtics improved to 20-2 on the season, matching the best start in franchise history. Frank Dell’Apa has the details of the 122-117 OT win in Indiana for Boston. Steve Bulpett has a big night from Ray Allen leading the way for the Celtics.

Bulpett has Big Baby Glen Davis not afraid to cry. Tim Weisberg has Rajon Rondo’s play speaking for itself. Bill Doyle has Kendrick Perkins not backing down from large challenges.

Dell’Apa’s notebook has more on the record start by the Celtics. Bulpett’s notebook has Jim O’Brien without regret about his exit from the Celtics.

Red Sox

Michael Silverman looks at whether the Red Sox will gamble in Vegas. Dan Lamothe looks at the stalled free agent period thus far. Alex Speier looks at the night that the catching market changed for the Red Sox. Silverman also has Jason Varitek rejecting arbitration. Nick Cafardo says Varitek will be receptive to offers from other teams. Joe McDonald has more on the Varitek situation.

Jon Couture has the Junichi Tazawa signing highlighting US/Japanese relations.


Joe Haggerty has Marc Savard as Boston’s best kept secret. Mike Loftus has the Bruins looking to extend their Garden winning streak. Kevin Paul Dupont has Manny Fernandez not interested in stats. Stephen Harris has the Bruins growth even impressing their own management.


11 thoughts on “Escape From Qwest

  1. Lets bring in a defenseman here…….we are still short I think 2 players for seriously challenging for “the cup”!! What is Chiarelli really made of…now we will see!! 🙂


  2. Ditto Gil and Gino. I had to be in the car and I almost broke the radio. No score for at least 5 minutes and no ability to identify the players. Then at one point, Gil starts in about how the Seahawks are -5 in takeaways but have not thrown many INT’s, only 6 and must really put the ball on the ground. A few beats later, he says “No wait, 6 is the number of fumbles. They’ve thrown 13 INTs.” He routinely screws up scoring history and stats. It is a train wreck.


  3. more mindless sportswriter speak from Shaughnessy and Dennis and Callahan are spouting the SAME CRAP….anybody who thinks this year is “more exciting” aren’t real fans and are COMPLETE IDIOTS….


    1. “Exciting” is the wrong word. “Exasperating” is the one I’d use. Yeah, the games are closer, but that’s basically because the defense is awful and the offense is hit or miss. They’re losing games they shouldn’t and being blown out like a Hugh Millen team. I can’t wait to see how they plan on fixing the secondary in the offseason.


      1. ‘Compelling’ and ‘nuanced’ are two words that haughty media types like to use, so they might be wise to go with those.


    2. Correct AOB. If “exciting” means yelling at the tv more because of inept play, then yes, this year is more exciting. I, for one, enjoyed last year’s weekly maulings. I guess that doesn’t make me a fan.


    3. Guy, I respect your comments on this board but you’re still listening to the Miserables in the Morning? I gave it up a long time ago and life is so much better.

      And no, last year was more exciting.


  4. Exactly Sam….just shows how out of touch some of these media blowhards are. I guess last years blowouts weren’t, “entertaining” enough for them. gee, I guess there is something wrong with me, I actually enjoyed watching the team I root for perform at a high level and beat the crap out of the other teams…..go figure


  5. Wow, Can I have Jim Donaldson’s job? Why does he get to write about the Patriots when the average sports fan has more knowledge than him? I also routinely hear that on the radio: guys at WEEI can’t remember a specific game, year, player, etc when I’m screaming the answer (and it’s not like I’m some superfan either)


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