David Scott reports that Ron Borges has been hired by the Herald as a full time columnist, and will be leaving WEEI.com after just a month on the job.

The Red Sox clinched their fifth postseason appearance in six years last night with their 5-4 win over the Cleveland Indians and 22 game winner Cliff Lee. The Red Sox celebrated after the game, prompting some, like Dan Kennedy, to comment that celebrating a wild card berth seems “a little cheesy.” I actually agree with the take from the NESN crew during the celebration, which was that it is so hard just to make it to the postseason in baseball, that it is certainly an accomplishment worth a little celebration, especially with all that this team has been through this season.

Garry Brown has the Red Sox getting back to the playoffs the hard way. Paul Kenyon says that in some ways, it was more of the same at Fenway Park, while in other ways it was totally different. Adam Kilgore has another celebration of Korbel and Bud Light taking place in the Red Sox clubhouse. John Tomase says that these Red Sox have come a long way since the trade of Manny Ramirez. Joe Haggerty has the Red Sox finally able to look forward to the postseason. Paul Doyle has last night as another annual rite for the Red Sox. Paul Jarvey understands why the Red Sox celebrated last night.

Mike Fine says that these Red Sox earned the right to celebrate. After acknowledging the accomplishment of making the postseason and how difficult and rare it is, Dan Shaughnessy finds “these early-accomplishment celebrations a little overdone.” Rich Thompson says that even though the Sox celebrated last night, they are resolved to stay focused going forward. Bob Stern says that Octoberfest is once again on the schedule for the Red Sox.

Alex Speier says that the Red Sox title hopes could rest with Kevin Youkilis. Joe McDonald says that Terry Francona has gotten better as the years have gone by. Vega notes that for some members of the Red Sox, this is a new high. I’m pretty sure that down at the Providence Journal, Jim Donaldson and Bill Reynolds have a little contest going on between them to see who can be the grumpier old man. The stuff those two have turned out in recent months has been unbelievable. This morning Donaldson, not content to grouse about one Boston team, takes on both the Red Sox and Patriots in one fell swoop.

Michael Vega and Steve Buckley look at the Red Sox announcement that they will retire Johnny Pesky’s number 6 at a ceremony this Friday night. Even though Sarah Green likes the Red Sox strict requirements for retired numbers, she’s glad they made an exception for Pesky. Rich Thompson says that Pesky’s contributions to the Red Sox are simply too great to overlook. Kevin McNamara has Pesky finally joining his dear friends Ted Williams and Bobby Doerr in immortality in the right-field corner at Fenway Park. Doyle looks at the 57-year association between Pesky and the Red Sox. Jarvey notes that Pesky was “flabbergasted” at the news.

Kevin Gray has a look at the trendy Phiten necklaces being worn by many major leaguers. Bill Burt has impossible dream manager Dick Williams seeing similarities between his 1967 Red Sox and the 2008 Tampa Rays. Speier looks at former teammates Bay, Sizemore reunited in this series.

Kilgore’s notebook says that now that the Sox are in the playoffs, they may pull back on their efforts to win the division. Tomase’s notebook has Mike Lowell vowing to play in the postseason. The Projo notebook has David Ortiz in fine form during the celebration last night. Doyle’s notebook says that struggling Jed Lowrie is likely to get some rest this week. Jarvey’s notebook also looks at the Sox plans for the rookie shortstop.


Over at Patriots Daily, Dan Snapp wonders if this is a good bye for the Patriots or goodbye. If you missed it yesterday, be sure to also check out Tyler Carter and his analysis of the Dolphins’ “wildcat strikes” on Sunday.

Mike Reiss talks to six NFL experts about the state of the Patriots heading into the bye week. Karen Guregian talks to Solomon Wilcots, who called the Dolphins/Patriots game on Sunday about the effort of Randy Moss. Wilcots had called out Moss on one play, but feels that overall, Moss was “into” the game. Christopher Price says that if the Patriots need to make some changes, they’ve got plenty of time to do it. Lenny Megliola says that suddenly the upcoming game against the 49ers has become a critical one for the Patriots.

Bill Burt says that the Patriots Players, not Bill Belichick should be under the microscope this season. Tomase says that the Patriots expect to see gadget plays again this season.


Mike Loftus has a look at the competition for spots on the Bruins blue line. Stephen Harris has Shawn Thornton getting his punches in early this season. Fluto Shinzawa has Milan Lucic hoping to be a top-six forward for the Bruins this season. Harris’ notebook has Matt Lashoff hoping that this is his year.


12 thoughts on “Another Party At Fenway

    1. LOL…my thoughts exactly. I guess when your whole cabal develops a hatred for the Internet, you start believing what people like Jay Mariotti and Woody Paige have to say while ignoring the whole bloody world around you. When (not if) the Herald ceases to exist, will Borges grovel back to the ‘evil’ world of the Internet in search of employment. Every door he knocks on should be slammed back in his face with a loud, ‘We’ve seen this movie before.’


  1. Jim Donaldson was the first writer I ever gave permanent ban status to- not for negativity/grumpiness, but for his grating, hacky writing style, where he starts 80% of his columns with a long string of bad, uncreative, banal metaphors for the given topic he is writing about. I think I realized how bad he was at around the age of 7.


  2. I thought Borges was always going on about character, being a standup guy and sticking to your word? Must only apply to people he doesn’t like.


  3. “Hi, I’m Ron Borges. You may know me from such memorable columns as ‘Bill Belichick: Why Won’t Satan Wear a Headset?’ and ‘Bill Belichick: He Lied To Drew Bledsoe As He Lay Near Death.’ Great news! I’ve just signed on to fill one of the coveted spots on the Boston Herald’s sports staff. The scrappy tabloid’s ever-shrinking readership and rocky financial outlook are the perfect fit for my street fighter style. I’ll be shooting from the lip, turning over the rocks, and telling it like it is. I’ll try not to tell it like someone else said it is, which got me into some trouble over at that other paper. Ongoing litigation prevents me from talking about that issue, but let me say that it was a totally trumped up charge and the truth on it will come out someday!!!”


  4. Failed Blogger Joins Herald

    “Ron Borges, whose ‘Back & Forth’ blog lay dormant for more than three months, has joined the Herald.”

    In other news:
    Henry Ford traded his fleet of Model T’s for a stable of horses, Bill Gates announced that he will only communicate by semaphore, Bill James revealed a secret plan to turn the Red Sox into the sacrifice-buntingest, small-balliest, Ecksteinorrifickest team in baseball.

    New Herald colleague Steve Buckley rejoiced, saying that having a “familiar face like Ronnie give me the same feeling as old-tyme woolen baseball uniforms do what they rub against my skin.”


  5. The Borges move to the Herald makes a lot of sense. The tabloid atmposphere of Herald is where he probably should have been all along. Its kind of like when A-Rod went to the Yankees- it made complete sense that the greediest player went to the most gluttonuous franchise. In both cases, the employer and employee are very deserving of one another.


  6. Attitude-wise, Andrew is probably right. But I wonder about the skill-fit. The Globe gave Borges lots of inches to fill. And Borges could fill it with generally interesting stuff (when he wasn’t settling personal scores.) At the Herald, he’ll never have the space he got on Sundays or even in his analysis pieces during the week.


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