With the recent sacking of the Mustard and Johnson Saturday morning program, Entercom has now announced their new schedule for the weekends:

Beginning Sunday, September 7th, Michael Felger takes over as host of NFL Sunday, the pre-eminent Patriots football pre-game show, from 9:00am to noon. Felger will be joined by two regular contributors to the program, New England Patriots Hall of Fame Linebacker Steve Nelson and Paul Perrillo, Senior Writer for New England Patriots Football Weekly. Tom Curran of NBC Sports.com will also call in every week to provide a national perspective on each week’s games. NFL Sunday will provide listeners with the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the Patriots as they prepare for their upcoming opponents.

After the game, it’s The Real Post Game Show with Big Show Flash Anchor Pete Sheppard, and two of the most respected and well versed former Patriots in town — Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie. The program airs immediately after every Patriots game, and will give listeners their first chance to discuss, break down and analyze the outcome. The Real Post Game Show airs from 4pm to 7:30pm, leading into the network’s coverage of Sunday Night Football.

On Saturday, WEEI is proud to announce the addition of The WEEI.com Radio Show. The new show will kick off this Saturday, September 6th at 9am, and will be co-hosted by WEEI.com editor Rob Bradford and Mike Mutnansky. Mutnansky has been a weekend contributor to WEEI in recent months and also hosts an afternoon drive show on WGAM 900 AM in Nashua NH. Bradford, of course, most recently wrote for the Boston Herald and is the author of two books, “Chasing Steinbrenner” and “Deep Drive”. In addition to covering the major sports stories of the day, the TheWEEI.com Radio Show will highlight the newly-created content on WEEI.com. Each of the regular contributors to the web site — Ron Borges, Will Leitch, Mike Petraglia, Alex Speier, Jeff Goodman and others — will appear on the show on a rotating basis.

It also appears we haven’t seen the last of “Yankees Talk”; regarding Mustard and Johnson, Jason Wolfe offered the following statement: “Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson have done a spectacular job on their Saturday morning shift, and I want to thank them very much for all they have contributed to the success of WEEI. They are certainly going to continue to be a part of our lineup in the weeks and months ahead, and we are also speaking with them about new and specific roles with WEEI.com. I am very excited to continue to work with both of them.”

From the announcement, it would appear that the Baseball show with Mike Adams, Sean McAdam and Steve Buckley is done for the season, it would stand to reason that some form of the show will return at some point, either for the postseason should the Red Sox make it, or next spring after the Patriots season concludes.

The cleverly named The WEEI.com Radio Show is clearly an effort to promote and integrate the new web site into the listenership. In monitoring the RSS feed of the blog postings from the site, the content has been steady, though not spectacular at this point. It will be interesting to see how things continue to develop with this experiment, and what tone it takes…will there be more reporting and digging up of facts, or will there be bombastic opinion similiar to what you can hear simply by turning the radio station on?

In an unrelated/related story, I’ve also been looking forward to the promised changes at Boston.com, as both Tony Massarotti and Chad Finn have assumed their new roles by now. I’ve haven’t seen anything of note yet, but will continue to monitor…


34 thoughts on “Entercom Announces New WEEI Weekend Lineup

  1. Ratings won’t move a notch in either direction. Testimony to ‘EEI’s unique strength that anyone cares who they stick on the weekend (or weekday evening) shift. Vast wastelands for sports talkers nationally except the handful of weekends when Mike or Mad Dog would do a weekend morning shift.

  2. I think the Baseball Show is moving to the during-the-game slot on Sunday. They discussed the show moving to Sunday on this Saturday’s broadcast.

    1. Are you sure you don’t mean that the other way around? The Baseball show did air on Sunday mornings.

      I assume that with the Sox playing night games the next two Saturdays that EEI might put the Baseball show on at 4:00 and use it as a pregame show, which is the way it was utilized on Sunday mornings.

      1. I thought it was Saturday, and I thought it was Buckley, and the Baseball Show was definitely being referenced. But I could be wrong. I have been known to be wrong….

  3. In Chad’s blog on Saturday he said that he would start regularly posting things today. He also said what those things would be.

    1. I know content-wise what Chad is planning on doing…I was wondering more about layout/design changes to the Boston.com/sports page.

    1. Looks that way, at least for the Sunday morning pregame show. Might do some 5th quarter/Sports Final stuff, but EEI.com apparently takes first priority.

      Also looks like Zolak is off Ch. 4 as he’ll now be working the Sunday night SportsCenter 5 with Mike Lynch. I can’t imagine he’d split his day between two Boston TV stations, doesn’t typically work that way.

      As of now it looks like only DeOssie and Reiss are definites on Ch. 4’s pre and postgame Pats coverage.

  4. Smerlas and DeOssie are “two of the most respected and well versed former Patriots in town?”

    Whatever town that is must have high levels of lead and mercury in the drinking water.

    1. Those two should not be on the air together – EVER! I listened for a few minutes yesterday. Poor Buckley had the assignment of keeping them in line. What a train wreck that was!

  5. The NFL show was once the best thing on that station.

    Alas, with Felger driving “story lines” into the ground – i’ll be off to ESPN Radio on Sunday Mornings.

    Meanwhile, Larry and Craig will now be hosting the coveted Friday night overnight shift currently occupied by the ColonBlow infomercial hosted by the guy who stole Filmmaker John Waters moustache.

    1. Are you serious? That show was hosted most of the year by that ultimate dufus Butch Stearns. That clown needs to be kept as far away from a microphone, camera or PC as possible.

  6. Good riddence to Mustard and Johnson’s unlistenable show. I can tune in on Saturdays again. Now, WEEI should get rid of the two meatheads, DeOssie and Smerlas.

    Chad Finn is a must-read and I look forward to more frequent posts from him.

  7. How did Wolfe conjure up the words ‘spectacular job’ to describe the now-jettisoned M&J? Talk about a little hyperbole. Also, is there a list of WEEI station affiliates so that if you live west of, oh, say, the Weston toll plaza, you can tune elsewhere to continue listening? Once the sun sets, so does WEEI’s impotent signal.

    1. You need a better radio. My car gets EEI no problem well past 495 on the Pike. Then you can get it on 103.7 for a while. It gets a little dicey in the Worcester area, but 1440 sorta works, then it is sketchy until you get near Hartford and can pick up 105.5 for a while. I haven’t gone north since the Maine stations came on line, so I have no idea what that is like.

  8. If Napolean Wolfe really wants a football show he puts Felger, Borges, Perillo and Sheppard on at the same time.

    Just listening to Borges, Felger and Sheppard argue with each other would be worth tuning in.

  9. Buckley must have no self esteem to work with those two bozos. They have repeatedly made snide insinuations about him on the Big Show, getting The Fraud to chuckle while telling them to stop.

    1. …oh please, Rick Mc…you wrote: “They have repeatedly made snide insinuations about him on the Big Show”…..do you really take that stuff seriously?…do you think it’s all real?…..WEEI has really been playing up the “feuding hosts” angle for the last year or so…..D&C hates Big Show guys…Baseball guys hate football guys….Dale hates Meter..etc..etc.. It’s all a big act,and they are laughing all the way to the bank

      1. When a co-host embarrasses his partner by citing facts and showing that he is objectively wrong as well as being ill prepared, there is no “manufactured feud.” When DeOssie and Smerlas do everything but say outright “Buckley is a ###”, there is no “manufactured feud”, unless you want to believe that Buckley allows himself to be called the most personal and insulting epithets.

        I find it interesting that some of the most vehement attackers of WEEI fall into the same patterns that they accuse the station of. They claim that the station manufactures controversy and go by a script. Nothing is genuine and this is the lazy way out. It is a simple narrative for these attackers and they never have to change it. Just reflexively blast anything WEEI.

        I liked listening to Felger last week and the F&S soundbite was something I heard flipping through the dials. But in general, I don’t like WEEI. But to reduce everything down to “It’s all a manufactured feud” is as simple minded as most of the talk you hear from the station.

        1. well, they certainly don’t take too seriously, because about 2 days after Smerlas and Deossie said those “nasty things” about Buckley, all 3 of them were on the BIG SHOW together and they were yucking it up and acting like best buddies…..either Buckley has no pride at all or it’s a a big act….I’ll go with ACT

        2. If the ‘snide insinuations’ are what I think they are then the yukking it up is an attempt to keep a good front and bury what had been previously said so listeners will forget they ever heard it in the first place.

          I can only speculate on all this because Rick has not spelled out what the insinuations are and I did not actually hear them said on the air.

        3. Steve and Fred insinuated that Buckley was yag and they did it in a very crude, disgusting manner.

          Yet it was all a manufactured feud dreamed up by Entercom executives. And Buckley accepts deep personal insults because it is all a big script. At least according to AOB.

  10. Rick Mc – You are absolutely correct. I had the exact same thought yesterday listening to the Big Show (which was, pretty much, unlistenable with the 2 dopes on with Buckley.

  11. DeOssie is the more coherent of the two. Smerlas does make good points, but it’s buried beneath aggressive self promotion, inane banter, his utterly unprofessional habit of stepping on the other hosts and Callahan level political idiocy. The fact that he can probable kill a man with his pinky finger is probably the only reason he’s on the air. The two of them should not be allowed in the same building together.

    1. Mutnansky’s first name is Mike, so why not simply go with Mike and the Brad-dog?

      Agree with ya on the Stearns/Felger swap Sunday mornings, AOB. It’s even quasi-possible that with Nelson, Perrillo and Curran surrounding Felger he’ll stay on topic and keep the show moving along…dare I say it could be an entertaining pregame? It’ll at least be a better alternative to the BCN team of Tanguay/Gresh/Borges/et al.

  12. …Felger can be annoying as hell, but he’ll still be a much better host for the Football Show compared to Butch Sterns, even though it was the FOOTBALL show you could tell Sterns was dying to talk about the Red Sox……BUH-BYE Sterns…..BUH-BYE

  13. This best news is the departure of Red Sox Baseball show. However, in prior years Baseball show was pushed to Sat. to make room for football show. Buckley is such a boor. I especially can not stand this seasons alternation of Buckley and McAdams. It seems Buckley gets more than his fair share of turns. McAdams provides tons more analysis of current events compared to Buckley’s stories of crap that happen decades ago.

    1. I’m almost willing to bet that McAdam opting for less than half of the Sunday morning baseball shows with Adams was his choice, despite passing up on some easy pay.

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