Starting tonight, the Red Sox and Yankees will play their last series inside this version of Yankee Stadium. Amalie Benjamin points out that there is plenty of Red Sox history inside of Yankee Stadium, and talks to a few players about their first trip to the venue. Jeff Horrigan has a similar piece this morning as well. Joe McDonald says that the series will bring out some nostalgic feelings in a few members of the Red Sox. Dom Amore has a look at more of the memories between the two clubs in The Stadium. Bill Ballou has a few of his own memories in Yankee Stadium to share. Jon Couture says that the Red Sox need to forget nostalgia or the rivalry this week and just get the wins.

Tony Massarotti says that Terry Francona has shown that he does things the right way, even if it might mean a loss for his team. Dan Hickling has Clay Buchholz making it through seven innings without giving up a walk for AA Portland. Garry Brown says that the Yankees need to sweep the Red Sox this week in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. Brown also checked out the Neil Diamond show at Fenway.

Benjamin’s notebook says that Jason Bay’s knees haven’t been a problem this year, as evidenced by his stolen base total. Horrigan’s notebook has the Sox considering the DL for J.D. Drew. McDonald’s notebook has a few more injury updates.


On Patriots Daily, Tyler Carter has a new edition of The Turning Point.

Mike Reiss has the Patriots experimenting with a new version of the nickel defense, which features new safety John Lynch lining up with the linebackers. (Didn’t they try the “big nickel” a few years back when Lawyer Milloy and Tebucky Jones were the safeties and the club had signed Victor Green in the offseason?) David Brown gives us a deeper look at Matt Gutierrez, who impressed in his time against the Eagles. Robert Lee has Ray Ventrone impressing the Patriots with his ability and willingness to play in all three phases of the game. Douglas Flynn looks at Victor Hobson’s chances of making the club.

Citing Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Guregian says Tom Brady has a deep bone bruise, but will be ready for the season opener. Glen Farley says that Brady was still a little vague about his availability. Karen Guregian has Chad Jackson showing some spark as of late, but still proving to be a mystery overall. Mark Farinella has Jackson acknowledging that Thursday night could be his last shot with the Patriots.

Christopher Price has the Turk on the prowl this week in Foxboro. Rich Garven looks at a short week of major decisions for the Patriots. Farley says that Thursday night will be the last chance for many players on the roster. Bob Halloran says that Patriots fans must cling to their faith this preseason.

Reiss’ notebook has Brady expecting to be ready for the opener. Guregian’s notebook has local guy Mike Flynn doing his best to make the Patriots roster this week. Brown’s notebook has more on Ventrone, who is out to make the roster any way he can. Lee’s notebook says that things have been so far so good for Jerod Mayo in preseason. Flynn’s notebook has more on Jackson trying to make the most of this last opportunity. Garven’s notebook has Bill Belichick throwing a little praise at his rookie class.


5 thoughts on “Sox Saying Their Farewells To The Stadium This Week

  1. Of course, ‘Mort’ also reported yesterday that Kurt Warner was named the starter in AZ, which was news to Whisenhunt, apparently.

    Nobody gets away with more bogus stuff than ‘Mort’.


  2. Sounds different from the Big Nickel because of the 4 linemen.

    Possibly a way to keep the defensive headset in use despite personel changes on 3rd down.

    And they’re kind of blocking the middle and forcing things outside. The middle of the field has been a problem for the Pats for a couple of years now. And with the 4 Dlinemen they have more of a chance controlling plays forced to the outside.


  3. Good Ol’ Mortimer Spice. We are actually to believe that someone in the Patriots organization gave injury info to someone from ESPN? Right..


    1. No, these were Mort’s legendary ‘league sources’, the same ones that told him Mike Vick wouldn’t do any time, Eli Manning would be out for the season, Nick Saban was staying in Miami, and so on, and so on, and so on.

      He’s a bigger joke than Peter King, and that’s saying something.


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