We’ll know by the end of the workday today whether Manny Ramirez will be with the Red Sox for the rest of the season, or if his act will be taken elsewhere.

Sean McAdam has been in front of the rumored three way deal with the Marlins and Pirates and makes his report on the situation this morning. Gordon Edes looks at the Marlins interest in Ramirez, and how the situation with the slugging outfielder has reached a boiling point. Jon Couture has Red Sox nation once again awaiting word on Manny. Tony Massarotti has Ramirez letting all know how miserable he is and how he feels the Red Sox don’t deserve him as a player. Rob Bradford says that the Red Sox are at a crossroads right now.

Mike Fine has the Red Sox working hard to find a new home for Manny before today’s deadline. Alex Speier looks at the all-around stress that the trade deadline brings to clubs. Massarotti says that there are still plenty of snags in the potential Marlins/Pirates/Red Sox deal. Brendan McGair looks at how the trade deadline even has an impact on the minor leaguers.

Steven Krasner has the Red Sox once again missing on all cylinders last night as the Angels finished up a Fenway sweep. Mike Anthony has the Angels finishing off a three game sweep of the lackluster Red Sox last night at Fenway. Edes has the Sox on the search for answers after another dreadful performance at Fenway. Ron Chimelis has the Sox falling three games behind the Rays in the AL East with the loss. Phil O’Neill says that the Angels have made a statement with their eight straight wins against the Red Sox.

Michael Silverman has the Sox holding a team meeting after perhaps their worst performance of the season last night. Michael Vega has Josh Beckett taking his share of the blame for the loss last night. Massarotti has Beckett unable to rescue the Sox from themselves last night. Bradford has David Ortiz weighing in on what the Red Sox need right now.

Bill Burt says that these Angels are a lot like the 2007 Red Sox. Vega has Mark Teixeira happy to joining the high-flying Angels. Kevin McNamara has the Angels making Teixeira feel welcome immediately.

Anthony’s notebook has Manny all for a trade to the Marlins. Edes’ notebook has Coco Crisp hitting his first Fenway homer of the season, and has Alex Cora showing skepticism over the ESPNDeportes rendition of Manny’s quotes. Silverman’s notebook has the Sox still in search of bullpen help. Couture’s notebook has the Sox searching for consistency from the guys that are already in the bullpen. Krasner’s notebook has more on Beckett’s poor outing. O’Neill’s notebook has more on the trade possibilities.


Christopher L. Gasper says that the fires are still burning within Rodney Harrison. Karen Guregian has the veteran safety making his presence felt in his first practice off the PUP list. Bud Barth has more on Harrison, who is getting ready for his 15th NFL season. Robert Lee notes that Harrison has lost none of his passion for the game after all of these years.

Mark Farinella has Victor Hobson learning the Patriot way. Glen Farley has Kelley Washington hoping to land a role with the offense this season in addition to his special-teams duties. Baxter Holmes has punter Chris Hanson a lonely man in camp, with no competition for his job. Steve Buckley has Robert Kraft offering a few thoughts on his team.

MARK FARINELLA has Andre Tippett ready for his enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. John Tomase has more on the Patriots’ send-off for Tippett heading into his big weekend. Douglas Flynn has Tippett recognized as a revolutionary linebacker. Shalise Manza Young has more on the send off for Tippett, who was someone that Bill Belichick had his linebackers, including Lawrence Taylor, watch film of.

Gasper’s notebook has more on the team sending Tippett off to Canton in style. Farinella’s notebook looks at Tippett’s use of martial arts as a training method for his playing career. Guregian’s notebook has Tom Brady getting yesterday off from practice. Barth’s notebook has the Patriots getting ready for their first preseason game, a week from tonight. The Projo notebook has Kraft optimistic about his team’s chances.

On a media note, Patriots Football Weekly  writer Tom Casale appeared determined to burn all bridges on his way out of Gillette, as he posted a screed on the message board of his new employer, an online sports handicapper, with several allegations and insinuations about members of the Patriots. A couple of the items have been removed from the original item. In a follow up comment on the site, Casale told a poster that the reader should hope Casale doesn’t go to “Arlin Spector,” with what he knows, warning “You don’t want to open up that can of worms.”

The entire episode left Casale looking rather unhinged, and may do damage to his former colleagues at PFW. Way to leave with class, Tom.

See also: Things That Make You Sad To Be A Fan by Scott Benson over at Patriots Daily.


13 thoughts on “Bye Bye Manny?

  1. Awful Announcing has picked up on this story and it will be interesting to see how far this goes. If it weren’t for the Manny situation I think this would be beaten to death.

    I love how Casale prefaces his hatchet job with this line…

    “Before I give out that info, I want to make it clear that nobody in that organization did wrong by me. Bill Belichick never yelled at me and the players were more than accommodating 99 percent of the time. I have no axes to grind with anyone.”

    Then he unloads on everyone from Bruschi to Belichick sex tapes…

    Then the media in this town wonder why they are so vilified.


  2. Won’t be too long until this makes national headlines… What, is this guy trying to make a name for himself?


    1. No one has said anything thus far. Just AA. If Casale was looking to make a “big splash” with this he should’ve held up until at least next week, because Patriot bashing is an all time hobby of the mainstream media.

      Bruce laid out all the “storylines” for this preseason and if this is true and gets picked up it could demolish all of those.

      Interesting to see if Michael Holley makes a comment considering Bruschi took a majority of the shrapnel from Casale’s bomb.


  3. Is this the same Tom Casale who last year posted comments on some football message board under an alias username and then later confessed who he was after he got called out by another board member? Are we supposed to take this guy at face value?

    Since I currently can’t access the AA site, what exactly does Casale say about Bruschi and the Pats?


    1. This is exactly the same guy…

      He basically says that Bruschi is not the guy that the fans think he is. Also TB is disliked by all of his teammates.

      The best stuff comes from the posts in the “Comments” of the piece. An unnamed PFW writer bombs back with this comment…

      “This is, indeed, Tom Casale. I worked with him [Casale] for 2 years and he was universally disliked around the office. We all wondered from the very start what Fred saw in him and why he was given such a long rope after his indiscretions online. The patsfans ordeal was surreal. He used multiple aliases to, among other things, denigrate his colleagues that he worked closest with. Btw, I have alot more bullets in the gun. I haven’t even mentioned the events surrounding his dismissal. It’s very embarrassing. You can probably imagine when you consider how much they put up with him prior to firing him. — posted by PFW Insider on 07/30/2008 1:10 PM”

      Scott Benson on Patriots Daily does a great job explaining who Casale really is.


  4. Casale is a pathetic human being and I felt that way after his patsfans.com incident. This just solidifies it. Not only does he burn the team but his former coworkers as well. A sad, pathetic, lowlife.


  5. Who the Hell is Scott Benson and why do the Patriot’s allow him to use any official Patriot images on his site?

    I thought that was a team site but after that post I realize how wrong I was.


    1. Ed,

      May I suggest using an obscure on-line tool known as “Google” and if you’re naive enough to be confused by an obvious fan site that makes no claim to be official then maybe you’ll want to consider supporting another team. Just a guess but I’m betting the “Big” in your handle isn’t about IQ.


    2. Ed, if you’ve got a question for me, write me an e-mail and don’t come running to this site. The address is right at the top of the post. And by the way, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?


  6. Scott,
    I’m not anybody and I’m not looking for an argument I was just asking who ran that site. I’m not a blog-savvy techie just a fan of this site and I visit yours on a semi-rgular basis and I thought that you were an official site…I apologize for the confusion and didn’t mean to stir anything up.

    My point about the images (logo and SB rings…) is because with the restrictions these days on copyrights and trademarks for professional teams I was under the impression you were affiliated with the organization and/or needed permission to use them. No disrespect intended.

    And Lance…lighten up.


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