Our good friends over at Pink Hat Hell have dared to take on the head of the fanatical wing of Red Sox Nation known as Boston Dirt Dogs, Steve Silva himself after the latest dispatched from Red Sox Nation.

Watch your inbox, guys.

I wonder which mindroastingly annoying situation will be resolved/go away first, the latest Manny Ramirez saga, or Brett Favre’s return to the NFL?

You couldn’t have two more dynamically opposite athletes than those two, and yet in their own ways, they’ve held the sports pages, websites and airwaves captive for the better part of a week now.

Here’s something that I’m having a hard time getting past. Manny switched agents over the winter, and is now represented by Scott Boras. While known as a nightmare to negotiate with, Boras has had a reasonably good relationship with the Red sox front office, as their roster is littered with players from his stable. So why have we not heard about efforts on his part to broker peace between the two parties?

Since Boras did not negotiate Manny’s original contract with the Red Sox, (Jeff Moorad did -who can forget the ESPN “behind the scenes” clips of Dan Duquette’s negotiations with Moorad?) he does not get anything out of this contract, and will get nothing if the Red Sox pick up either of the option years.

It is in Boras’ best interest to see that Manny gets free of the Red Sox and becomes a free agent. It’s the only way he can make money on a Manny Ramirez baseball contract.

Following the All Star break at the outset of the Red Sox West coast road trip, It was reported that Manny met with Boras in California. Just a couple of days later, Manny asked out of the lineup, triggering this latest insane media fracus around the slugger.

Is there any connection between the two events? I’d like to think not, but as coincidences go, this one is pretty tough to ignore.

5 thoughts on “Smelling A Rat

  1. Dear Bruce: Don’t you find it strange and hilarious that Manny has Red Sox management in a tizzy because he called in sick for a couple days while Favre has Packer management in an outright panic by threatening to show up for work?


  2. It’s in the best interest for Manny to produce the rest of the season. If he bails, not much money for Scott Boros. Manny is a spoiled brat. Adios.


    1. Yes, he’ll produce enough to get a big contract, but also make himself enough of a pain to ensure that the Red Sox will wash their hands of him. That’s the program here.


  3. A one year deal is not a good deal for Manny. Its in his interest regardless of Boras’s position to get a multiyear deal from Sox or someone else. He showed up on his best behavior looking for a multiyear deal. When it became obvious it would be either one or none, Manny started acting out to get the none.


  4. Bruce,
    Kudos to you for pointing out the obvious “coincidence” in timing vis-a-vis the Boras meeting and Manny’s acting out. I distinctly remember being impressed at the beginning of the season with Manny’s hot start but even more so with his frequent light-hearted sessions with the media. He was looking forward to the end of his contract so he could re-sign long term, presumably as advised by Boras. Why did that change? Because Boras finally figured out that Theo et al weren’t going to do anything more than pick up the one year option.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all.


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