A lightning strike yesterday on a line outside my house has left the internet and phone service fried. What’s up with this weather, anyway?

In lieu of the morning links, I send you over to David Scott who has a look at the local coverage of the first day of Patriots training camp.

One last thing…I just don’t even have the words for this:

Mayor Butch Stearns


22 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes Out Links

  1. I’m was born, raised, and still live in Braintree, and I can tell you that Buth Stearns never somes up in any type of conversation in any way. The “mayor of Braintree” is purely self proclaimed.

  2. “Hey Maria, who’s better at looking like a clown than me?”
    By the way Butch, training camp has started, where’s Ty? DISAPPROVE!

  3. Well, no one can say Butchie takes himself too seriously. I can usually take or leave Butch… but I give him credit. I wish most of the media-types in this market would lighten up.

  4. Whether or not he doesn’t “take himself too seriously,” Butch is a tremendously clueless boob. This is just a terrible concept taken to an embarrassing level by a guy who is completely unaware of what a total jackass he looks like. It’s really quite sad.

  5. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, smart and ambitious TV journalism students are going to college in hopes of entering the market. Once they graduate, they will find jobs difficult to come by…mostly because people named ‘Butch’ and people like ‘Butch’ are cemented into their big-salaried positions and doing inane, embarrassing stuff like this. I would not like to be a career-placement person at some college trying to explain to these students why work is so hard to come by. And then these kids turn on the TV to see who’s keeping them from finding employment…and they see this.

  6. Beyond the obvious embarrassment, that was just colossally bad television. Did someone actually write and produce that. And let’s dispell the notion that Butch did this b/c he “doesn’t take himself too seriously.” This is purely a vanity piece from a guy with an outsized ego and a delusional belief that he is funny and interesting.

    1. ….LMAO…write what?….he just kept repeating, “I am your Mayor, I am your Mayor”….wow…that was some BAD Television

  7. Chris,
    Not for nothing, but I would question the common sense of your hypothetical smart and ambitious TV journalism students looking to break through the glass ceiling by running Edward Murrow acts in 2008. 99.9 % of the talking heads on TV these days, ESPECIALLY local UHF stations, are as bad, if not worse, than Butchie. It’s simply the coin of the realm. Does that stink? Sure, I guess, if you’re looking to the Channel 25 news for something more than background noise.

  8. We are all just lucky he chose to wear underwear. I’m embarrassed to say that I live somewhat near Braintree. I’m still not sure why he was wearing a mask. Your thoughts?

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