The World Champion Boston Celtics took their first hit yesterday, as free agent reserve forward James Posey opted to sign with the New Orleans Hornets.

Marc J. Spears says that Posey wanted to come back to Boston, and the Celtics wanted him back, but it came down to security at this point in his career. Steve Bulpett says that Danny Ainge has got work to do this offseason to try and put the Celtics in position to repeat. Scott Souza says that closing the door on Posey may open a new one elsewhere for the Celtics.

Red Sox

Rob Bradford says that J.D. Drew hasn’t changed this season, only his stats have. Bill Burt thinks that Jonathan Papelbon should just shut up. Gordon Edes says that the Red Sox offense has continue to produce and put up numbers even in the absence of David Ortiz.

Steve Buckley says that the Red Sox should ignore Manny Ramirez’s demand that they meet with him to reveal their intentions for him going forward. Joe Haggerty has some things to keep an eye on over the second half of the season. Bradford talks to pitching coach John Farrell about the perceived struggles of his bookends, Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon.

Joe McDonald has Big Papi becoming the big attraction at McCoy Stadium tonight.

Ron Chimelis says that the controversy over extra innings and lack of pitchers could’ve spoiled what was the greatest All Star Game in history. Dom Amore says that the ending of this All Star game was fitting.

Jennifer Toland has Johnny Pesky throwing out the first pitch at the Worcester Tornadoes game last night. The Tornadoes are managed by former Sox catcher Rich Gedman.

Bradford’s notebook has John Henry taking offense at Manny’s suggestion that they have been anything other than completely straightforward in dealing with him.

Allen Lessels and David Willis each look at the Eastern League All Star game that was played in Manchester, NH last night. Kevin Gray says that the night went exactly as planned for the city of Manchester and Stadium.


Bob Ryan touches on a wide range of subjects in an “Emptying Out The Desk Drawer Of The Sports Mind” column.

Lenny Megliola says that Atonement begins next week for the Patriots.

Jim McCabe previews the 137th Open Championship, which gets underway this morning.


4 thoughts on “Posey Hits The Big Easy Button

  1. I for one love when ryan empty’s the sports drawer & talks about everything. Love when Shaughnessy does it too. Would love to see Massarotti do it more in the hearald!


  2. My morning email to Ryan:

    I’m guessing you’re going to hear about this…and it’s not going to be kind:

    “Terry Francona should go win No. 3 and then quit before we’re forced to write his obit. This man is simply not healthy.”

    Seriously? In an empty the desk drawer throwaway column?

    There’s a whole generation of you guys…Barnicle, Callahan, Kornheiser–who really should have a bright 30-year old woman vet every word you say or write.


  3. Sadly, you’re right about there being a whole generation of sports media neanderthals out there who trumpet a high degree of self-importance rarely seen before. These people hold no greater knowledge on the things they write about than the typical fan, yet they speak as though they do. Speaking of ‘Obits,’ there are many from the sports media cabal we’re waiting to write them on as well…if only they’d stop being so ‘bitter’ and ‘clingy.’


  4. PAPERBACK WRITER……..I usually enjoy the empty the desk drawer of different opionions. Yes that one was cruel! Sounds like a line out of ELEANOR RIGBY! To me Shaughnessy is still THE best in doing these columns hands down!!!


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