Jerry RemyJerry Remy, the “RemDog” is the color analyst for Red Sox games on NESN.

We’re a week late on this one, because if I had any sense of timing, Remy would’ve been in this space last week on Jerry Remy Day at Fenway Park.

After a playing career in the majors with the Angels and Red Sox, Remy began his broadcast career in the NESN booth alongside the late Ned Martin in 1988.

He’s had several other partners over the years, including Bob Kurtz, Sean McDonough, and currently Don Orsillo.

In addition to his NESN duties, Remy occasionally fills in on Red Sox broadcasts on the FOX network, and does a weekly segment on the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI. He also oversees The Remy Report website.

Remy can be prone to silliness from time to time, and his increasingly raspy voice and cough sometimes take away from the brilliant skills he has in analyzing the game. Remy knows baseball, and he knows the Red Sox, and can oftentimes call a pitch or steal attempt before it happens.





48 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Jerry Remy

  1. I used to like Jerry Remy before he became the RemDawg, and turned the NESN broadcasts into the Remy Shopping Network. Disapprove, with extreme prejudice.




    2. Both of these guys are completely annoying. All we want them to do is call the game and stop the high school antics. They really are NOT FUNNY, can someone please explain this to the management?! The shameless cross promotion is just terrible. I think if Don was alone he would be OK – or, if Remy could remember he is suppose to be the color guy, not auditioning for Comedy Central, he could save himself.



  2. An excellent announcer when he focuses on the game. If only he spent more time doing that than trying to move product. I’ve had about enough of watching the RemDawg Home Shopping Network. He’s getting paid to broadcast Red Sox games and is selling his own products at the same time – isn’t that an inherent conflict of interest? The best (or worst) example was the day after the Clay Buchholz no-hitter. He spent a good five minutes trying to convince viewers to buy a copy of the scorecard he had kept the previous day from his Web site. Meanwhile, there was action on the field, seemingly unbeknownst to Remy. You can’t even get away from him during commercial breaks. Does NESN ever cut to commercial without showing one of his awkward spots for Sovereign Bank?

    Ironically, Remy became popular as an underdog type, an average player who happens to call a good game and has a good sense of humor. Unfortunately, as fans started realizing how good an announcer he is, Remy believed every bit of hype he received and is now his own biggest fan. Disapprove.


  3. He’s a good announcer, but enough of this Rem Dawg crap. Being a cog in the “Red Sox Nation” machine is nothing to be proud of.


  4. Guy tells us what others don’t, what others can’t even see and does it effortlessly. Remarkably insightful. I couldn’t care less that he drapes it with some self-promotion or silliness. The guy is on the air nearly 500 hours a year – you’re gonna get some wasted non-sense but man, when it matters, he delivers.

    Not to mention, it’s not exactly like his peers are a collection of super talents. Listen to any other MLB broadcast and the overall “talent” in the colorman spot is pathetic. Remy is head and shoulders above the rest, even if he pisses you off with the RemDawg stuff and his giddy-fits.



    1. I actually enjoy the silliness… when Don and Jerry can’t stop laughing, those moments are fun to watch. He spends a lot more time on the self-promotion, unfortunately.


  5. approve because of his track record and he could be alot worse than he is as he’s a solid color guy. you listen to any of the crap color guys espn and fox throws out and it’s easy to appreciate remy when he is on. let’s face it after 3200 games it must be difficult to stay engaged. . kind of shocked he’s been able to parlay his sox broadcasts into some sort of shitty brand. not quite sure when it all happened but it’s a huge turn off for alot of viewers. was it around the time of new ownership or the 3 years before? the hawking of his shitty brand reeks of weird desperation or just money grubbing.

    it would be nice to not hear him bitch and moan about hotels and cab rides. we don’t give a crap about your accomadations remdawg.


  6. It was closer then it should have been. I know he wasn’t a great player and didn’t make much cash, but this RemDog Marketing Conglomerate has got to stop. This Presidency is a joke, and really has got to stop.

    Approve but only because he’s still one of the best color-men out there.


  7. Was once enjoyable… now shameless self promotion… Let me be the first to “miss the toilet” at the new Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grille. Disapprove.


  8. I voted approve but barely. I agree with the other posters that the whole RemDawg bit is just ridiculous now. The antics of him and Orsillo have become an almost nightly distraction at this point.

    When he does the Fox Game of the Week he’s a lot better than on NESN because he doesn’t have Orsillo to egg him on by giggling at every little thing he does.

    Remy: Approve
    RemDawg: Disapprove


  9. Sold his soul to profit from Red Sox Nation.

    Sired covicted woman-beater, the cowardly Jared Remy. Is he part of the conspiracy that keeps the Waltham Police Department from releasing Jared’s mugshot?

    “Disapprove!” x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


  10. Incredibly good at analyzing game action, which is the job description of the color man. (John and Gerry offer a different discription.)

    Unfortunately, Jerry’s gotten away from that. He’s more into commenting on Sox Appeal dates, selling tshirts from that horrible website and chuckling up chunks of lung over Don’s wardrobe. The mechanical bull and air guitar things of the past couple years have completely soured me on him.

    Disapprove, but with some remorse. He could be great, and should be better. (I’m also not judging him based on his woman-beating, steroid gobbling offspring.)


  11. Most one dimensional human being on the planet. Has zero appreciation, interest, or understanding for anything in life that doesn’t revolve around baseball. I picture him in a chamber all day next to Ted William’s head, getting removed for the game and returning after it.


  12. A first class analyst, especially when compared to Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver. The website and all of the crap he schleps has detracted from his talent and baseball expertise.


  13. what is that thing on top of his head? looks like st francis of assisi

    disapprove–sometimes goes entire *innings* without speaking about the actual game on the field. much less insightful and “brilliant” than is being imputed to him in the remarks above.


  14. I agree with just about everything that has been said.

    If I could sum him up in one word I would say it is “over-exposed”. He is the classic example of being in the right place at the right time.

    Back when he worked with the late, great Ned Martin and Bob Kurtz nobody gave a $hit about him because (a) he $ucked at color commentary and (b) the Red Sox were mediocre.

    It wasn’t until the arrival of the likes of Pedro and Manny came on board and the team became an annual contender which coincided with Sean McDonough making a strong effort to bring out Remy’s personality (hence the annoying “RemDawg” moniker) that people began to notice him. He and McDonough shared a good rapport and many laughs in the booth, the team was good – and his popularity really took off from that point.

    For me, because he’s the spokesperson for the insufferable and mythical “Red Sox Nation”, “Sovereign Bank”, “Jordan’s Furniture”, “Eastern Clothing”, “Lexus of Watertown” and has developed a cult following I find him annoying.

    And for all of the praise that he gets for being such a great lead-off hitter and table setter on those late 70’s Red Sox teams consider this: His lifetime on-base percentage of .327 is downright putrid. Julio Lugo (.335) and Coco Crisp (.328) have higher OBP’s than him.

    He is funny, but for the last couple of years the broadcasts have become all about him and how he can make fun of Orsillo, people in the stands, promote the “Red Sox Nation” bs, etc.

    There’s really not much insight to offer in a game if you know baseball. He does make some of the more boring games entertaining but other than his usual “look for something middle-in” on a 2-0 count with the bases loaaded he doesn’t do much for me.

    I hear he is opening a restaurant at the old WBCN. Its a great country isn’t it? God Bless America, Jerry.


  15. Jerry Remy the baseball analyst = APPROVE

    RemDawg the swap meet salesman = HIGHLY DISAPPROVE


  16. agree with the comment that if you know baseball there’s little to be gleaned from commentary. that’s why he’s good when he’s on (this is usually the fox games). he gives his two cents and stays out of the way and doesn’t, like so many others do, attempt to paint some mythic landscape out of a catcher framing and fastball on the corner.


  17. Approve of Jerry Remy as color commentator. He does a great job and I generally believe color guys are superfluous.
    The Rem Dawg act has grown old though. My “jumped the shark” moment came when Remy was plugging a children’s book he “wrote”. When Orsillo asked him about what was in the book Remy laughed and said he had not read it.
    His ancestors probably sold diseased blankets to the Indians.


  18. One of the most laughable nights I have ever seen was the Remy night at Fenway. This guy is so full of himself and he has no reason to be. I turn the volume down and rarely listen anymore to either of the guys on NESN. Its like fingernails on a chalkboard to listen to his self promotion. He is also not a very loyal person. Sean McDonough made him who he is yet when NESN fired McDonough (make no mistake, he was fired. He wanted to stay and they never made an offer that he could accept) Remy never went to bat for him. In fact, he was delighted because it meant he would definitely rule the roost now. He bullies Orsillo in the booth and that comes across big time on the air. I know someone who worked in the booth as one of the assistants and she told me she never knew anyone who talked bad about more people behind their back than Remy does. HUGE DISAPPROVE! Give Eck a shot in the booth and maybe Merloni. We dont need Remy every game.


    1. Very eye-opening stuff, Frank. Helps explain the cold shoulder between Jerry & Sean on Remy Night.

      By the way, great utility infielder reference from late 70s/early 80s when I first started following the Sox. Jack Brohamer, Ted Sizemore and Frank Duffy made quite a motley trio back in the day.


  19. We have Sean McDonough to thank for the creation of the RemDawg. I hope Jerry is giving Sean a cut of all that he makes from the web site, his hot dog stand…etc. The two of them had a great connection, one that Don O. is still trying to match.


  20. Despite the constant shilling he’s still one of the best color guys in the business – whether that says more about him or the competition is another question.

    Wish he would spend more time on analysis, when he does he’s really good.

    Overall – approve


  21. The guy is a great analyst. Does he get silly sometimes? yeah. Is he always pushing something? maybe. Are Sox games better to watch with him in the booth? ABSOLUTELY!!

    I have to give him a hearty approve!

    While on a national level you get Joe Morgan telling you to “Look” at replays, Remy can often tell you what to expect before things happen!

    No contest.


  22. I approve. As a baseball analyst, he’s very top notch.

    There is some silliness with Orsillo during the broadcasts, but considering that baseball is a slow game with many unexciting moments, such exchanges are almost naturally going to occur sometimes.

    The constant plugging of the RemDawg stuff is a tad annoying.

    But the question we all have to ask is this: Does Remy do the job he’s paid to do, and do it well?

    I think the answer is definitely a big yes. As an analyst, there are few better.


  23. He’s his own worst enemy.

    At his best, Remy is as insightful, as credible and as informative an analyst as there is in televised baseball.

    At his worst, he demonstrates a maddening willingness to regress into a sophomoric shell of his professional self…on a moment’s notice.

    Approve…but with reservations.

    PS: Bring back the old centerfield camera at Fenway! The one that has been successfully used for the past 40 years…and doesn’t bounce in the wind!!


  24. Despite the constant marketing and selling of all things Remy he gets the strong approval.

    He’s a great color analyst…provides a ton of great insight to the game, tells you things you didn’t already know, is funny most of the time, and makes company man don orsillo manageable.


  25. It’ll be no surprise if we hear of Rem Dog brand butt-plugs and nicotine enemas. But he’s probably the best color baseball guy in the country. Funny, tells you things about the game most people don’t know and tells great stories. He makes a boring worth having on. Strong approval.


  26. It’s with somewhat of a heavy heart that I vote on this one, because I have very fond memories of Remy’s first decade in the booth. He knew the game, took us inside the action and was very adept at alerting viewers to something that might happen (and indeed, often did – just after he said it.) Just in case I thought that my memory made him out to be better that he was, NESN replayed a game in his first (1988) season the other night, and he as terrific (even if the Sox weren’t)

    Unfortunately, the last 5-6 years have been a steep and rapid decline. Keystone Kops comedy with mascots, devoting large amounts of the game broadcast to his cranky-uncle complaints (Jerry — NO ONE CARES that your flight to Tokoyo was a long one!) and relentless shilling of his RemDawg junk, RemDawg persona, and idiotic sideshows like President of Red Sox Nation. We have an exciting ball club that has WON THE WORLD SERIES TWICE in four years! You aren’t broadcasting the Royals or even the Winston-Salem Warthogs! We don’t need or want diversions. Stop before you take Orsillo into the slime-pit with you!



    1. Forgot to mention it below, but the whole Red Sox Nation is another marketing concept, except from Lucchino instead of Werner/NESN.

      I think if Remy truly had his way he’d prefer not to do the RSN or any reads that tie into NESN’s programming lineup. Not to say he would stop plugging his own website stuff, although doesn’t at least part of the profits generated from that site go to charity?


  27. FWL, can appreciate everything you’re saying about the last few years of Remy on the air, and while I won’t totally absolve him of blame for all the on-air digressions, you have to think there’s some pressure from Werner, McGrail and all the other folks at NESN who are trying to market their network as much as possible in an attempt to become the MSG (or even SNY) of New England.

    Approve Remy for his baseball color work (at least 51%), disapprove of all the shill stuff like everyone else. In the end it’s still a net ‘approve’.

    Wonder what a Jon Miller/Jerry Remy booth would be like on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball? Probably fun and informative. How often do you think Miller is wondering during those Sunday night calls how he can poison Morgan’s drink without anyone noticing?


  28. Mediocre, at best, as a player. His broadcasting career can’t even touch his playing career. It was somewhere around the turn of the century that I just got tired of his schtick and turned the sound off. Honestly, if the game is on (whether at home or at work), the sound is completely off.

    I can’t stand the sound of his voice, I can’t stand the completely random topics he brings up, I can’t stand when he makes fun of random fans in the stands, I can’t stand . . . Geez, I could go on and on.

    And what’s really sad is that they spent the better part of last summer doing this “President of Red Sox Nation” crap. When it was all said and done, Remy was the winner? That’s like having an open election for class president and the principal wins.


    Completely and wholeheartedly disapprove.


  29. …..APPROVE….EXCELLENT at analyzing a game… my opinion the people who are crying about him “hawking his wares” are greatly exaggerating the situaton….does he do from time to time?…sure….but is it so bad that it “takes away from the game”?…PUH-LEESE… we are talking BASEBALL here, there is plenty of DEAD TIME to fill……if he was a hockey or football analyst, I might feel differently……I endorse the RemDog with a HEARTY APPROVE!


  30. The silly thing I think is more a NESN thing than it is a Remy thing. They make Orsillo do those stupid announcer boy commercials, and neither guy is a natural comedian. When things are normal and no one is acting silly, Remy does a great job and Orsillo is a poor man’s Sean McDonough (shame on the Sox brass for firing McD because he dared speak his mind).

    That said, I think the Remy Day at Fenway was incredibly overdone and didn’t come off as wistful or uplifting as I had hoped it would. It was more like “enough already, can this please end?”. Remy remains one of the very best at what he does, but this self-serving stuff has grown old and needs to stop. Again, I think this is more a reflection on NESN rather than Remy himself.


  31. One of the best color guys in the business, but enough with the constant shilling of products, websites, and hot dogs (could you be a distant relative of the Hot Dog Safari Guru???) What’s next your signed, dirty underwear on your website? Do you really need the money that badly??

    Base on all the huckstering, it’s got to be a disapprove. It’s a shame you sold yourself out. You could have been in the 90% approval stratosphere.


  32. I used to like Jerry as an announcer in his first 15 years or so but since the 2004 World Series special year he seems to have morphed into LOOK AT ME I’M AN ANNOUNCER FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONS and he has become a huckster for John Henry, Larry Luccino and Co. His constant talking about everything but the game has made me sick and Orsillo is his straight man. Nesn is a big part of the blame but they are owned by the Sox so if you don’t spout the company line you don’t last long! It’s sad really!




  34. BTW, I entered a hotel business center a few years back as Jerry was departing and I sat down at the one and only computer in the room and, imagine, it’s most recent web site history showed this site!

    Get off his nuts guys. So he self promotes. Big deal. Who doesn’t with the Sox 2004-2008 run? You’d replace him? Because he promotes for 10 minute every three hours; and accept, in return, someone who sucks for three hours but doesn’t promote for 10 minutes? PLEASE!


  35. I will never understand the fascination with this guy. If Tommy Heinsohn is the lovable grandfather, then Remy is the bitter uncle. It’s irritating listening to him NEVER give credit to an opposing team’s players or snidely mock something about the other organization (“I don’t get this short left field in Houston; Oakland never signs it’s own players; Team X is just one or two players away, but they just won’t go get them” etc ect). Nothing is ever as good as the Sox and they’re a juggernaut team.

    I am in the minority and will watch the ESPN broadcast when it’s available, so I won’t have to hear his chain smoking voice and slapstick, not funny comedy with fatty Orsillo.


  36. First, TV media people who were former players automatically get an ‘Approve’ rating simply because of that. They have a perspective of the game that someone like, Ohhhhhhh, I don’t know, BUTCH STEARNS or STEVE BURTON or DAN SHAUGHNESSY will never have (not to pick on anyone in particular). So I give Remy a ‘thumbs-up’ because of that. Second, the guy is FUNNY! The duo of Remy and Orsillo may wear thin to some, but I love it! They balance out good play-calling with good analysis with tear-inducing funniness. What else is there? APPROVE!


  37. Highly approve. I don’t care what he sells, how often he sells it, or anything else.

    Hands down the best color man in MLB (I have the MLB package and there are MUCH worse out there, including the jackass ESPN continues to employ on Sunday nights).

    The silly stuff does get to you from time to time, but the guy seems to love what he does and is VERY good at it.


  38. I feel Remy has lost his fastball & a change is needed. its just a fact. And the right guy is waiting to tak eover & would be better. We all know that guy is Eckersley!


  39. With over 29,000 minutes of broadcasting I think its great that they try to break up the basic old fashion boredcasts. I find myself laughing with them, not at them. When the game gets serious, they do too, thats all that matters.

    Most people on here are a bunch of whining stick in the muds from what I am reading. My guess is you are FOX fans and like Joe Buck.


  40. All the proceeds from RemDawg, 100% of it goes to charity, so give the guy a break. Selling all the scorecards etc. is part of the fun, part of the charm of Remy. He’s got fans all over the world and they just want a little something to feel like their part of the team. Lighten’ Up for God’s Sake!


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