Mike ReissMike Reiss is the Patriots beat writer for the Boston Globe and blogger extraordinaire on “Reiss’ Pieces.”

Reiss started his popular blog while working for the MetroWest Daily News, where he worked for seven years. In 2005, he was hired by the Globe’s West weekly section, and the next year he joined the Globe’s sports department.

Reiss’ Pieces is THE place Patriots fans go to when looking for breaking news about the club, year round. Reiss makes some appearances on NESN, especially during the football season, but is not a constant presence on the airwaves.

Reiss grew up in Framingham and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.



79 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Mike Reiss

  1. As an aspiring reporter Reiss is the gold standard. No shortcuts, he doesn’t make asinine opinions just to do it, in fact it’s rare that he makes game predictions or depth chart predictions.
    The guys is a class act all the way. Finally someone in Boston who gives us the news and let’s us think for ourselves.


  2. Reiss is the Anti-Thomase.


    p.s. Can’t believe I didn’t notice the resemblance between Reiss-fils and Reiss-père! Both pros, though.


  3. highly approve. this guy is right on the money. hopefully he sees this poll when he returns from vacation. maybe the best blogger in the country


  4. I’ve known Mike for quite some time and I can tell you that the public persona he portrays differs in no way from who he actually is. He is a truly honorable, intelligent person who takes great pride in his work and will never be outworked to get his facts and produce a story.

    There is something to be said that no one in the established Boston media ever takes a swipe, even in jest, at Mike. He is that widely respected.


  5. Nice guys do finish first, I think this is the highest approval rating I have seen here.

    My guess is that Mike Reiss won’t be around here much longer – he surely must be headed to national stature and he deserves it. Fespn can replace their entire misinformed NFL staff with Mike and he would do a better job than all of them., combined.

    Mike has the unique ability to get the story, get it right and accurate and then relate it to the casual fan as well as passionate football fan with his distinct style that works for all.


  6. He has as much chance of losing this election as Mugabe.

    Thank you Mike, the only sports reporter in Boston.

    [Gaspar’s OK too.


  7. Mike Reiss is in a league of his own. As a Baltimore Colts (now Ravens) fan for 50 years, I have read some darn good beat writers. Mike stands at the top of list. I don’t think I ever read a retraction or an apology from Reiss. I can honestly say that I can envision Michael Reiss going national someday. It will be our loss.


  8. As a life long Patriot fan now living out of state, Mike Reiss’s blog is the first place i go for updated info on my favorite team.

    I don’t know what i would do with out him!

    Thanks Mike!


  9. whole-hearted approval for all the reasons listed above. The only tiny wish is for Mike to have SOME semblance of a personality. He remains straight-faced even during the lightest moments on All Ass-kiss.


  10. Hi Mike,

    Nice job this year.
    You seem to be a pretty bright guy. How about a bit of out of the box speculation? It might be fun on a cold winter’s night.
    The Patriots have been very innovative in recent years in contractual issues.
    Here’s a start: Presume that Josh McDaniels leaves, and that Brady really isn’t ready to go at the start of next season (2 reasonably likely events.
    How about them making Brady offensive coordinator (or some similar role) for 2009. They could still pay him a big hunk of change, but it wouldn’t count against the salary cap (?). Then they could keep Cassel for 2009 and decide where to go after the season. I know…a bit bizarre, but I it has a lot to do with how Brady REALLY is, and how he sees his life going forward.

    Oh well, I warned it was out of the box. How about your wild musings?

    Happy New Year from Arizona and Vermont
    Doug Marks


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