Jayme ParkerConsider yourself flashed…

Jayme Parker is a NESN reporter for SportsDesk. She’s been with the network since November of 1996.

She has worked as a freelance news writer for WCVB-TV Channel 5, WHDH-TV Channel 7 and WBZ-TV Channel 4 in Boston. Currently, Parker serves as a sideline reporter for Boston College football radio broadcasts.

Parker also has a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College in Boston.

She has also filled in the flash booth at WEEI, where the opening line of this post is her trademark signoff.





44 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Jayme Parker

  1. Forever lost the right to complain about women not being treated equally in her field with the use of, “Consider Yourself Flashed.”

    Friendly with Meterparel.


  2. Approve; why the hell not.

    1. She keeps the show the moving.

    2. She seems to like sports.

    3. She’s not full of frustration and anger.

  3. she sucks. her voice is grating. i cannot get thru the highlights when she hosts NESN sports desk. nobody cares about BC, Boston is a pro sports town.

    her lame “consider yourself flashed” attempts to be sexy on WEEI can’t cover up what a train wreck she is on the air.


  4. As a whiner line caller once said: Jayme Parker… consider yourself Sheppard.

    She’s got the personality of a dialtone and can’t read copy or a teleprompter without pausing and stumbling. DISAPPROVE x 1000

  5. …DISAPPROVE….ina word?….BORING…..I can take HOT and Boring but AVERAGE looks AND Boring?…no thanks….DISAPPROVE

  6. Hey, at least she has a master’s degree in broadcast journalism and not a certificate in ballwashing from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting like most flashers.

  7. “Consider yourself flashed” just sucks. If she wanted to do something gimmicky, she should have just gotten a boob job. DISAPPROVE!

  8. Yet another “I only got my job because I’m a girl.” Utterly talentless — TV’s version of Amalie Benjamin.


  9. The dumbing down of the sportsocracy in Boston is proven by these posts. Jayme is professional, straight-forward and well-prepared, a lesson that 95% of the sports reporters/personalities in this town can learn from. While, I’m not a big fan of “consider yourself flashed”, what passes for catchy and slick in this town can be penned and recited by my 4 year old.

    She deserves better than you bottom-feeders.

  10. I approve, if only because I want to push the truly awful sports media hacks lower on the list. But overall, I can’t help but wonder whether Jayme is saying to herself, “I’ve got a MASTERS DEGREE and this is the best I can do with it?” It does set her apart, though, from the rest of the ‘Connecticut School of Broadcasting’ Peacocks who seemingly cannot recognize their ineptness and inflated sense of self-worth.

  11. I like her. I like the “Consider yourself flashed” signoff. I laughed when I heard it. She’s been around a long time. The NESN hours must work well with her family responsibilities.

  12. Approve, but lament at what could have been if

    ….When hosting SportsDesk, you didn’t have the wardrobe of an old-fashion 5th grade teacher. A couple of nice sweaters to show the curves and who knows Hazel may have never happened.

    …When hosting SportDesk, you showed more of your real personality. Anyone remember your appearances on the Sox pregame show?? You were funny, witty and actually laughed it up with the boys.

    …Finally, the unforgivable, asking Steve DeAwful for advice about your signature flash line. Good God gal, you have an MS degree and have got to be brighter than that old boob.

    Enjoy your work, but would enjoy it more if you loosened it up once in a while. After all, it is just sports.

  13. I’m stunned by her high approval rating. She can’t read copy, she tends to yell into the mic (especially when she’s doing sideline work), and she works the phoney announcer voice way too much.

    And on top of that she’s a BC grad.


    1. Tough to get a low approval rating in this forum when you’re in a role that doesn’t require stating an opinion. Wish I knew who Amorsino was because he must really suck.

      1. Ben, if you’re from the Boston area Amorosino is the Ch. 7 (WHDH) lead sports anchor (hosts the Sports Xtra show Sunday nights).

  14. I’m on the fence. I generally want my sports-babes to be more…. babalicious. If she was actually a hottie, I might let the “Consider yourself flashed” thing go, but she doesn’t have the necessary tools to carry it off.

    I guess I have to vote “Get in the kitchen and make me some bacon!”

  15. You people need to lighten up. Christ, you’d think we were rating Mrs. Shaughnessy or something. Approve.

  16. Mild disapproval.

    I don’t really know anything about Jayme Parker. The only time I’ve ever heard her is on WEEI.

    I don’t have any idea if she has talent or if she’s dynamic and multi-faceted on the different media outlets.
    I disapprove simply because she uses that cheesy ‘consider yourself flashed’ line after she does the flash. That will hold her career back. Other than that I supposed she’s relatively harmless.

  17. You’re ridiculous. You know nothing about her, yet you don’t like a “cheesy” line, so you disapprove, Get a grip. She’s rarely on WEEI. It’s a good line, because it gets people talking about her.

    She’s a solid pro, been around at NESN, and can anchor and report.

    1. …”gets people talking about her”??….actually it’s the ONLY thing people REMEMBER about her….other than, “consider yourself flashed” is is TOTALLY FORGETABLE

  18. You can’t be serious? You think ‘consider yourself flashed’ is a good line? It’s a chessy line that shouldn’t be used on what is supposed to be a professional sports radio station…not college radio. Have you ever listened to WFAN?

    I don’t know anything about her so I can’t comment on her work outside of eei. Since I’m voting based on her flashes…it’s a disapprove.

  19. She worked at Seinfeld. Does a good job on the SportsDesk whenever she’s asked to do it. I can overlook the WEEI stuff.

    One fiery red approve.

  20. Nothing from the “Guntfather” today re: Ms Parker. Probably helping the boys clean up from the beach barbecue they held at City Hall Plaza last week.

    Please, please give us Craig Mustard to tear into. Please, please.

  21. I’m surprised her questionnaire on NESN still lists her favorite show as “Sportsdesk with Bob Rodgers.” How long ago was he let go?

  22. She’s the best NESN has and thank goodness this is Mae’s last day. Now get KT out of there! A local “plain Jane” who likes Boston sports with more behind her that the other bimbo talking heads at NESN. “Consider yourself flashed” is is great! Go Jayme!

  23. Some of these anti-Jayme posts are astounding. They are atypical opinions and don’t reflect the true Boston fan.

    Parker should be sent back to anchor SportsDesk immediately, a position she never should have lost in the first place. She did a good professional job, unlike others who are there for looks only.

    It’s too bad NESN couldn’t hold on to Kara Henderson, but I guess she was too good to refuse a gig at NFL Network.

    OBTW is this really Mae’s last day? Party time. There never should have been a first day.

    1. Do you really want to hear the female Sheppard stutter, stumble, and scream her way through Sportsdesk every day? Dear Lord.

      Put the white-hot Heidi Watney or the competent John Chandler in the chair.

  24. Her stubborn refusal to “slut it up” has cost her a good career … plain, boring, talentless affirmative action hire. So boring and vapid it’s beyond belief.

  25. It’s not like she’s bad at her job nor is she at all unattractive by normal standards, but can’t they find some cookie cutter hot chick a la Heidi Whatney to read the teleprompter? Stand here, speak coherently, look hot… there really isn’t a lot of journalism going on here and I’m sure there are lots of hot chicks who can read and speak well.

  26. aldo….you keep show what you know about talk radio: nothing! Mustard is by far THE smartest & most entertaining sportsradio host in this city hands down. its a shame he is not a full-timer. But then again i guess the likes of dale “homer” arnold and big glenn “fencesitter” ordway are more your types!!!

  27. KF,

    How does the fact that she used to work for Seinfeld have anything to do with her work in the Boston sports media, particularly NESN and WEEI? I’m commenting on what she does here in boston, not her previous jobs on the west coast.

    The fact that her ‘consider yourself flashed’ line is the main reason why people know of her should tell you everything you need to know.

  28. “Consider yourself flashed” is not only an insult to women, it is an insult to all humanity. Have some respect for yourself and don’ appear on WEEI.

  29. I am sure if she paid any attention to you critics you would be thrilled and tell all of your friends who you are dating. However, women do not like men who live in their mother’s basement.

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