Michael Felger So is he a newspaper writer, radio personality or television host?

Felger holds all three roles at the moment, though his work at the Boston Herald has been scaled back considerably. He first joined the paper in 1989 and worked his way up to the Bruins beat where he served from 1997 to 1998 before being pulled off the beat after an incident involving the Bruins ownership. He was moved to the Patriots beat starting in 1999, and really started to make a name for himself as an early supporter of Bill Belichick’s decision to go with Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe in 2001.

He became a regular on WEEI’s Big Show, as well as on WBZ’s Sports Final, where his battles with Globe writers Ron Borges and Nick Cafardo were appointment viewing for a time. In those battles Felger was viewed as a Patriots toady, and ironically, since that time he has pretty much done a complete 180 and is now among the team’s more outspoken critics.

In 2005, Felger jumped to the new 890 ESPN Boston where he was given his own drive-time show in competition to WEEI’s Big Show. In the last year he has also taken over as co-host of Mohegan Sun’s Sports Tonight on Comcast SportsNet, replacing Greg Dickerson, who moved to the role of sideline reporter for the Celtics broadcasts on the station.

Felger is originally from Milwaukee and a graduate of Boston University. He is married to former WBZ/WSBK news anchor Sara Underwood.



101 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Michael Felger

  1. Approve. He takes fewer phone calls from morons with townie accents, NEVER takes himself too seriously, is occasionally funny, and gets it right about 75% of the time. What more can you ask for? If only he wasn’t broadcast on ham radio or feature “Douchin’ Down The Dial” Bob Halloran and “Creature from the Black Lagoon” doppelganger Bob Ryan …

    Viva the Douche Bag Revolution!

  2. Felger is an annoying conspiracy theorist who knows being a contrarian gets him noticed. His throw as much mud(not the “one bad taco kind”)against a wall can become grating at times(apparently used in place of show prep). but what can you expect from a show that does a “remote” every day. However, his show is more fun and accessable than his competition at the redsox/patriots/celtics radio
    pr firm down the dial. As for the comcast thing, anything that minimizes the air time of ultimate I/ME/MY JACKASS greg DICKerson is a public serice. His wife must go crazy trying to figure out how he has 2 1/2 jobs and she has none.

  3. DISAPPROVE!…nothing more than a MIMBO (male bimbo)…He plays the CONTRARIAN, wow how original!…..just another run of the mill “talking head”….a charter member of the, “call me anything but a fanboy” club…..his ” On all Fours for Felger” show was a shortlived BOMB, which regularly featured Ron “The plagiarist” Borges….nuff said…Disapprove on all fronts

  4. I liked Felger as a writer for his objectivity and had high hopes for his radio program as an alternative to whats over on ‘EEI. Having said that I’ve been very disappointed in him as the show ‘progressed’.

    He knows football and tries to be objective, I’ll give him that. But he’s appointed himself the local devils advocate and replacement for Borges and, like Ron, the schtick gets old. Everything cant be wrong and a conspiracy all the time. His baseball commentary is weak and he frequently miscalculates the potential of rookies that are called up.

    The final straw is his love of the camera. Even when in a dialog with someone else just watch how often he turns to the camera. No Mike, we dont all want to see you.

    As stated at the beginning, I D-I-D like him but now … Disapprove!

  5. Felger is the hardest working man in the Boston Sports Media. But, Kevin Winter, Mike Salk and Ryan Rusillo are HUGE benefits to this guy’s show. Felger is a nice balance to the Brady jock-sniffers on EEI, but these guys really know their stuff and bring a lot to the table.

    Also, Sara Underwood, yes…Three thumbs up.

  6. Once enjoyable to read, hear and watch – his transformation to obnoxious and being totally full of himself is complete.

    In a word – he is a PHONEY.

    1. i knew him in college and, believe me, “obnoxious” required no transformation for him. he was a personality-free zone who used obnoxious in its place.


    Loved this guy in his EEI days, circa 2001 – 2005 or so. Ever since he got his own show he’s essentially become a cross between Borges and Meterperel, needlessly bashing the Pats non-stop, much of which I suspect he doesn’t even believe. His show can’t be cancelled fast enough as that would hopefully result in him returning to the Big Show and toning himself down.

  8. I am shocked frankly at the low ratings. Felger is pretty much the highlight in any context he is placed in. On the NECN show with Tanguay, he is about 1000 times better than Dickerson. He is consistently provoking, analytical, informed, appelaing, and appears to be genuinely passionate about sports.

  9. I am really on the fence about Felger. I used to love his writing and his weekly Patriots Insider columns. They were the most informed and enjoyable reads in N.E. about the team. He was sincerely objective and well spoken. Once he scaled back from writing, I noticed a direct descent in the quality of his “work”, i.e. his molotov cocktails he now throws at every turn.

    I think Spygate ruined him because every week he would be touting some negative story about the Patriots. Where before (when they were also winning) he would have pro/con opinions balanced perfectly on his show/column. Now he wants Belichick crucified. Yawn.

    1. You pretty much nailed my sentiments exactly.

      When this guy became Mr. Multimedia, the quality of his work declined significantly.

      It’s almost like he felt that he had to pick-up the mantle from Borges after The Notorious Ronnie B. finally played with fire once too often and burned his career to death.

      Again, the fact that Felger has been openly trying to excuse what should have been a career-ended gaffe by Tomase about the Rams Walkthrough story by arguing that Tomase only got it wrong “on semantics” is reprehensible.

      I think if Felger had just kept his mouth shut in the wake of that embarrassment, I would have voted Approve, albeit mildly. But his shameless Tomase defense pushed me over the edge to Mild Disapprove.

  10. People, people, people….Felger is the best sports guy in this town.
    Yes, I agree, he is a contrarian, but he know’s his stuff and is quite enjoyable to listen to.
    Keep it up, Felger.

    1. oh please, what makes you say he, “knows his stuff”?…did he go to some “special school” to become some kind of sports “expert”?….he does the same thing that you and I do, he watches the games, and his opinion is no more valid….in short, just another gum-flapper

  11. I am surprised by the number of negative votes. I like Felger, and I don’t say that just because I lived half my life in Wisconsin. I like that he is a contrarian and that he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. Big approve.

  12. He has become a prissy whiner. I am assuming for ratings. He used to rail against the Bruins manangement and support the Patriots for their excellence. Both of those stances made sense. Everything he does seems contrived. He was MUCH better on the Big Show when he had to answer to a larger and more intelligent audience. The CSN and 890 audience (for chripes sakes Tanguay gets paid to work there – and we all know he is a talentless, blowdried, know-nothing hack) are not smart enough to see through his act and not brash enough to stop him from getting away with it.

    Too bad. Felger used to be good.

  13. Felger’s show is good. Not great, but good. And I’ll take it over the Big Show jackasses every day. I can’t stand Ordway. He brings nothing to the table, and when he does, he’s never wrong. I only wish Felger had more in-studio guests.

  14. I hate to say this, but Michael Felger is a blithering idiot. He is a Ron Borges wannabe, and fails miserably. He thinks being a contrarian, seldom knowing much about what he’s talking about, makes him a star. Not even the fellowship of the miserable are impressed by his obvious lack of knowledge. Of all the sports personalities in the Boston market, he is easily the worst because he makes up “facts” and states them as if they were true. I try to avoid him whenever possible.

  15. PLEASE READ THIS!!! I watched the show tonight for the first time. The only reason I watched it was because Michael Felger’s camera man and another guy with a microphone ask my 10 year old son if he wanted to be on TV. He thought it was great. On camera he had to say, Felger, you stink. They told us he would be on TV Sunday night at 10PM. I let my son stay up 2 hours past his bedtime so he could see his TV debut and he wasn’t on! Thanks for disappointing my kid Sports Sunday. Felger, you suck and so does your show. Watch NESN & Jack Edwards might teach you something.

  16. I cant believe he’s married to Sara Underwood…Im heart broken…She can do better than Felger…

  17. he didnt have much to say when his boy tuuka rask was a goat against the flyers..but other than that i like him he has balls something alot of these media phonys lack..

  18. There is nothing to like about Felger. He is always contrary, always whining and that is typical of a BC reject who had to go down Comm Ave to the concrete campus of BU. The BC graduates who are columnists are Shaughnessey and Ryan. Felegr is not good enough to msniff their jock starps.

  19. he makes himself look foolish with his clearly biased commentary……like predicting the Pats would go to the AFC Championship after a certain trade last week….its silly when guys like Felger have vendettas against people who don't even know of their existence…

  20. I think Felger & Mazz are great! I cannot get enough of them, and Tony's Baseball Show is excellent!

    So nice to hear some guys that tell it like it is.

  21. Right now Mike Felger is the best in Boston, when put together with Mazz, They have the no. 1 show in Boston

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