4 thoughts on “Bill Belichick Responds on CBS

  1. Bill can’t say what he really feels about Walsh, that he’s an “effen” liar!
    Walsh’s story keeps changing, he’s putting himself on a pedestal saying that the Pat’s won 3 super bowls because of the tapes…BS!!



  2. After months and months of Belichick/Patriot bashing bye the media especially the 4 letter network, I wish it were possible to have a social experiment./i certainly would not want this tho happen/ the experiment being. Bill Belichick becomming free to coach elsewhere- and see exactly what would happen.
    The stampede and din bye every nfl team,owners,fanbase, media to hire this man at all cost would be a circus.
    The same people who write today how belichick will always be remembered for spygate most. Will be writing,appearing on 4 letter network, all pleading for there teams to haul in belichick.
    What fan base out there would not fire there coach in a nano second if it could hire belichick today.


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