Bill Belichick Responds on CBS


  1. wayne perkins says

    After months and months of Belichick/Patriot bashing bye the media especially the 4 letter network, I wish it were possible to have a social experiment./i certainly would not want this tho happen/ the experiment being. Bill Belichick becomming free to coach elsewhere- and see exactly what would happen.
    The stampede and din bye every nfl team,owners,fanbase, media to hire this man at all cost would be a circus.
    The same people who write today how belichick will always be remembered for spygate most. Will be writing,appearing on 4 letter network, all pleading for there teams to haul in belichick.
    What fan base out there would not fire there coach in a nano second if it could hire belichick today.


  2. rickb says

    Bill can’t say what he really feels about Walsh, that he’s an “effen” liar!
    Walsh’s story keeps changing, he’s putting himself on a pedestal saying that the Pat’s won 3 super bowls because of the tapes…BS!!