The Celtics remained undefeated at home during the playoffs with a 96-89 win over the Cavs in the critical game five of the best of seven series.

Mark Murphy has the Celtics finally exploding in the second half last night to take game five. Marc J. Spears has the roller coaster ride continuing for the Celtics in the postseason. Tim Weisberg has Paul Piece coming up clutch in the crunch with his performance last night. Kevin McNamara says that LeBron James threw the fear of God into the Celtics in the first half, yet they failed to panic and went about the business of winning the game. Scott Souza has another happy homecoming for the Celtics at the Garden last night. Bill Doyle has the Celtics getting to within one win of closing out the second round. Jeff Howe has home cooking doing the job for the Celtics.

Kevin Henkin on the BSMW Full Court Press has the Celtics mad libbing their way to a game five victory.

Steve Bulpett says that Rajon Rondo and his performance (20 points, 13 assists) saved the season for the Celtics. Michael Vega has Rondo rising to the occasion in game 5. Bill Burt has the battle at point guard taking center stage in game 5. Robert Lee has Rondo having a career night while playing the entire second half. Jeff Jacobs also focuses on Rondo, who got the attention of LeBron last night. Mike Fine has back-to-back three by Rondo giving the Celtics a spark.

Dan Shaughnessy continues his streak of taking a jab at the Patriots in every single thing that he writes. Bill Reynolds has the Celtics once again coming up big at home, where they’ve been so tough in the postseason. Lenny Megliola has the Celtics finally getting things turned on last night. Julian Benbow has the Celtics passing the test of getting good ball movement on the offensive end. Jeff Horrigan has Glen “Big Baby” Davis providing a big lift off the bench for the Celtics in the second half. Lee has Ray Allen leaning on his teammates once again last night.

Bulpett has Ainge being honored as the NBA Executive of the Year last night. Jim Fenton has more on the award for Ainge.

Horrigan has Delonte West battling an eye infection, while still playing strong. Dan Ventura has LeBron James finally breaking out last night, but preferring that his team won. Monique Walker has LeBron held down in the third quarter as the Celtics made their run. Jennifer Toland notes that big numbers didn’t add up to a win for LeBron. Howe says LeBron knows that the playoffs are a different game.

Ventura reports that the pyrotechnics shows before the games will continue at the Garden. I’m not sure why. All they do is annoy the audience at home which has to watch on a smoke-filled screen for much of the first half.

Murphy’s notebook has Kevin Garnett showing the needed aggressiveness in this one. Spears’ notebook has Ainge enjoying his honor, but focusing on the job still in progress. Burt’s notebook has Garnett answering the challenge in a big way. McNamara’s notebook has more on Garnett bouncing back after a quiet game 4. Doyle’s notebook has more on the honor for Ainge.

Red Sox

The Red Sox are in a slump, folks. They dropped another in Baltimore, this time on a seventh inning grand slam from old friend Jay Payton off Hideki Okajima in the 6-3 Orioles win.

Gordon Edes has the weary Sox finally returning home after a trip which starting with such promise. Michael Silverman has the Sox finishing off their longest road trip of the season in gruesome fashion. Steven Krasner has the Sox looking forward to today’s day off. Jeff Goldberg has the Sox blowing a 3-0 lead for the third day in a row. Bill Ballou says that the end of this road trip couldn’t have been much worse.

Nick Cafardo looks at the struggles of Okajima this year when coming in with runners on. Silverman has more Manny Ramirez hijinks in the outfield, this one with a happy ending all around. Krasner has a quick look at Jonathan Van Every who got called up yesterday to play centerfield.

Edes’ notebook has Clay Buchholz going to the DL so that the Sox can get an outfielder for the game yesterday. Silverman’s notebook has more on the roster move. Krasner’s notebook has more on the latest Manny moment in the outfield. Goldberg’s notebook also focuses on the incident. Ballou’s notebook looks at a crowded trainer’s room for the Sox.

Herald Fallout

I’ll have another post on this subject this morning, including some more on the fact that Tony Massarotti is simply a bitter, bitter, hateful, angry little man.

Boston Herald editor Kevin R. Convey has issued an apology over the walkthrough story, and John Tomase has assured readers that an explanation is coming.

Scott Benson has a few things he hopes Tomase will include in his explanation tomorrow. David Scott offers more analysis on the Herald situation as well.

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9 thoughts on “Celtics Hold Serve At Home

  1. Tony Maz is a loser. He’s a loser in print and on ‘EEI. Why even bother posting links to his articles? They contain nothing.


  2. Just unreal that Tony M. would go out of his way to insult the very people that read sports to begin with – sports fans.

    These are the folks that wear Patriot jerseys, celtics jerseys, red sox jerseys etc.

    I would really like to know of his hobbies so I can poke fun at his interests.


  3. Someone should tell Tony that me wearing Patriots boxers makes me biased, but not as baised as having the Boston Herald’s balls on his face.


  4. What is wrong with Tony Mazz??

    Is it inherent in his nature to constantly insult his readers?

    I still have flashbacks to the day after Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, when Tony M. practically had an aneurysm on air at WEEI every time a caller suggested that Grady Little should have pulled Pedro in the 8th inning.

    He was a snarky, whining, condescending, angry little tool then, and it seems as though he’s only gotten worse in the last few years.

    Hopefully he’ll learn the same lesson that Borges ultimately learn: as a journalist, you can only get away with your agenda and with insulting your readers for so long before THEY catch YOU doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

    Does anyone really believe that Borges would have been nailed for plagiarism so quickly…or at all…had he not given Patriots’ fans the world over more than enough reason to go after him??

    Watch out Mazz…your day of reckoning could be coming soon if you don’t cool it with the insults.


  5. Great article Tony, I am glad someone had the courage to report this story honestly. And if any one thinks this story is over, you are only fooling yourselves. Congress shouldn’t have to get involved in sports (mitchell report, etc.) but there is a time and a place for everything, and right now- the NFL needs someone to step in due to the way they handled the whole investigation. Goodell is doing what he should of course, making sure the NFL continues to suceed by trying not to show what really happened, but honestly, it is making this story much worse then it should be. No one likes a cover up. Belicheck should have just admitted EVERYTHING after the Jets game and we wouldn’t have heard another thing. He is reaping what he sowed. And why should Bruce stop liking stories to the Herald? He does an awesome and time consuming job linking all of these articles every day, and if he stopped linking the Herald articles, it would show more about him then the ‘alleged problem’ everyone seems to have with the Herald. It would show he is biased and I don’t believe he is.


    1. This must be a satirical post but if its not…Congress will not get involved with this fiasco, nor should they. Specter is an embarrassment at this point of his career and is obviously playing to the sports media/fans in his own state (he calls into sports radio from time to time). He is no longer judicary chairman so he has no juice. His own party hates him and the Democrats aren’t going to keep his folly going. And let me get this straight: the Mitchell investigation, which addressed serious legal and health issues because of a pervasive drug problem in baseball, was not legitimate? But a Congressional investigation into how the NFL conducts its own internal disciplinary matters would be? Yikes.


      1. Yeah, ok HighWireNickEsasky. I am sure Specter has no more juice. Right. You must not be in to politics. I can promise you, from my own history with my job, that once you are in politics, you ALWAYS have a connection. TRUST ME. This is not going away like some people want it to…..

        And yes, the NFL is a joke right now with the way all of this was handled. If you don’t think an independent investigation is about to happen or is legitimate, you are going to be in for a surprise.


  6. Bruce, once again I beg of you, stop linking to the Herald website. It’s clear they aren’t sorry at all about publishing a false, damaging story and seem to be getting some perverse pleasure in attacking the Patriots and their fans. You run a media watch website, you know what they are doing is wrong, stop supporting their behavior. Boycott the Herald, they are the prime example of what is wrong with American media today.


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