Bob RyanToday we’re having a look at the Dean of the Boston sports media, Bob Ryan.

A graduate of Boston College, Ryan joined The Boston Globe in 1968 – on the same day as Peter Gammons, and on the day that Robert Kennedy was shot. Ryan and Gammons worked together that day (as noted in Gammons’ Hall of Fame speech.) and their story appeared on the front page of the paper.

He covered the Celtics during the 1970’s and into the 80’s before becoming a general columnist in 1989. He made a brief foray into TV in the early 80’s on WCVB.

He’s been hosting Globe 10.0 on NESN for almost a year now. He has been a regular on ESPN’s Sunday morning show The Sports Reporters and has done a number of other shows with the network such as Pardon the Interruption.

His honors include the 2006 Dick Schaap Award for Outstanding Journalism as well as the 1997 Curt Gowdy Media Award from the Basketball Hall of Fame.

His books include Drive: The Story of My Life with Larry Bird, Forty-Eight Minutes: A Night in the Life of the N.B.A. with Terry Pluto and When Boston Won the World Series: A Chronicle of Boston’s Remarkable Victory in the First Modern World Series of 1903.



57 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Bob Ryan

  1. He is all too buddy buddy with Doc Rivers (as is most of the other Boston Media). The fact that he is supposedly an expert on basketball, and can’t call Doc to task for the ridiculous lineups he has been utilizing is unforgivable. Big Baby in the fourth quarter of a tight game. wtf? Powe plays in the single digits in minutes. House doesn’t get any playing time, while Cassell can’t guard anyone and throws the ball up like its a grenade with the pin pulled every touch he gets.


  2. With the utter disdain I have for the Boston sports media cabal in general, a HUGE ‘Hear! Hear!’ for Bob Ryan, who comports himself with such dignity and such class. You realize exactly how ‘class’ and ‘dignity’ when you see the cretins in the pool along with him…whether it’s the TV side, the newspaper side, or the radio side. Ryan is made to look great when you see the low-lifes who call themselves members of the sports media cabal.

    In the end, Ryan is applauded because he ‘knows his stuff,’ he is an eloquent communicator, and because he is simply RIGHT a whole lot more often than he is wrong. If there is a Boston Sports Media Hall of fame, Ryan should enter it and then close the door behind him.


  3. Obviously most of you don’t know this pompous twit. This is one very nasty person….please do not question anything he writes, or he will castrate you too.

    Hey Bob….did you attend the Red Sox home opener this year with Bill Buckner throwing out the first pitch?????
    Did you have any thoughts about him????? You are such an overrated egocentrist twit!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember me???

    Too bad you won’t be reading this.


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