Joe AmorosinoI was fairly surprised to see on the WHDH web page that Joe Amorosino will be marking his 10th anniversary at the station this year.

The channel 7 sports director also hosts the Sunday night Sports Xtra, but hasn’t made the leap to regular sports radio appearances. Prior to being hired at WHDH, Amorosino worked at WPRI-TV Channel 12 in Providence, R.I. and Cape 11 News in Yarmouth, Mass.

This April 1998 article from when he was hired at Channel 7 gives some more of his background.



34 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Joe Amorosino

  1. Does not appear on EEI because they don’t know who he is. Sculpts his eyebrows. Loves storylines. Big disapprove if he was relevant, but he only merits a Disapprove.

  2. his career would be better served if he started ruffling papers during sportscasts or married and divorced coworkers several times. getting drunk and leaving a threatening phone message at 4am left on anthony pepe’s cell phone might do wonders for future employment prospects.

    probably suffers from being in such close proximatey to shank et al. seems pompous but he’s always impeccably dressed.

  3. I’m pretty indifferent but he’s done nothing to really piss me off. Not sure if he like hockey but, “Approve!”

  4. Disapprove. Did not stand out during his time in Providence. Doing the same in Boston. Has not really done anything to stand out. And he has a run-of-the-mill sportscast.

  5. this guy is a pile of crap. anybody who has Fred Smerlas on his show as an “expert” gets a dissaprove vote from me.

    typical network TV goofball sports guy……knows nothing, adds even less.

  6. He’s been at Channel 7 for 10 years and I’ve never seen one of his sportscasts. I have however seen Sports Xtra from time to time and I think Amorosino does a more competent job than Lobel or Burton (damning with faint praise to be sure). I’ll toss him an approve, but that won’t keep the suits at WHDH from firing him once his contract is up – 10 years is way past the expiration date for Channel 7 sports anchors. Don’t buy any green bananas Joe!

  7. I vote disapprove just for possibly the worst publicity photo ever. It looks like he has a bad bout of gas in that picture.

  8. Keeps the show moving along .. pleasant smelling breath .. never wears white after labor day .. use of self bronzer shows his dedication to the children of this fine country by dissuading them from unhealthy tanning .. channel 7 is a bigger number than 4 or 5 so he’s better than those guys .. severe lack of nylon tracksuits in his wardrobe .. knows how to tie a double windsor .. Amorsino sounds like O Sole Mio .. habit of making love to the camera resulted in a severely scarred mind of Minolta

  9. Approve from me. Doesn’t create controversies. Isn’t ubiquitous.

    The fact that he doesn’t stand out shouldn’t be held against him. Standing out isn’t what these guys should be about.

    He always looks like he just smelled a fart though. Which is a bit off-putting.

  10. Always find him to be professional & well prepared – certainly more watchable on Sunday nights than the Lobel/Burton trainwreck.

    Also, I appreciated when he spoke out against the firing of his colleague Gary Gillis, which didn’t go over well with WHDH mgmt.

    Definitely more going on than just good looks…

  11. Not that enthusiastic APPROVE! Don’t know his work but was quite smitten with that sex kitten Kathy Marshall when she was strutting her “John Marler is my sugardaddy stuff” at HDH back in the mid 90s.

    “Like a drifter I was born to walk alone”-David Coverdale

  12. Approve. I never watch him, so he could be doing the sports in Arabic for all I know. On the plus side, he’s never made me angry, which is all it takes these days to get an approval from me.

  13. He doesn’t seem to draw attention to himself. This merits both approval and obscurity.

  14. amorosino sounds like something i’d order as an after dinner drink so thats a positive. this guy is in love with the spread collar shirt. you’ll never catch him in a button down collar, no sir. when i see him i’m always surprised he doesnt have a lisp.

    review: disapprove. can’t they just get a hot chick to read the prompter while the sports highlights run.

  15. Very funny, Bruce. You decide you want to check to see if we’re paying attention, so you INVENT a pretend character named “Joe Amorsino.” If this were a real person who played some role in the Boston sports scene, someone would have heard of him by now. Even the picture is an obvious rip-off of a character from “The Sims.”

    Let me know when you post a poll about an actual person, not some Sid Finch-like creation of a sports media drone.

  16. The only thing I ever remember him doing was a mock hockey fight with one of the Bruins (some nameless goon) a few years back. It was supposed to be educational for the viewers. I enjoyed it b/c the Bruin cuffed Joe around more than necessary and he ended the segment red faced and winded.

    1. I remember that fight scene. it was with PJ Stock, and Amorosino ended up squealing like a third grade girl! Funny stuff!

  17. …..DISAPPROVE….a non-factor in the Boston sports scene….as vanilla as they come….a bag of door knobs has more charisma…….

  18. A mild approval for this guy. I hardly ever watch him on channel 7…non factor in the boston sports media.
    I like the fact that he doesn’t appear on every media around…that’s a postive.

  19. I live in Western MA so I don’t have the pleasure of weighing in on whoever this is. So in that case, I disapprove because he probably deserves it.

    1. I’m a former western MA guy now in Boston, Chris (still visit the relatives out in Holyoke). To put in language you can better understand, Amorosino is not as good as Ch. 40’s Scott Coen but worlds better than Ch. 22’s Ryan Walsh (who I once ran into and he came across as a total idiot). The 22 Sports department has sunk considerably since the previous two decades of Rollie Jacobs, Fred King, John Deutzman and Rich Tettemer.

  20. I really feel like with a nickname like “Joe Ammo” he should wear camoflage grease paint and grit his teeth around a half-smoked stubby cigar while giving the scores.

  21. well, this poll is just about over and goes down as one of the closest…DISAPPOVE 238…..APPROVE 237….see, YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!…lol……..

  22. Joe is a throwback. Sorry if He doesn’t yell at his guests, roll his eyes or give a 45sec. dissertation on the merits of Paul Pierce hand gestures. Joe Has 2 minutes and 30 seconds for a sportscast. He also is one of the Most respected in the market by his colleagues. If you prefer Idiots, listen to the radio. APPROVE

  23. Joe is knowledgeable, accurate and professional. Too much of today is all sound bites. He is solid. Boston should be thankful that he is not like the other people doing sports in the city.

  24. Joe is a wicked nice guy, very funny, and more knowledgable than anyone posting here. I may sound like a toady but I wish that those who posted saying he’s fake and doesn’t know what he’s talking about got a chance to meet him. While I may not like all his guests I know that he’s the real deal and I apreciate his sportscasts. BTW I am pretty sure the reason that he does not appear on other media is because its conflicts with his WHDH appearances and preparation which i believe is admirable.

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