WEEI’sJohn Dennis John Dennis is today’s feature.

Dennis has a long history in the Boston sports media market, having joined WHDH-TV in 1977 and remaining there until 1997, where he went from weekend sports anchor to sports director during his tenure.

Dennis left WHDH in 1997 and began hosting the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI alongside Gerry Callahan. The show was originally a two hour program starting at 10:00am, but in 1999, the show moved to 6:00 to 10:00am and became a morning drive fixture on the Boston radio airwaves.

Dennis is very good at keeping the program moving, and guiding it in and out of the many commercial breaks. However, his voicemail run-in with Ryen Russillo, and participation in the infamous Metco incident are not among his high points at the station.

Thanks to the Farrelly brothers, Dennis and Callahan have made cameos in a number of movies as well.



75 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – John Dennis

  1. The only other person I can think of to have more dumb luck fall right on top of them in the Boston Sports landscape is Tameeka Messier.


  2. Haven’t listened since their walk on the beach. Their show commits the cardinal sin of being boring. Whatever the topic you know what each one of them is going to say.


  3. Loudmouthed PANIC MONGER……..constantly trying to “stir the pot” to the point you can tell HE doesn’t even belive in his own “opinions”…..during interviews asks questions so long you forget what the question is……spends the entire 4 hours telling you that he’s not a “Rumpswab”…”cheerleader” or a “fanboy”……a complete and utter BORE…..DISAPPOVE with 2 thumbs down and a certain finger up


  4. dreadful, I will not listen anymore. he makes me feel ashamed to be white middle class. constant complaining, sarcasim, and negativity, with a touch of racism, how is that good radio?


  5. It’s over the top to call Dennis a racist. Just because he and Gerry disagree with points of view in the black community, doesn’t make him a racist. The Metco comment was taken totally out of context and was obviously not said with any malice.

    Want to see a racist, go on youtube.com and watch Reverend Jeremiah Wright clips.


  6. It’s comforting to know a big time radio station will employ a subtle racist and negative nancy like John Dennis. It’s just great that he gets paid most likely six figures to feed his ego and spew hate and nonsense every morning, minus any sports knowledge.

    One of the many underrated things he and Callahan do is taking calls and not even listening to the callers. They’re too wrapped up in their own discussion. Therefor, any intelligent discourse is out the window. Forget it when “Headlines” comes up; it’s just Gerry arguing his conservative points, not sports.

    I’m glad I’m not in my car until after 10 most days. That way I’m not even tempted to melt my radio with this oxygen thief’s breathe.


  7. My own negative opinion of Dennis aside (posted earlier) I can only imagine what his reaction might be, should he actually read any of these posts. Obviously, he and I are cut from different pieces of cloth, but I cannot express the shame and profound humiliation that I would feel to know that so many people have not just a low opinion of me as a professional but an even lower opinion of me as a man. This is truly sad. Is it possible that he can connect with this in any way? If the answer is no, then all this is sadder still.


  8. Disapprove x 1,000,000. However, a lot of you are missing the point about his views on the local teams: every host’s opinion on ‘EEI is staged and planned out well before it hits the air. Their ratings are high simply because most ‘EEI listeners are too stupid to realize this, and they believe the hosts are genuinely disagreeing with each other.


    1. LOL…that’s like trying to answer the question: which is better to have, gonorrhea or syphilis?


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