Bruins fans will not like this news. NESN has announced that Game 5 of the Bruins-Canadiens series will be moved to its NESNplus channel. This means that the game will be seen in Standard Definition, not in sparking clear HD.

This means that game 2 of the Red Sox-Yankees series will be on NESN HD on Thursday night. While NESN had been moving Red Sox games during conflicts with the Bruins-Habs series, the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry appears to take precedence.

Bruins fans in the BSMW forum are naturally up in arms over this and I can’t blame them. To find the NESNplus channel for your service provider, you can click here.

My sympathies to the Bruins fans.


10 thoughts on “Bruins-Habs on NESNplus, Red Sox-Yankees in Sparkling HD on NESN

  1. Wow..The ultimate slap in the face to Bruins fans…an APRIL baseball game (1 of what? 188 games they play?) gets the nod over a PLAYOFF GAME….score another one for the Pink Hat crowd!…


  2. well, right now the Red Sox are getting “rolled” in New York and it could very well happen again tomorrow. DO you really need to see the details in HD?…I guess we could play this game all night….Bottomline: Bruins are in the playoffs, they should get the HD nod….


    1. you got that right NASCL….and exactly HOW LONG is the Red Sox post game show?…like 4 hours?…The Red Sox have become insufferable in my opinion….between 4 hour post game shows, “Red Sox Nation”…the laughable “Sox Appeal”..The bandwagon jumping Pink Hats…Remy and Orsilo giggiling non-stop……I’ve gone from a Red Sox fan to someone who openly roots for them to fail, the whole thing makes me sick……………


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