Gordon EdesIf it’s Tuesday, it must be Globe day on the BSMW Approval Ratings…

Today’s subject is Boston Globe baseball writer Gordon Edes.

Edes went to high school in Massachusetts, and had his first article published in the Fitchburg, Mass. Sentinel when he was 14. During his career he has covered all four major sports (though mostly focusing on baseball) for newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the National Sports Daily and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

He returned home to Massachusetts when he joined the Boston Globe in 1996, taking on the Red Sox beat. During that time he’s had a number of scoops as well as unusual incidents, such as the confrontation with Carl Everett which resulted in the “Curly Haired Boyfriend” remark from Everett in reference to Dan Shaughnessy, and the time Edes was fooled by Theo Epstein’s father into thinking that the Red Sox GM was married at a Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand.

Edes frequently appears on NESN in various capacities.



30 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Gordon Edes

  1. I think you’re mistaken Bruce. Carl Everett didn’t coin that phrase, Bill Simmons did. Now everybody’s doing it. Whatever.

  2. Gordon Edes (and not Nick Cafardo) should be the national baseball writer of the Globe. He’s not Tracy Ringolsby, but on his watch the Sunday baseball notes column was infinitely better than the artless, unimaginative and nugget-free work turned in by Cafardo each week.

    1. You’re right … he’s no Tracy Ringolsby. Ringolsby’s a blowhard, look-at-me jackass. Even if he is well connected, he’s the very definition of the “Old Boys Club” that so many people complain about on a daily basis.

  3. An easy approval here. Solid writer, skates his lane well. I’ve also attended a few Jimmy Fund events he’s organized during Red Sox road trips and he does way more than lend his name. Thumbs Up!

  4. I don’t know why Gordon hasn’t been made a columnist at the Globe. This guy works hard, has no agenda, and seems to like what he does.

    2 thumbs up.

  5. I think he is a decent writer, but he is a little to prone to spout the received baseball wisdom and doesn’t understand or appreciate more advanced stat measures. I just don’t find him very insightful or interesting.

  6. Edes is far superior to his washed up hack counterparts … the real deal, who actually cares about his job … a winner with a bright future … comes across as friendly and competent.

  7. Edes is probably the best beat writer covering the Sox today. I’ve rarely had anything critical to say about him, except for that time in the late-90s and early 2000s when he, like seemingly everyone else who covered the team, couldn’t resist taking shot after shot after shot at Dan Duquette in both columns AND game stories (it all became so formulaic and predictable after awhile, but like I said, Edes was only one of many Sox beat writers who bashed Duquette on a daily basis).

    Other than that brief period of time in his career, Edes always has seemed much less likely than other writers to push his own agenda in his stories or to be unfair to players or management types that he doesn’t like.

    Solid approval grade from me.

  8. An easy approval just based on his writing. Compare him to a lazy hack like Shank and it’s even easier to approve.

  9. When a sports journalist doesn’t call attention to himself (or, Jack-eee, ‘herself’), you can bet favorable ratings will follow. In this case, the positive ranking comes as no surprise. Edes does his job and does it well, flying under the radar while others in the print and electronic sides of sports journalism carry ‘Look at MEEEEE!’ signs everywhere they go.

  10. When posed with the question of my thoughts on one Gordon Edes, my thoughts turn gastronomical. I think of warm, fatty pork roast. I imagine margarine sandwiches on inoffensive bread. I think of pudding so devoid of flavor as be indistinguishable- butterscotch or banana? I don’t rightly know. I think of Miller Lite ponies. What does this have to do with journalism or baseball? I don’t rightly know that either…

  11. To Feejis…Bruce is correct abut the comment..from Wikipedia on Carl Everett, but you can find it at numerous sources on the Web: “columnist Dan Shaughnessy dubbed Everett “Jurassic Carl.” Everett, in turn, referred to Shaughnessy as the “curly-haired boyfriend” of Globe beat writer Gordon Edes,[1] a nickname which stuck after ESPN columnist Bill Simmons started incorporating it into his work.”

  12. One of the better writers in town. Solid information. Is also accessible and answers e-mail nicely unlike his counterpart at the Globe who likes to be snarky and sarcastic.

  13. needs to develop a shtick if he is going anywhere in the media business. Options include hating sports and or the fans or start promoting some sort of bullshit curse or magical nonsense. i’d suggest getting started w crazy mustache. it’s competitive out there gordo and vanilla gets lost in the shuffle.

  14. Easy approval from me, good writer and UNLIKE 95% of the Boston Sports media he doesn’t try to “push buttons” or “inspire debate” by making STUPID,IDIOTIC, comments…..2 thumbs up!

  15. Screw Craig Mustard’s approval rating please please please get to John Tomase already. The wait is killing me.

  16. Wait until Bruce puts Gerry Callahan’s head on the chopping block….that should be another landslide for disappove

  17. I often wonder whether these sports media hacks come to this web site to read these pieces. Then I figured, even if they don’t, their kids and friends do. Damage done.

  18. Gordo should once again be doing the Sunday notes over Cafardo. But it’s probably due to the fact that he can’t get the access to JP Riccardi like Cafardo can.

  19. Yeah, that was a good one. Poor Gordo. The look on his face when he found out he’d been had!

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