Butch Stearns has been a FOX25 mainstay since 1999. He likes to tease viewers into tuning in for his sports segments on the newscast, often throwing out outrageous claims or hints which turn out to be something minor. He’s also a WEEI regular, noting that the income from that side gig allowed him to build an addition to his house.

Prior to FOX25, Stearns was the host of “68 SportsNight” on WABU, and before that worked in a variety of sportscasting jobs in Minnesota and Detroit, and other freelance work.

Since 1987, Butch and his family have managed the Arthur F. Stearns Memorial Fund, an organization which donates money to disabled children from Braintree in the name of Butch’s father, Artie Stearns.



69 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Butch Stearns

  1. If Bobo Halloran was as prominent as Butchie-daughter, you would realize he is just as stupid. They both write in crayon.

  2. Ramone!!!!! This guy is _the_ worst host on EEI (replacing prior holders of that title like Greg Dickerson and Craig Mustard). This guy is _the_ worst of the local sports newscasters. This guy is lucky that he wasn’t fired years ago he’s so bad. A brain dead chimp knows more about Boston sports than him.

  3. Butchie Stearns? The same one whose used to be in the masonry business? Great guy, great guy. Don’t know much about his sportscasting but back when he was “slingin’ stone” as we say in the biz (I’m in adhesives and caulking) I used to pull up to a work site and shout “Who ordered the high end CAULKING!!!” Butchie would laugh himself red in the face, every single time. Great joke by the way, feel free to use it. Anywho, I used to play the “Pull my pinkie” gag with him and again, guarenteed a laugh that looked like he was going to burst something. And he was conscientious around the work site. Man, he could walk through a place and just point at something and shout, “Dangerous!” Great guy. One time, one of his burly brothers took some of the industrial epoxy we use to seal rubber roofs and slapped half on ol’ Butchie’s track pants and the other half on the seat of his prized RX7- diamond blue (loved the drop top on that baby). Butchie took it right in stride as he was stuck there for hours! He couldn’t figure out to take the pants off! He kept calling for heavy machinery and we all kept laughing. That evening, when he figured it out we all had another good laugh. Even Butchie…

  4. I don’t find Butch to be a bad person like some think but he could be quite possibly the dumbest sportscaster on the face of the earth. I have never seen anybody more wrong on all subjects concerning sports like he is. From saying Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be with Richard Childress racing to Ron Borges not plagiarizing to “Let’s hear it for Tito”, he is simply brainless.

    “I have blogged about my lack of intelligence on our FOX 25 webpage see what you think.” Just kidding Butch

  5. … each night, Butchie gets to gaze at the oh so sweet derrier of Maria Stephanos … What a gig!

  6. On the ‘EEI food chain, I would put only Mustard and Johnson below him. Have you noticed that on the 10:00 PM news he’s teasing stories on the 11:00 PM news? Hey Butch, we have clickers, you disappear at 11:00.

  7. LMAO….If he has one of these “approval ratings” for Craig Mustard, I predict a SHUT OUT…DIS-APPROVE over approve 1,000 to ZERO

  8. could not AGREE more about the Football show, Stearns keeps trying to steer the talk back to BASEBALL even though it’s the FOOTBALL SHOW….it makes me long for the days when Dale Arnold, Kevin Mannix, Ron Hobson and Steve Nelson did it……

  9. I actually don’t think he is a good guy. This is what makes him the lowest of the low in the Boston Sports Media. I think guys like Bill Burt, Steve Burton and Larry Johnson are much more qualified to hold their positions than Butch is. It’s a given that Butch’s bulb is only of the 15 watt variety. Intelligence is not necessarily a requirement to broadcast sports, although a glaring lack of it should limit the heights one can ascend in his or her career. Where Butch sinks into oblivion is with his smart aleck attitude. Butch instantly takes immediate offense when he is called on his stupidity, while the other three at least will show some humility when their synapses are firing inconsistently.

    When he and Bob Halloran used to appear on the McDonough Group on the Zone, I used to pray with all my might that the signal would turn to static. Thankfully, my prayers were answered about 90% of the time.

  10. The epitome of why WEEI and Boston Sports media sucks in general. He just appears on radio to collect a check all the while throwing outlandish theories and “facts” out there. If he was a writer, he would have plagarized him self 10 times already. I’m confident no athlete really wants to talk to him. If Stearns and Massarotti are paired, I’ll stick an icepick in my ears.

  11. I agree with most everything posted so far.

    . . . first class Putz . . .
    . . .dumber than Burton . . .
    . . .‘less-than-zero’ . . .

    I can’t say it much better.

    Bring on the morning Flash Puke!!!

  12. It is beyond me how either Steve Burton, (seemingly a nice guy but a first-class jock sniffer) and Butch Stearns are able to hold their jobs. When they appear on WEEI, I am forced to turn the station off. I have a lot of “nice” relatives, but that does not mean I wish to hear them twice or three times a week talking nonsensically and otherwise making inane comments about sports. Hopefully WEEI management listens to some of these comments, since there are many other sports personalities that could appear on WEEI that are much more interesting, see Cedric Maxwell, Sean Grande, Bob Lobel, etc.

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