Dan RocheWBZ-TV’s Dan Roche is next on the Boston Sports Media Approval Ratings lineup.

Roche is a long-time WBZ employee, and has worked for both the radio and television side of the company. Starting in 1994 Roche work at WBZ radio as a sports anchor, Bruins host and weekend host of the Sunday Sports Page – one of the shows that got Steve DeOssie his start in radio.

He joined the TV side in 2000, and has served as a sports reporter and anchor, as well as host of Red Sox This Week on TV38.

With Bob Lobel having been let go, it’s very likely that we’re going to be seeing Roche in an expanded role at WBZ-TV.

A local guy, Roche was born in Methuen, went to high school in North Andover and is yet another graduate of Syracuse University.



14 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Dan Roche

  1. Roche is a true professional. Not to mention he’s the only reporter/anchor at WBZ who really knows sports. He should get Lobel’s job, but unfortunately, that will likely go to that fraud Steve Burton.

  2. Just for this line alone you should disaprove of him

    “and weekend host of the Sunday Sports Page – one of the shows that got Steve DeOssie his start in radio”

  3. Completely agree with Charlie’s comment. Roche is underated at that station. He is on top of every story beating out every form of media. He Rocks! Rock on Rochie. You should be the guy.

  4. Hardest working guy in Boston. Deserves to be the King at BZ. Tells the story without making himself part of it.

  5. He gives me the creeps. I’m as big a Sox fan as anybody, but when he talks Sox, and or the players, he just gives me the creeps.

  6. Dan Roche is far superior to the clowns on the other stations. It should be a given that he replaces Lobel.

  7. I disapprove. His low point was not co-hosting with DeOssie. It was playing video games with Johnny Damon on Red Sox This Week. What was that?

  8. I give Dan tons of credit for not being a Big Show sycophant. he has broken more BoSox stories than the print reporters and he takes his assignment for exactly what it is, information with humor. In this sports-obsessed town, he’s a pleasant change.

  9. … run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen … seems to genuine … Superior to Steve Burton but Burton has PC protection for life …

    … Hard-worker, tough scrapper, not afraid to work in the corners.

  10. Go, Dan, Go!!! You deserve it! I have secretly been waiting for Lobel’s exit and this is perfect timing. You are the ONLY choice for me!

  11. Dan gets good marks from me, mostly because he doesn’t lead with his persona, or otherwise elevate himself above the work that he does. There’s a ton of ‘competition to be heard’ out there, which causes sports media hacks to moonlight whenever and wherever they can and generally make it all about them. Dan, thankfully, resists that temptation and does solid work. His poll results echo that. By the same token, the hugely negative poll results for other sports media hacks echo their personalities as well.

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