Karen GuregianToday, you get to weigh in with your opinion of the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian.

Guregian is another veteran of the Boston sports media corps. She is a graduate of Northeastern University’s journalism school. Like some others at the Herald, (Rob Bradford and Gerry Callahan being two) Guregian began her career at The Lowell Sun.

I can remember her back in the mid to late-1980’s making reports on the Bruins on a sports talk show that I was listening to as a youngster. Her focus was on hockey for many years, with some side work on the Red Sox.

More recently, she’s been a regular on the Patriots beat, working alongside John Tomase in anchoring the football coverage for the Herald.



Photo by Adela Gavozdea.

11 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Karen Guregian

  1. She is a professional. Kudos to her for not trading that professionalism for the “look at me” world of TV and radio appearances, like so many others.


  2. If she can oust John Tomase, I’ll like her even more. How welcome do you think ‘Pork Boy’ will be at Gillette Stadium later this year?


  3. Get the impression she tries hard to do a good job (more than the rest of the Herald’s Patriot staff) and, most important, she’s constantly improving her reporting and prose. As long as she doesn’t get caught in the “anything to stir the pot” syndrome prevalent at the Herald she’ll be one of their more respected writers.


  4. Certainly does her homework.

    Now if she could get some of her more porcine colleagues to do their homework, the Herald might not be thought of as a commuter rag.


  5. Another Chelmsford amul that made it sports writing. Funny, I went to Chelmsford High and never remembered it being so good for sports journalism. But you see 3 very good ones in Gerry Callahan, Karen Guregian and Sean McAdam. Not a bad triple play if I do say so…


  6. Karen Guregian is a true professional.

    Her integrity, drive and sincerity for her profession makes her an outstanding and impartial reporter. She is a first class
    commentator and a highly refined journalist.

    Athletes should feel in good hands, continue their improvement
    and look forward for class performance. Karen’s comments will add value and lead them to a higher winning scale.

    Her association with the Herald adds value to that publication.


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