Approval Ratings – Mike Gorman

Today we're going to rate Celtics TV announcer Mike Gorman. Gorman has been calling Celtics games since 1981, and during that time has seen it all with regards to the NBA, from the great days of the Bird era, to the lows of the M.L. Carr and Rick Pitino eras. Through it all, Gorman has been … Continue reading Approval Ratings – Mike Gorman


Sox Walk Off With Win

The Red Sox got back into the win column after Kevin Youkilis singled in David Ortiz from second in the bottom of the ninth off Roy Halladay to score the one and only run of the ballgame last night. Jon Lester pitched eight shutout innings, but didn't get the win, as Jonathan Papelbon came in … Continue reading Sox Walk Off With Win

HBO’s Costas Now Plans “Town Hall” Style Sports Media Show

Tomorrow night, HBO will present a special 90-minute edition of Costas Now, which will focus on sports and the media. HBO Sports President Russ Greenberg says “On April 29 we’re going to take stock of the sports media landscape.” The format will be a Town Hall style discussion. At the end of the ninety minute … Continue reading HBO’s Costas Now Plans “Town Hall” Style Sports Media Show