Amalie BenjaminToday’s subject is Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe.

The SoSH Wiki has a quick profile of Benjamin, who has been on the Red Sox beat for the Globe for the last couple of seasons. She was also an intern with the paper duing her college years.

Benjamin has become a regular on Red Sox coverage with NESN, becoming a television presence as well as a newspaper writer. She handles much of the blogging duties on the Globe Extra Bases Red Sox blog as well.



34 thoughts on “BSM Approval Ratings – Amalie Benjamin

  1. has to be approve. An attractive woman who can carry on an intelligent conversation re: the Sox? As Troy Brown may say, “Bingo!”

    1. Are U kidding. I’m sure she’s a nice young woman, but she’s a horse bleep writer. Her leads make no sense.

    2. hey cut her some slack…she’s young and working in a all mans world here. just like rookies coming from, she’ll develop as she gets her footing. seperate her video work from her print work. she’s first a much better writer than the bimbo airhead nesn has had. that’s what she’s trained for. (I don’t see the Globe knocking on any of your doors). Also, at least she’s from here and homegrown, and knows the depth of of fans here, and not some flown-in T$A ratings-getter like nesn has. she’s intelligent, went to a great school at Northwestern, can form and write a complete sentence, smart and does an adequate job. can any of you? She’s only 26 in a mans world. Shaugnessy, Edes, Ryan and Mazzi weren’t that great at her age either. hey, you know, at least she’s got a job that 100% of us would love to have for 1 day. She’s a writer first and TV/video person last. (And yes she’s very cute). Give her her break.

      1. she was an airhead who brown-nosed and cottled in interviews. weak very weak. Thought her S#@$ didn;t stink.

  2. disapprove

    she is queen of the obvious and was horrible on TV at first, although she’s gotten better. not very insightful in my opinion. while she’s somewhat attractive all she mostly does is regurgitate the same old tired story lines.

    some of her blog entries remind me of a 16 year old’s diary with posts like “going jogging for a few minutes. ttyl, ok?”

  3. have to agree with bob about the blogging aspect. way too much of – “the sun is shining, but i probably don’t need to remind you of that since it’s 30′ in Boston.”

  4. Does not offer a lot of insight but she has good facial structure and is attractive. May have a tendency to gain weight down the road but currently has a nice shape.

    She’s no K-Tap but may be closing in on Hazel and is neck-and-neck with Tina.

  5. gotta love an age where sports coverage necessitates “blogging duties.”

    since the commentary seems to be less about Amalie’s journalism and more about her face, I’ll offer the following —

    glad to see the turtlenecks leaving the wardrobe, but that picture, good gravy. it looks like she’s about to burst into a tirade about how terrible that shot is.

  6. Terrible … obviously only hired by the politically-correct Globe because she’s a girl (yes, I used the term “girl,” not “woman,” just to annoy you feminists out there).

    Offers zero insight, writes OK but with no knowledge of baseball, blogs like a teenager. The absolute definition of a quota hire.

    While the Herald went out and hired real baseball writers, the Globe offers us this?

  7. Nothing special, just ANOTHER talking head…THIS one thinks THIS…THAT one thinks THAT… BLAH, BLAH,BLAH, YADA,YADA,YADA….There are just WAY TOO MANY of these Gum Flappers on the Boston Sports scene. Whatever they say goes in one ear and out the other. Actually I try to avoid them and just watch THE GAME. They know no more than me and you.

  8. I actually like the youth injection she brings to the globe staff and I don’t mind the “different” blogging style that she has. Nothing wrong with a fresh take, as long as she is being professional. I also think that people shouldn’t be so harsh to judge her now. Let’s see where she is in another year or two.

  9. Are you guys out of your freaking minds? Amalie Benjamin is attractive? I guess if you like chicks with a huge head, small glasses and “big girl” arms, then she’s your kinda gal. And gotta agree with Looky Lou, she’s as analytical as Tim McCarver or Joe Morgan.

  10. Interesting that when it comes to the women, the men judge her not on her journalistic skills but on her appearance. That’s not right. She’s good. And I doubt she went to J-school planning to be on TV all the time. That’s the new media. Keep up the good work, A.

  11. Wow. This is supposed to be a discussion about how she is covering the Red Sox — in print, online and on television. Instead, it’s about her facial structure and choice of top? I’d like to see this kind of thread talking about what Mike Lynch chooses to wear, or what Gordon Edes looks like while he’s on the pregame show. Pretty disgraceful.

  12. I have no idea if she’s any good, which probably means she’s failed in attracting me as a reader. I guess I have no interest in reading a “just the facts” blog.

  13. I don’t mind Amalie’s writing nor her presentation on the pregame shows.

    She’s young and she will improve with time.

    I’ve seen photo’s of her without the glasses and she looks so much better.

    Maybe contacts? Lasik?

    Maybe the Boston Globe needs to give this girl a raise too:)

  14. I have yet to hear amalie stumble on any the question ask of her on the pregame show. she is very well prepared for all her interviews. she is a credit to the boston globe and it’s staff

  15. I love watching you on NESN for 2 reasons:
    First and foremost, you know all the details about all the players.
    Second, you had the guts to wear glasses on TV and still looked good. Tonight you looked like any other babe. What happened to the glasses?

  16. I stumbled on her doing a preview of a Red Sox – Rangers game and thought she was the most beautiful thing God had ever created: I was just totally smitten with the smile and the glasses.

    Lovely lady…is she on NESN regularly? What show? I want to see more.

    1. Having been a sports writer and having “coached” sports writers previously in my career I can tell you honestly that Amalie is way over her head when it comes to her writing. She’s trying too hard and it shows. Her leads are often jumbled and non-sensical. I agree with an earlier poster that she was given this plum beat because she is a young woman. There are writers at suburban papers who can write rings around her.

      I just wish someone on the Globe copydesk would work with her because right now she’s a mess from a writing standpoint.

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